Buildings Cooking the Atmosphere During Heat waves

The United Nations is reporting global warming to be the biggest threat to the world but the problem has been education of the world is blind to the temperatures discussed. Here is an example of what we missed in our calculators.

The next video was produced with images taken on August 15, 2010. Are we heating the atmosphere with new development being radiated by the same UV that burns our skin? Building codes tell us to reflect solar radiation or buildings and exposed ground will be “radiated”.

We are responding to the symptoms of buildings being radiated with electrical energy waste and more emissions. For more information visit our urban heat islandpage.
2010-08-16 00:28:17

Extension Cords Causing House Fires
Be careful when you purchase portable heaters, appliances or extension cords. You are building a circuit and it requires the right electrical wires, the right length for the right appliance or you run a risk of fire.

Last week there was a house fire that was caused by an extension cord, look at the video before to see what kind of damage it caused and to see a time-lapsed infrared video of how fast extension cords can heat up. Be careful and aware of electrical considerations at home to avoid possible problems. Keep your home safe for your pets when your not there. Some appliances are still on even though you turned the switch off.

This is one basic application for using infrared, use the menu on the left for more information or contact us.