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Post On The Hell 5G Wireless Will Bring To Entire World Meaning ALL Countries

Facebook Post About 5 G wireless from Memphis Tennessee, June 16, 2017

ALERT: 5 G and 5 G Radiation is coming to your block with a Mini Cell Tower. (These “Mini” size towers can be a Big as a Refrigerator & are planned for every 2-10 homes….another large source of Radiation like MLGW Smart Meters )

I tagged a few people here and those people need to share this with others including your Memphis City Council, the utility’s commission, State, Congress, Senators, insurers, lawyers, realtors, academia, universities, education, construction industries, schools, unions, Memphis Building Inspection Department, Police, Fire, Military, IBEW, Attorney Generals, Auditor Generals and literally everyone.

It is important for all reading this post to expand on this in your capacities because these RF EMFs as applied will not discriminate who they kill or create horrific adverse health effects.

THIS IS NOT A DEBATE, there are real reasons we wire the world. EMFs are deadly, they are an invisible electromotive force and these highly penetrating RF EMFs will undermine every government, country, economy, security, health, global food sources, etc. The domino effect will be end of life killing 100s of millions(billions) with trillions in damages.

There is NOT going to be health insurance whether Obamacare, Trumpcare or under any other name. For the “professionals” and criminals allowing this, you will pay with your assets. What pack of collective fools kill their own families, friends, neighbors, communities for a technology that was unleashed without the science supporting safety. They undermined Building Codes, Electrical Codes and all codes and standards using a plastic body part as the science showing there is no harms. Academia and all sciences have changed meaning Degrees are no longer applicable. Medical diagnosis has changed but the plastic head people say it isn’t so.

In provincial government hearings(same as a state) with the experts under oath, I was a Registered Intervener in FortisBC’s application for wireless smart meters. The British Columbia Utilities Commission(BCUC) which is the same as a state Public Utilities Commission held the hearings and FortisBC retained Exponent Inc from the United States to provide their Risk Assessment Report

Electrical Engineer from Exponent Inc, Yakov Schkolnikov confirmed under direct cross-examination by me that Health Canada, FCC and IEEE all used the same exposure codes. That means this comment is applicable globally.

Schkolnikov admitted under cross-examination that the RF EMFs of the 2 antennas in the meter will oscillate 1.8 billion times per second and the Wi-Fi 4.9 billion times per second. That means these EMFs going through your blood, body and bones will cause unrealized hell including breaking bones, compromising the nervous, hormonal and immune systems at the same time. Schkolnikov confirmed under oath that when you mix 2 frequencies, you get 4 resultant frequencies. That confirms changing frequencies in your body, brain and all-encompassing.

“Dr.” William Bailey of Exponent Inc admitted under cross-examination by me that their Risk Assessment Report left out 100% of the bio-electrical information associated with humans. Bailey was asked under cross-examination about pollinators(responsible for food) being affected by the EMFs and he said they adapt which is ridiculous. Bailey also stated that wasn’t in Exponent’s Risk Assessment Report.

Causation and Biological Plausibility or the mechanisms linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects was admitted to be missing in Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 which meant it was missing for the FCC and IEEE as well. When critical science is missing, that science should be qualified before moving forward with blanket Electromagnetic Radiation.

In BC Government transcripts with “experts” under oath, Exponent Inc’s Yakov Schkolnikov confirmed causation and the mechanisms linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects. In the same hearings of the BCUC, Dr. William Bailey substantiated Biological Plausibility with all bio-electrical information left out of their report for FortisBC’s application for wireless smart meters.

Causation and the mechanisms of interaction linking the RF EMFs to adverse health effects is the EMFs that Schkolnikov confirmed. The missing mechanism of action is the RF EMFs hitting atoms, molecules, biology, buildings, infrastructure, ecosystems, pollinators, atmosphere and anything the EMFs hit.

I am a First Response Consultant with a 38 year background of proven performance. I am not a lobbyist, I am one of the Government’s recognized expert specific the utilization of 100% of the electricity produced with those associated emissions. That includes consulting for oil, gas, mines, mills, manufacturing, municipalities, Provincial Governments, Canadian Government, State PUC, medicine, Fire, military, etc. I don’t use a cape, I am a member of teams to get the job done.

The City of Memphis meaning council and mayor better understand the real ramifications of what Mr. Collins has done in his capacity as the President of the utility and as a Professional Engineer. There is no margin of error and if Collins wants to address this, he has to technically disqualify me which will NEVER happen. The idea that Collins got technically overwhelmed by a plastic head with gel or liquid in it is something he can answer but we have no plastic heads in any engineering program I have ever taken. The City of Memphis Building Inspection Department will confirm the code rule on vibration and that the Specific Absorption Rate or the plastic head isn’t in Building Code.

City Council, the mayor, utility and citizens need to understand they will be sued for assets because this isn’t insurable. That is separate of their criminal liability because there are ZERO circumstances where anyone can put babies, pregnant women and all inside a microwave oven made by the utility.

The purpose of exposure codes is specific in that it is to protect the public, that simple. That is why the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications state that new and existing antennas(towers) must comply with Safety Code 6 as a requirement for license. That means the antennas are illegal and there can be dozens of antennas on one tower. Go to Page 10 of this link to see highlighted areas.

Police need to arrest and prosecute these criminals. Just because you don’t technically understand the crime yet, it can be qualified easily. Once again this needs to be taken seriously because police homes will burn with the illegal meter installation, police, family and their brothers and sisters in uniform will suffer adverse health effects including death. Pacemakers will trigger when this could be stopped now.


EMFs and RF EMFs Interfere With Pacemakers

What are the real health costs associated with putting in pacemakers? Tests, visits to doctors, surgeries, etc never mind the costs to the pacemaker recipients.

Pacemaker manufacturers advise the patient to stay out of an electromagnetic field because the EMF can interfere with the pacemaker. People that work in EMFs have to retire to keep safe and still have to be aware of potential dangers at home. Here is a letter from Sharon Weinstein specific to pacemakers. Sharon is a globally respected international health education administrator associated with some of the most advanced medical education in the world.

EMF & Pacemaker

When it comes to wireless Smart Meters and Wi-Fi as an example, there is much more danger than represented. FortisBC in their application to the BCUC for wireless smart meters admitted under cross examination that their smart grid frequencies will cover 17,000 sq. Kms to communicate with smart meters. While engineer Mark Warren took exception to us saying the smart meters will hurt people, the blanket coverage will take the dangerous EMFs to the homes of all the pacemaker recipients in their coverage area.

The science used by Health Canada, FCC, FortisBC, BC Hydro, Texas PUC, Texas Senate Committee, National Grid in Massachusetts, and other governments or utilities to show safety of wireless exposure is called the Specific Absorption Rate. Here is a picture of a test model used for wireless exposure, can you see the resemblance to human biology? Due to the Wi-Fi computer or smart meter not being held against the head like a cell phone, 24/7 exposure was deemed safe for children, pregnant women, babies, seniors and pacemaker recipients.

Specific Absorption Rate Test
Specific Absorption Rate Test

Dr. William Bailey, a FortisBC expert confirmed under cross examination that in order for people to be hurt by the frequencies, they had to be exposed to the RF EMF. The Specific Absorption Rate didn’t include the grid and once you have the grid, you have causality linking the frequencies to adverse health effects.

In order for the wireless device to work the rest of the wireless circuit has to be included. Here is BC Hydro’s diagram of their smart grid, now you can see how people as well as buildings, infrastructure and ecosystems are hit?

bc hydro smart grid diagram

During the FortisBC application for wireless smart meters, wired versus wireless costs were addressed. Our questions included asking the incorporated costs and liabilities with blanket coverage. FortisBC lawyers didn’t respond and the BCUC allowed them to ignore the related costs and liabilities.

Industry, governments and utilities keeps referring to the meter only. As a result different devices are being used in and around buildings to eliminate the frequency exposure. Look at the utilities own drawing. There are no indoor devices that will protect the building or occupants from the blanket radiation of the grid.

Health costs and tax dollars to put pacemakers in and tax dollars provided by governments to undermine health objectives and kill the patient at home. That is why the grid is extremely dangerous and illegal as applied.

Specific Absortion Rate Used For Wireless Safety Missing Critical Data

With all the discussion on wireless safety it is very important people understand the real dangers of wireless exposure and the science that was missing linking the frequencies to health problems.

A wireless circuit is the same as a wired circuit except a wired circuit is insulated and the electromagnetic fields in wires are generally confined to the insulated wires unless they are single lines. When you are using your cell phone, wireless devices and smart meters, you have an invisible wire connecting you to the device. When you are on your cell phone, think of an invisible wire from the cell tower antennas miles away to you as you drive.

There are serious laws regarding wireless exposure with frequencies that go through you, your child, your fetus, brain, breasts, testicles, etc. Safety codes specify stimulation of tissue is to be avoided except when you are getting medical imaging. With medical imaging, you are put in an intended position of use and the rest of your body protected.

The reason you don’t want these frequencies hitting you or stimulating tissue is because experimental studies show it can lead to nerve and muscle depolarization. Nerve and muscle depolarization by these wireless frequencies is an electrical storm affecting the nervous system as well as hormone and immune systems. The science missing was how could you possibly be hit by the electromagnetic fields in different parts of your body? The test used by Health Canada, FCC in the US, wireless providers and the international science community is called the Specific Absortion Rate(SAR Values). Here is a picture of the Specific Absortion Rate and the science used around the world for safety levels of wireless exposure.

See the bracket holding the cell phone in place? The red arrow is highlighting the base of the antenna on the phone where they measured the highest power density. From there it is assumed a small area of the skull was affected. The white arrow is showing a hole in the head where fluid is put in the model and the black wire going into the hole in the head is a temperature probe. If the fluid heats up it is called thermal effects, if the fluid doesn’t heat up it is called non thermal effects. This is the ENTIRE science used for human exposure.

The same test is used for wireless computer or other portable device exposure. It was determined exposure was okay 24/7 because the wireless device isn’t held against the head. Smart meter frequencies were considered safe because the smart meter isn’t held against the head. It is thought a little distance from the device keeps you safe.

What do you see missing in this wireless circuit above? We asked how many tower antennas were communicating with the cell phone, how many Wi-Fi Routers communicating with wireless computers or devices and where were the smart meter routers, relays, smart meter routers and antennas covering 1000s of square miles? The answers were they left them out.

As you can see, the Specific Absorption Rate test admits micro currents are being electromagnetically induced into people but just a little current producing heat. The archaic, ridiculous science used around the world left out the routers, relays, antennas on towers and ALL human frequencies, vulnerability and bioelectric information. The picture directly below is a diagram of a wireless grid provided by BC Hydro. Can you see the information not included in the Specific Absorption Rate test model?

As soon as you incorporate the missing wireless grid showing how people are hit by the frequencies and missing bioelectricity, you have causation, biological plausibility and reproducibility missing in Safety Code 6 which uses the same science standards as other governing bodies. When you read the first 9 pages of Safety Code 6, it will shock you to see a code on safety admitting it missed critical science.

Governments, municipalities, utility companies, utility commissions, provinces, wireless industry, schools, etc all require compliance with Safety Code 6 and not stimulate or heat people. Here is a link to lots of information including testimony for the Texas Senate on the biological killing fields created by the coverage areas.

Health Canada is in the process of revising Safety Code 6 and has retained the Royal Society of Canada. As you can see above, the SAR is ridiculous and archaic science. A US Congressman has introduced a draft bill to revise and update the Specific Absorption Rate so it reflects all wireless exposure. The press release and Draft Bill H.R. 6358.

The dangers of the frequencies is now lectured in medical education for education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. Contact the Integrative Health Forum to speak with medical education administrators for an education program in your area.

Land use issues are considering tower construction on a lot, not the number of antennas radiating miles outside their land use. The frequencies are radiating buildings and buildings aren’t designed for the vibrations which causes the buildings to violate building codes.

Fortis BC is applying to install a wireless smart grid that will radiate 17,000 sq. km or 6553 sq. miles. That will electromagnetically induce everything in the coverage area including biological systems, insects, pollinators, trees, crops, buildings, infrastructure which includes pregnant women, the unprotected fetus, pacemaker recipients, etc. The utility application should be denied because everything the frequencies interact with have to be considered and the applicable professionals. The frequencies are illegal as applied.

Environmental and agriculture interests need to be involved, the frequency coverage areas are killing ecosystems and food sources. Here are links to testing of frequencies on plants and insects.

Plant Signaling & Behavior
Published Peer Reviewed Electromagnetic Radiation of Plants
Plant Biophysics & Modeling
Electromagnetic Pollution From Phone Masts. Effects on Wildlife
Mobile Towers & Minimizing Impacts on Wildlife Including Birds & Bees
Environment Ministry Issues Advisory on Mobile Tower Effecting Wildlife
Cell Phone Tower Report, Kumar, 2010
Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette, A Historical and Scientific Perspective by Robert Kane
Cumulative Impacts of Communication Towers on Migratory Birds & Other Wildlife in the United States
Bees, Birds and Mankind, Destroying Nature by “Electrosmog”
Electromagnetic Radiation Clashes With Bees’, International Journal Of Environmental Sciences, 2011
Professor Andrew Goldsworthy, Lecturer at Royal College of London addresses the issue of urban trees and forests dying:

Critical Information Missing Regarding Safety of Wireless Applications

When it comes to the safety of wireless devices, Health Canada, FCC and other international bodies adopted the Specific Absorption Rate(SAR). The name itself acknowledges the energy is absorbed, the tests developed limits but left out critical components in the frequency equation.

BC Hydro is a utility employing wireless Smart Meters to read electrical meters from remote locations. The meters are reported to be safer than cell phones because they aren’t held against the head. They report a short distance from the meter makes you safe from the EMF Radiation from the meter. BC Hydro Fact Sheet on page 1 under Proximity refers to short distances from the meter being safe and further states the meter base the meter is attached to reflects radio frequencies away from the residence.

The limits of human exposure to these frequencies is governed by Safety Code 6 in Canada and the FCC in the U.S. Stimulation of tissue is to be avoided and in order for the frequencies to hurt people, the EMF wavelengths have to hit people. Think of the EMFs as a bullet and how are the frequencies hitting people if distance from the meter keeps them safe?

In order not to hurt people BC Hydro Fact Sheet on Page 2 highlighted area states acceptable exposure is governed by Safety Code 6, the same specifications as the FCC. The BC Utilities Commission states on highlighted area of Page 19 they must be in compliance with Safety Code 6.

Provinces must comply with Safety Code 6. Canadian Wireless Telecommunication’s Association Acts on Page 10 states Industry Canada has made compliance with Safety Code 6 mandatory and a condition of license for tower antennas.

Even though safety standards globally are based on decades of scientific literature, Safety Code 6 admits mechanisms are missing linking the frequencies to adverse health effects. The code also says it will use the weight of evidence approach with new data submitted and change the code if deemed necessary. Those missing mechanisms were reported showing how the EMF bullet was hitting people from head to toe and if you look at Safety Code 6 they treated people as heating tissue. They omitted the billions of frequencies, vulnerability and electrical considerations of biological systems. Here is an illustration by BC Hydro which confirms the frequencies no longer comply with Safety Code 6.

Remember BC Hydro said a little distance from the “smart meters” kept you safe? They omitted the cell relay, smart meter routers and cell towers hitting humans from head to toe. Here is a picture showing how bees, birds, pollinators, buildings and everything inbetween are hit by the EMF bullet. Buildings no longer comply with building codes, here is an Open Letter to Municipalities on Smart Meter Legality. That is separate of the Smart Meter Fires with unqualified installers swapping meters under load.

City of Penticton’s Moderated Public Forum on Smart Meter Safety in 2012 Included Professor Curtis Bennett

I was asked by Penticton citizens to speak at their city council agenda to substantiate the RF EMF danger because of my electrical, building engineering and thermal radiation qualifications.

I am also Adjunct Faculty for continuing medical education where doctors, nurses, etc get education credits they require for ongoing medical licensing. The dangers of the RF EMFs as applied has now been lectured for CME credits and applicable in North America.

From there, Kevin Proteau as citizen’s spokesperson asked for a public forum to educate the public.

The City of Penticton, British Columbia agreed to hold a moderated public forum on wireless meter safety. City of Penticton management sat at one table with Itron representing the meter program being safe. Concerned citizen’s representatives sat at the other table with the moderator in between. The City of Penticton had a live audio feed and did video the event. Unfortunately the video quality wasn’t very good and thanks to citizen’s taping the forum, unedited versions of the forum are here for you to see. Special thanks to Dan Bianco for his hours of work putting the information together.

I didn’t attend the meeting just to present information on the dangers of the frequencies. I was there in my professional capacity to see the science as represented by Itron, City of Penticton, citizen’s concerns and how they were represented. Watch all 4 parts of the videos, they represent the science, the sales and public questions after both sides presented.

PART 1: City of Penticton & Itron on Meter Safety

PART 2: Brian Thiesen from Kamloops on the human body and the financial interests pushing Smart Meters

Part 3, Curtis Bennett is a government certified provincial and national electrical professional, a building engineering professional, thermal radiation consultant and lectures the dangers of RF EMFs in medical education for CE Credits required for ongoing medical licensing. Expert witness was provided by Curtis at the request of Canadian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Health where the mechanism linking frequencies to adverse health effects was reported.

Part 4, Questions & Answers From Public

Our expectations at the open forum were for the city and Itron to technically qualify the safety of wireless smart meters. That didn’t happen.

Thermografix Disputes the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Public Report on SARS Screening

According to a study in 2003/04, extensive airport screening introduced during Toronto’s 2003 SARS outbreak was costly and ineffective as reported by CBC.  As one of the 10 bidders through Public Works Canada on the contracts at Vancouver and Pearson Airport for flu screening, I disputed the article.

SARS – Airport Screening

Doctor Uses Magnetic Therapy for Nausea and Vomiting

Magnetic fields are not the same and careful consideration is required when applying magnetic fields to humans or other biology. Everything in existence is electrical and magnetic or electromagnetic fields(EMFs) can have a profound affect on the atoms and molecules they interact with.

The work that was done at this link is important because pharmaceuticals are toxic to your body and the majority of pharmaceuticals treat symptoms. Using a responsibly designed magnetic field for a pregnant mom for nausea and vomiting reduces the toxic load in the mom as well as the developing baby in the womb.
Doctor Uses Magnetic Therapy for Nausea and Vomiting

She’s mighty ugly out here…

View with the naked eye from Gyro Beach at 1:21 p.m. Friday afternoon. Smoke obscures the fire action. The same view using an infra-red camera. Fire activity is minimal although the stage is set for the inferno to come. Two hours later at 3:21 p.m. the wind has started to whip up the fire. A minute later, at 3:22 p.m. the fire has already increased in size. Another minute later, at 3:23 p.m, the fire is even larger and has begun to quickly travel to the north and east. Two minutes later at 3:25 p.m., the blaze has exploded in both size and intensity. At 4:14 p.m., 50 minutes later, the fire has travelled several kilometres devouring numerous houses. Photos Curtis Bennett/Map courtesy Talking Guide.Com
View with the naked eye from Gyro Beach at 1:21 p.m. Friday afternoon. Smoke obscures the fire action. The same view using an infra-red camera. Fire activity is minimal although the stage is set for the inferno to come. Two hours later at 3:21 p.m. the wind has started to whip up the fire. A minute later, at 3:22 p.m. the fire has already increased in size. Another minute later, at 3:23 p.m, the fire is even larger and has begun to quickly travel to the north and east. Two minutes later at 3:25 p.m., the blaze has exploded in both size and intensity. At 4:14 p.m., 50 minutes later, the fire has travelled several kilometres devouring numerous houses. Photos Curtis Bennett/Map courtesy Talking Guide.Com

The following is a visual and narrative account of how the Okanagan Mountain fire exploded last Friday afternoon, devouring 248 homes and displacing 30,000 Kelowna residents from their homes. The remarkable infrared images taken by Curtis Bennett show the fire flaring up and taking off under the influence of 60 km/h winds. The narrative account is an edited transcript of radio communications between fire fighters taken from the Capital News scanner. It provides a chilling blow-by-blow description of the potentially fatal challenges the firefighters faced trying to stop what became a category six firestorm.

Kelowna Fire Department platoon Captain Len Moody was responsible for five, then six, then seven task forces assigned to different areas of the upper Mission Friday night.

The following is why Chief Gerry Zimmermann made sure Prime Minister Jean Chretien shook the hand of the man who may have saved lives and many, many homes.

The following radio transmissions are a fraction ofthe exchanges from a very busy and unprecedented night in urban firefighting.

Removed were large sections of the details involved in deploying 300 men and women and 140 pieces of equipment.

The communications below have only been edited for clarity. The rest is exactly as it was said. Moody’s words are noted by italics.

TIME CHECK 4:02 p.m.

Task Force one and two (TF-1 and -2), this is Moody. I can’t get you any help in there guys, the road’s been breached here so you got to fight your way in there.

Roger that, we are doing the best we can.

Okay, the other thing I want to remind you guys of in there, is if the hydro line goes down, conserve your water because they are electric pumps up there so don’t waste any of it.

Roger that. Thanks for the heads up.

Dispatch this is Moody. Maybe, one of those bush trucks coming to Cedar Creek here, redeploy them to Belcarra. She’s awful dicey here so keep your head up.

TF-1, Engine 112 is almost out of fuel. Repeat, Engine 112 is in need of fuel, please.

The fuel truck has left the area, repeat fuel truck has left the area you won’t be getting fuel right now.

Roger that.

TIME CHECK: 4:13 p.m.

This is engine 128. We are at the Cedar Creek firehall and it is on fire, right beside the trees, they are going to burn.

Kelowna Dispatch from District 7: I don’t want to give you bad news but we got a solid wall of flame heading straight for Stewart and Diamond. I would put it at half a kilometre.

Stewart and Diamond.

There is nothing we can do to stop it. I would say they are 100 feet in the air plus.

Moody Command, this is Engine 128. We are at the Cedar Creek firehall, where would you like us to go?

I’ve got a hydrant there, there is another engine on this side. Try to stop it from going across the road there. I know it is impinging on that trailer park, forget the trailer park, let’s try to stop it from going across the road.

Roger that.

Make sure you got an escape route because it is moving pretty fast. The wind is really vicious. It came across the road probably in about 15 seconds.

Roger that.

Dispatch this is Moody. I need to know if these hydrants are going to work on Chute Lake Road, where they are fed from, if they are electric pumps, where I am going to get my water from or if we are going to run out? Either talk to engineering or find out real quick because if we don’t have any water on this road we got to get out of here.


Capt Moody, We are starting to get spot fires here and a structure fire in Belcarra. I think we can still engage it, but we are going to need, if possible, a bush truck and some manpower and I don’t know if—copied this or not.

He did but I can’t get you any yet. You’ve got to do with what you got. I have none to give you, I can’t get them in there.

Dispatch: Stand by PC Moody, John Vos is explaining to you where the water is coming from.

Vos: I’ll go real quick. Just up from Cedar Creek ditch, up to Stellar and Uplands and from there it’s pumped to the very top. As long as we keep power at Stellar and Uplands we can keep pumping water to you.

Can you have somebody down there tell me if that pump goes down so I can get my guys out of here?

Ten-four. We are remote monitoring it, we can tell right away when it goes out.

As soon as it goes, let me know please.

Roger that.

Moody from dispatch.

Go ahead.

You have lost power to your hydrants. Aquila will be trying to redirect it. At this point we will be notifying you when you are at 50 per cent capacity right now you are about 91.

Thanks. We just impinged the park across from Cedar Creek firehall. I am probably going to deploy a couple of guys down the road. We’re going to try to make a stand here.

Roger that.


Moody this is engine 119. We are at the corner of Southridge and Cantina. The fire has progressed north towards the first structures and the structures are going to go.

Can you take a defensive position somewhere there to protect yourself and maybe the other ones. Any chance of that? If not, if it looks too ugly, get out. There is only one way out of that place which is, there is a new road, Frost Road across the top there. It has got some barricades across it if you have to move them, go through there, that will get you out.

We’re safe. We are covered. We —

OK, make sure you got an escape route.

We have escape.

We’ve got probably 70/80 km/h winds here. It is moving, the forest warden tells me, at least 100 metres every minute. So you got to keep that under consideration. That’s everybody.

Staging officer (Lt. Tim) Light this is Moody. You better get Channel 2 up on the forestry channel there. Get one of your radios, get one of your portables or something on the forestry. I’ve got eyes in the air, he’s going to be our safety eyes. If I don’t happen to hear him, tell him to get on Channel 2. Talk to him, he’s up there.

Roger that, we’re getting on it.

Engine 112 Lt. Davidson.

Battalion One, we have a fire southeast of us and we got no water there. She’s going.

— get out.

Dave, we need help up here.

115 get out. Now.

Dispatch this is Moody. I’ve been talking to Forestry. I am going to re-deploy some units to Crawford Road Estates. He says it is heading that way at about 1,000 metres a minute, I mean 100 metres a minute, so I am going to deploy all the units I can over there. Also, I need your ears up on Channel 2. The Foresty will be giving its updates on where it’s going, I need that information.

Roger, I have a portable on F2.

Thanks. You are doing great work.


She’s mighty ugly out here. Be safe.

Time check 5:13 p.m.

Capt. Moody from dispatch: Caller on Raymer says it is racing up towards Crawford from her backyard. Raymer: flames racing up towards Crawford from her backyard.

I can believe that.

Good. We thought so, good.

Capt. Moody this is staging. Do you want a busload of refreshed guys up there?

I don’t think it’s safe. There is no place to change them that’s safe, it is coming too hard.

Transfer in for the guys who have been out there for 12, 14 hours?

I would sooner not. These guys know what they are doing, what they are dealing with and with the wind I would just as soon get out of there. If we have to go back in we are going in with fresh crews. I’d sooner just have the crews in there so they can get out.

Roger that.

O Reilly? We need water Lt. Shawn.

Barry, grab those guys get up here, we got to get out of here real quick, right now. No hoses. Don’t forget anybody, just get out of there.

Moody from TF-1. Yeah, I think Viewcrest and Uplands they are starting to go. Okaview is now, uh, there’s a number of house fires, it is getting pretty hard to pass through.

What other fall back points? Can we go back up to Kettle Valley if we get out of here?

The only chance you have got is to go back to Kettle Valley, stage in the middle of that subdivision up there.


Moody, this is (Chief Gerry) Zimmermann. Okay, Len pull all your task forces back, pick a line. Pick a different line, something achieveable and try to hold that one because there is no use doing bits and pieces up there. Pull back and maybe deploy everything in one spot.

OK. Let’s try Barnaby Road, guys. All Task units report in: Do you read that? pull back to Barnaby Road.

Roger that.: TF-5.

TF-1 copy, we are starting to pull out.

Command, this is TF-4. Leonard, I just was talking to forestry boss here and he said give everybody a heads-up: Extreme winds coming out through Peachland, high winds up to 60 clicks.

And which directions are they blowing?

You guessed it. Ours.

Moody, this is staging. If you are going to have all those trucks (at Barnaby Road) is that a good place to switch crews?

You can try, but we got it licking right at us, so whatever, if you want to stage them down at Larry’s, fine. I am going to use them for staging. I am going to find someone else and we are going to have Barnaby Road as Task No. 7. I need some officer in charge of it and I need it quick.

TIME CHECK 5:39 p.m.

Moody from TF-5: We are coming down the new road that is pushed through to the top of Barnaby.

Fine. If you can do that there is a couple of structure fires coming down there I am sure there is no hydrants there. I have engines deployed to the top of Barnaby road, find yourself a hydrant there and hook up to it. I don’t want crews stretching a lot of hose there because you might have to move. Looks like the winds shifted to the north. It is going to come right at us on Barnaby Road so we have to get ready.

TIME CHECK 5:59 p.m.

Moody, this is (Lt.) Dennis Loken. I believe the power is still on up here.

I don’t want to cut it off because, can’t cut the power supply so just stand clear if (powerlines) are going down. If I lose my power, I lose my water supply, so I don’t want to cut it.

Dispatch, it’s Moody. I need somebody to talk to Aquila. See if it’s possible to keep this pump on down here at Lakeshore. Somehow just cut the power off to the areas affected—Uplands, Viewcrest, probably south of Barnaby— but I need the power on at this pumphouse or I lose my water. Or talk to Vos, make sure I get water somehow. I have to have it on Barnaby Road. If it means leaving the power on lets do it.

Moody, tender 106. I’ve got a military crew here, wants to fall some trees along the ridgeline on Barnaby is that OK?

Go for it. They have to be very very portable. This fire is travelling at an extreme rate. I am at Uplands, I am about a half a mile away from a category six firestorm that is taking everything in its path.

Copy that. Category six firestorm.

Dispatch, this is Moody. Is there any chance there might be somebody in the air telling me what is going to happen at Barnaby Road?

What do you need Len, it’s TF-3.

I just want to know when it is going to hit us at Barnaby Road.

Roger that, have you talked to 51 Lima at all?

He’s got no eyes. He can’t see it, it is too smoky.

Roger. That’s a long way from Barnaby.

It won’t be long. It’ll be there.

Moody, TF-1: Yeah we are up at west end of Kettle Valley. I have just taken a head count, everyone’s accounted for. We got some of the trucks out, some of the hose. We are going to start sending some of the trucks up.

Yeah, just try taking a defensive position in there. They tell me the reservoir is full up there I just had a look so be real careful on your water I don’t know how long I am going to keep it going to you. I’ve got a Category Six at least going along Lakeshore Road it is probably going to take out that pump station, that is all the water I am going to have is in the reservoir.

Moody this is Marine Rescue 2. The pump station down at the nudie beach looks very safe as long as the power is on to it.

I need you to go in there Marine Rescue 2 and deploy your pump in there and see if you can keep that pump station going. If it gets risky in there, get out. But I need that pump station as long as I can have it.

TIME CHECK 6:15 p.m.

Marine Rescue Two: The helicopter is making numerous drops around the pumping station here. It looks pretty secure here now.

I still need you on the scene there. If you can do anything, do it.

Roger. Right now we’re just staying out of the helicopter’s way because he is right in there close. But we’ll keep an eye on it.

Yeah, I need that pump station if you can rescue it. Can you see that fire coming at us down Lakeshore?

Pretty smoky, no.

TIME CHECK: 6:23 p.m.

Dispatch, go ahead (Assistant Chief Rene) Blanleil.

We’re up here—Stewart Road east—we have a 3 km wide fire. Coming down the hill…suggest…evacuation for Gallaghers Canyon, south of that probably down as far as KLO Road, over.

Roger that. Gallagher’s Canyon as far down south as KLO Road.

—one coming up here on the right, there’s structures on fire and their backyard.

You should be able to save this one, there’s a hydrant right on the corner. Then the next one you should be able to save too if we can get at it right away.

Copy. We’ll guard the fire and we’ll get at ‘er.

The other thing I don’t know is, there’s a house here on your left it’s fully involved it’s just spreading to the other ones. Maybe you can get into this one to have a look on it. And keep your ears up. I don’t know where that firestorm six is coming from but lets try and save these two anyway.

TF-5 Loken: Is there a chance that a food wagon can come up this way? Some of these guys are getting hungry.

Roger that, we’ll co-ordinate something.

Thank you.

Dispatch this is Moody. Can you tell me if the power is off to Kettle Valley?

Dispatch this is Moody. I need Aquila. I have powerlines down all across the road, I cannot get my pumpers out. I’ve gone into Chute Lake, I will pick ‘em up there. It seems like it’s perfectly safe for working on it.

Time Check 6:48 p.m.

TF-4, TF-6. I’ve got some groceries down here, you were hungry? Where are you?

Go to Stewart Road east and Crawford.


Moody, 108: Len we’re holding off this one house, we’ve got six in between and we got three more going. So if you could get another engine up here it would sure be a help.

I’ll send you a tender with a pump on it. There’s two actually coming up to your location right there on Chute Lake Road.

Len, dispatch: Power is definitely off to Kettle Valley.

I can guarantee that? I can bring my trucks through and hit those hydro lines?

They guarantee us that power is off to Kettle Valley and that the ETA of 10 minutes for the—Didn’t get any information on Chute Lake just that the power was off to Kettle Valley.

TF-1, Mitchell, are your ears up?

Go ahead, dispatch.

Cannot confirm that any of the wires on old Chute Lake Road are dead, either.

So neither one of them have confirmation of dead wires on them? Thank you. I think old Chute Lake road is clear it’s just the new part of it I need and there’s some houses there I need to protect, so it would be nice if they could hustle their butts.

He’s hurrying as fast as he can.

Command, this is dispatch: I have confirmation gas is off to Crawford estates. Gas is off to Crawford Estates.

Moody, firehall dispatch. Give the chief a landline when you get a moment, please.

Roger. I can do that.

TIME CHECK 7:35 p.m.

TF-6 from Firehall: Larry, apparently the pump house at the nudie beach has lost power and we’re not going to be able to get it back up, but we do have a stand-by generator and preparing to send that. Some guys in with it but can you assure there’s an escort in? That they’ll be safe?

Absolutely, no problem. We gotta’ keep that going.

Len this is Neil. Be advised, the fire has jumped Stewart Road east, it is burning in an easterly direction.

Do we have anything up there to stop it?

— tied up in Crawford, we’re going to try to keep Crawford.

Do the best you can. Staging 6, if you could deploy some of these engines off of Barnaby up to Crawford we’ll do that.

Yeah, we’re on it Len, that’s exactly what we’re doing now. Taking everything off there that doesn’t have to be there.

Larry, we have the ability to draw out of swimming pools with a front-mounted pump. We’ve just been released from TF-5 and under your command now.

Okay come down to staging.

Which is where right now Larry?

Chute Lake and Barnaby.

We’re on our way.