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Interview By Stay on The Truth on Ebola, Imaging Fevers, Economy and Vulnerable People

Chief Science Officer Curtis Bennett was interviewed by Stay on the Truth on Ebola, the ability to see it, economic ramifications as well as the reactive response by governments and medicine. You will also hear about vulnerability of the young, elderly, people with health challenges including people exposed to RF EMFs.

Curtis led a team in his capacity to image the symptoms of the SARs virus(Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) at airports in 2003. The interview explains what happened including the fact the team worked for 11 years expanding the application for Ebola or other outbreaks.

It is critically important for people to understand the scope of the consulting this group does. As First Responders at the atomic and molecular level, there are real science reasons this group has been cleared to consult of vulnerability issues the whole world missed.

That is why it is ridiculous today to be dismissed without dialog by political parties, Canadian Health Minister on the Ebola outbreak. Tomorrow as an example, Canada has an Ebola First Response Team meeting in Nova Scotia except they are literally blind to fevers or the fact they can be isolated. Stay on the Truth Interview

Loose or Corroded Electrical Connections Cause Electrical Failure, Explosions & Fires

Part of our work over 35 years included pioneering infrared electrical inspections for oil, gas, energy, manufacturing, mills, mines, etc. We would inspect electrical distribution under full load to catch hidden electrical problems that couldn’t be seen.

Following that we would report problems and their electricians would fix the problems before they went to failure. People would be surprised to know that loose or corroded connections were the cause of over 80% of electrical problems. Corroded and loose connections will cause electrical failure if not addressed. Electrical failure can mean explosions, fires and very dangerous environments.

Calgary, Alberta just had a major electrical failure down town affecting thousands of businesses and residents. Seeing the video of the failure underground immediately made me wonder how often those underground electrical systems are inspected using thermal imaging? We would inspect industry’s electrical systems yearly to avoid electrical failure. If they haven’t inspected those electrical systems regularly, they can not rule out connections or corrosion. Electrical maintenance is required or you will be repairing.

There have been fires from smart meters across Canada and the US for some of the same reasons. Once an electrical meter is put on a meter base, the meter base is NEVER maintained. In some cases meters have been on buildings for decades without maintenance and that lack of any maintenance needs to be addressed in itself. Making the smart meter fires more complex is the use of contractors or labourers swapping meters under electrical load. Smart Meter Fires in Nevada which resulted in 1 death is now being investigated by the state. Meters are being blamed for the fires when the installation and state of the meter base have to be considered in cause. Meters as well as meter bases have to be submitted for fire investigation. Smart Meter Stab Connection

Initial Ebola Screening at Airports, Hospitals, Quarantine or Clinics is Reactive & Ridiculous

It is shameful representation of Thermal Radiation Imaging to see the screening done at airports looking for Ebola. Between 2003 for SARS and 2009 for H1N1, 100s of millions of people were imaged at ports of entry. They couldn’t produce one image of a flu because the imaging application exceeded expertise.

The Canadian Government was informed 6 weeks ago that Ebola could be seen and shared. Political party took precedence and Prime Minister Harper’s administration undermined provinces, health care workers as well as the international community desperately looking for help. Texas could have seen that infection and shared it live if required.

This level of Thermal Imaging is lectured in medical education for education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. Accepted medical education applicable in 50 states and Canada with expansion internationally. There is no higher standard. The Integrative Health Forum and GEDI are the only medical education program showing energy at the atomic and molecular level.

Successful imaging requires more than equipment. Imaging at ports of entry is reactive and not achieving objectives when early diagnosis is critical. Here is some very basic images including correcting a breast imaging report from an international group of 50 clinics. This woman’s mother died from breast cancer, sister had a breast removed. You will see we adjusted one of their own images to produce the results.

With injury or infection there is inflammation that can be seen.

As Thermal Radiation Consultants at the atomic and molecular level, we employ the most advanced thermal imaging applications in the world without exception. We do not sell equipment as all equipment is different depending on the complexity of the application requirements. As government certified professionals, our job is to report to our authority. Prime Minister Harper had this info available 6 weeks ago. Airports and ports of entry would have seen an existing format to isolate flu symptoms. I had to meet with Health Canada after equipment manufacturers failed miserably attempting to image SARS in 2003.

It truly breaks my heart to watch how governments are reacting without giving sight of flu or virus to front line health professionals. Infection produces inflammation and it can be tracked live as it spreads. Texas could have seen the sick man immediately with a live visual in minutes. IR equipment is not being utilized as required and this is lectured in medical education now.

Canada has done press on the importance of early detection but the Health Minister, MP Cannan and the Prime Minister’s office did not share critical information.

The temperature images in the slide show are basic and not 1% of what is available for governments to have help. There is lots of imaging technology but applying it was the problem. Ebola will affect people differently but will produce an inflammatory response that medicine including the CDC can not see.

The reason we lecture medical education for CME credits is evolving temperature out of the calculator. Temperature is a critical component in all sciences, we calculate for it. The Integrative Health Forum is 14,000 licensed health professionals and their accredited medical education program is the only one in the world showing temperature at the atomic and molecular level. CDC, Texas or other medical professionals across the world can contact the International Medical Education Program Administrator. They can validate our visual contribution to medical education and accredited medical education available. We are one of their Adjunct Faculty Members.
Sharon Weinstein

This post can not substantiate 35 years of work and 14 specifically related to medicine. The images here are a very small part of a library. Go to this link to see Basic Medical Imaging including before and after treatment. There are existing imaging applications today to give sight of Ebola at Airports, Quarantine, Hospitals, Clinics or home isolation.

Boil The Frog Slowly Radio Interview With Curtis Bennett

It is important for people reading the news or listening to interviews that Curtis Bennett is one member of this amazing international team. As a science professional with triple science credentials and Adjunct Faculty for medical education, he is very qualified and performance is time-proven.

When requests are made for radio interviews with Curtis on RF EMF exposure, none of it is scripted and questions are not provided before the interview. Curtis is speaking in his Electrical/Building Engineering/Thermal Radiation and Adjunct Faculty capacity. It is important for others to expand on it because sciences, academia, medicine, industries, municipalities, engineers, insurers were not informed or consulted before wireless deployment and blanket electromagnetic radiation. Curtis talks in depth about wireless technologies and health effects.

Thank you to Pat and Sebastian at Boil The Frog Slowly for the Radio Interview With Curtis Bennett.

Los Angeles Unified School District’s Accommodation For Teacher’s Wi-Fi Concerns

Los Angeles Unified School District, Division of Risk Management and Insurance Services, Integrated Disability Management Accommodation for a teacher adversely affected by Wi-Fi in their classrooms.

Los Angeles Unified School District Accommodation for Wireless Exposure

It is important for people to understand RF EMF exposure code admitted the mechanisms(causality) was missing. Those electrical mechanisms linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects was found and reported by Canadian Government Certified Electrical Professionals in September 2010 to Health Canada. October 26, 2010, causation linking the RF EMFs to adverse health effects was presented at the request of Canadian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Health.

The causal link between the RF EMFs was lectured in medical education for continuing medical education credits required for ongoing medical licensing January, 2011. Here is a letter from the Integrative Health Forum’s Medical Education Administrator which includes the scope of the accreditation.

It has been years in the making and this acknowledgement is important for teachers, schools and medical professionals. The scope of medical diagnosis has changed with blanket RF EMF exposure. Laptops or portable wireless devices in schools won’t work without routers completing the wireless circuits(invisible wires) The Specific Absorption Rate Test adopted for limits of human exposure left out the routers blanketing the classroom. That puts everything and everyone in the RF EMF.

We generate electricity with an EMF and an insulated known conductor. In the class room, the router is providing the RF EMF and teachers as well as students are the uninsulated conductors.

There are reasons we wire the world. Technology upgrades are important but humans, biology, food sources, industry, buildings, agriculture, life is not electrically/biologically compatible with wireless.


There are all kinds of challenges associated with dealing with Ebola or other infectious diseases. With injury or infection there is an inflammatory response but overall medicine and academia is literally blind to temperature.

Although thermal imaging has been used to varying degrees for decades, it has not been represented for what it really is because some imaging applications exceed expertise. Between 2003 with SARS and H1N1, infrared equipment manufacturers or consultants imaged 100s of millions of people at ports of entry but couldn’t produce 1 image of a flu. Successful imaging requires proper equipment, qualified applications and interpretation by applicable professionals.

Our technical support and equipment manufacturer is critically important to our success. In the SARS application in 2003, we jointly provided a bid for Canada imaging flu symptoms at ports of entry. Our bid was dismissed by Public Works for equipment manufacturers offering discounted services for future contracts. They failed so miserably that people were pulled off planes with flu symptoms and they still couldn’t produce 1 image. That required reporting through media the imaging application exceeded their expertise. Media on SARS Screening at Airports

Arrangements were made to meet with Health Canada in Vancouver where we showed an image of a flu and qualified why equipment manufacturers failed. Our advanced imaging applications are lectured in medical education for continuing medical education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. Progression of infection or effective treatment can be seen, even in quarantine. Here is basic imaging of progression of infection.

Ebola Can Be Seen

Smart Meters and Smart Grid Will Not Save City of Seattle $1.00 But Will Create Liability

Seattle, Washington constituents asked for a letter specifically to address the safety of wireless smart meters and whether they will save energy.

The reason they asked is because our backgrounds are electrical energy provision, building energy use, emissions and urban heat islands generating extreme heat atmospherically. Energy use can be seen, here is what massive energy waste looks like and the smart meter is catching none of the waste. You are being billed a premium for excess energy use.

Here is the letter provided for Seattle residents and their city council. Over 200 million has been spent to date, all of it is a waste. City of Seattle on Smart Meters Sept 18 2014

The letter is applicable to every city without exception, wireless smart meters are dangerous as applied.

Smart Meters Not Addressing Climate Change or Saving Energy

It is important for the reader looking at this post to understand 100% of this is qualified science within existing codes and standards. The thermal radiation imaging is accurate and verifying whether design temperatures have met standards.

We are lands of law and governments along with industry train professionals to design, install as well as troubleshoot within existing codes and standards. Buildings as an example are an intricate design with very specific functions to keep you safe, use less energy, use less natural resources and protect your investment.

Just like an elevator designed to carry a certain weight, buildings and their energy systems are designed for specific regional climatic data. In Canada, Climatic Data is provided for building codes by Environment Canada. Ideally we are supposed to blend in with nature in the areas we live in and not impose on it.

Buildings, their insulation values, energy systems, energy use, GHG emissions are based on buildings functioning within design temperatures. It ensures buildings comply with building codes so they can be financed, insured and occupied. Banks, mortgage lenders, insurers, and governments rely on code compliance to protect their investments. Building Code also warn of solar radiation(EMFs) being more significant than design temperatures. To avoid solar EMFs interacting with absorbent exterior finishes, it requires shade or low-e finishes(less absorbent) on the exterior.

There are many that think that global warming or climate change isn’t happening but there are real reasons we are not supposed to heat the atmosphere. Weather is the basic interaction of cold and warm air with water vapour. Weather = cold and warm air with water vapour. Man made heat atmospherically CHANGES weather. Once you generate heat it can not be destroyed, it is here to mix and change means weather severity as we are experiencing around the world.

The world and everything in it is designed with and for temperature except we can not see temperature until it is literally Red Hot. We use calculators for important temperature considerations

Due to the fact we are literally blind to temperature, buildings are signed off as code compliant and everyone accepts responsibility BUT compliance wasn’t seen or verified. All the laws are in place so GHG emissions were blamed for heating the atmosphere and creating climate change. BLIND SCIENCE made for BLIND POLICY

The United Nation’s members have committed over 500 billion to address climate change BUT they missed critically important science. That critical science is lectured in the most advanced and accredited Energy Medicine Program in the world. They actually show energy(temperature) in the infrared spectrum.

That critical science was passed on through our authorities having jurisdiction. From Kelowna BC, Gordon Campbell, MP Ron Cannan, Prime Minister Harper, Environment Ministers and others will have to account for why they ignored their government energy and engineering professionals. Canada should have taken this to the United Nation’s Climate Change Meetings but didn’t.

Governments and industry were denied critically important science. Energy, oil and other companies spent significant dollars reacting to symptoms of solar EMFs interacting with buildings. Billions of watts of energy used to cool the buildings is a 100% waste that could be knocked off the grid. AC is in fact refrigeration being used because buildings are not designed or insulated for the extreme temperatures generated. In Canada we imaged solar radiated buildings 204 deg. F on a 95 deg. F day when the maximum design temperature supplied through building code is 93 deg. F.

We imaged buildings in 7 provinces and 26 states. You will see what we saw in every province and every state without exception. Here are 2 time-lapsed infrared videos that were completed without any expectations. One from outside buildings showing solar EMF interaction right after sunrise and the second one is a 15 hour time-lapse inside the building where there should be no changes in temperature.

The world has reacted to the massive energy waste and put in smart meters to reduce energy use as well as address global warming. Are Smart Meters going to catch any of it? Solar EMFs Causing Building Development to Generate Extreme Atmospheric Heat. Literally billions of watts of energy is wasted creating more emissions, wasting more natural resources.

Millions of real construction jobs could be created immediately and the massive energy waste would be eliminated from the grid IMMEDIATELY.

FortisBC admitted under direct cross examination they will cover 17,000 sq. kms with RF EMFs to communicate with smart meters. That in itself creates a 17,000 sq. km heat sink contributing to the climate change the meter program is supposed to address. 100% of the smart meter program is a waste and they will not save 1 watt of energy. You are being billed a premium for the waste.

A weather station is not catching any of it. Who lives upwind or downwind from your city? When building development generates extreme atmospheric heat approaching boiling temperature, heat rises and it moves across the world in different directions every day. Here is a link to the National Weather Service showing a loop with winds moving across The United States and Canada. The winds changes every day and the excessive heat generated by development changes direction with it.

They need to cease smart meter programs immediately without exception, they are a waste when millions of real tax paying jobs could be created immediately.

Smart Meter Fires & Installation

Here is an article on Saskatchewan Power’s refund on their wireless smart meter program.

Here is our response as government energy professionals:

While I applaud the movement of Saskatchewan in addressing present meter problems, allowing 18 million dollars to be used for new meters of any kind will not address their energy problems or save 1 light bulb in energy. It is shameful and requires investigation by provincial and federal auditors as to how this frequency and biological weapon as applied was allowed to move forward as is. Saskatchewan as others have real serious power problems but they are not addressing energy reduction. The Prime Minister, Environment Minister, BC Premier Campbell were warned and told by Canadian Government certified energy professionals that wireless meters were dangerous as applied and they would not address anything. They can answer for their negligence and lack of response to government certified professionals.

Here is evidence and part of the BCUC transcripts for the FortisBC application for wireless. It shows what the energy looks like that meters are trying to address. You can see they will address none of the energy while buildings grossly exceed climatic data of building codes and superheat the atmosphere while wasting billions of watts per hour responding to symptoms of solar EMFs. Using low-e finishes on the exterior of buildings, shade and qualified tradepeople would knock this waste of the grid IMMEDIATELY.

Here is what we provided through due process to the federal government except they didn’t share this with provinces or the United Nation Members. The Premiers have a climate change plan and it includes the blanket radiation of the country and population which will kill the planet. Here is what was given to MP Ron Cannan. Ron is a nice fellow and good family man that used to sell my companies advertising. Now that he is part of the elite special interest group called a political party, he doesn’t respond or reply while he spews that political rhetoric. May seem like a good idea but he has undermined his community and constituents.

Here are questions as a Registered Intervener in the FortisBC application. Read every question on cost of wired versus wireless meters and it requires investigation by the BC Auditor General as to why the BCUC allowed FortisBC not to respond when we are the trained and credentialed government certified energy professionals.

Is Sensus paying Saskatchewan for the re-inspection and replacement of 105,000 meter bases as well as the damage to buildings and infrastructure if the grid was actually on? If the grid was on, is Sensus paying for the damage to people? Is Sensus paying every municipality for the damage to their buildings and infrastructure?

The Specific Absorption Rate used for limits of human exposure is a plastic head with water in it and baseless science. How was Sask Power and Sensus allowed to use a human exposure code to bypass the jurisdictional authority of municipalities? It isn’t applicable to building code but the grid would cause buildings not to be compliant with building codes.

It requires investigation by the Justice Department as to how and why the federal government allowed mass deployment of smart meters while Health Canada was in the process of revising the exposure codes. Wi-Fi was deployed all over public parks in Ottawa and the government auctioned off another range of frequencies for deeper penetration into buildings.

The Royal Society of Canada put out a scientifically shameful report supporting the plastic head as some type of science but their report omitted the causal link to the frequencies hurting people being found and reported by expert witness through Canadian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Health. If early explorers had used the same science the Royal Society of Canada used for substantiating safety, they would have sailed off the end of the earth.

There is nothing on planet earth compatible with those EMFs except wireless devices. The real damage is horrific and ecocide is the applicable word. Making it worse, government allowed utilities to bypass all regulatory process when it takes years for code changes. No one told engineers insured for errors and omissions that the plastic head or Specific Absorption Rate left out the grid and blanket radiation as well as all bio-electrical information. No one informed biologists, any sciences or academia that cellular voltages were increased or that the RF EMF were expanding and collapsing inside bodies and buildings billions of times per measurable second, 3600 times per hour, 86,400 times per day, 2,592,000 times per month. Health Canada officials that allowed for 24/7 radiation dosages to an egg, fetus, baby, child, vulnerable people, interfering with pacemakers, etc need to be investigated and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Police forces, fire and military personnel need to know that your own members and family are subtly being electrocuted as well. They are not just hyper sensitive and what would police do if some one was tasing a person 24/7.

I am a government and industry trained and certified professional with national credentials provided by provincial as well as the federal government. I am accountable for my qualified opinion, the peer reviewed science is called electricity and engineering.

This Friday there is a symposium in Toronto for health professionals on EMFs. The federal government didn’t tell them the scope of medical diagnosis has changed with the EMFs hitting people from head to toe. Does that affect the doctor’s liability with misdiagnosis? The federal government didn’t tell them the dangers of these EMFs has been lectured in medical education for CME credits making it approved and accepted medical education. Continuing education credits are important for some professions. Lawyers as an example require ongoing education credits or they are suspended from practicing law.

The BCUC needs to reverse BC Hydro’s smart meter program IMMEDIATELY and re-inspect 1.9 million meter bases as well as the unrealized damage to buildings. BC Hydro has outright lied about their meters starting fires, they blamed it on the home owner or faulty wiring. Rich Coleman never responded as Energy Minister or as Minister for BC Building Codes. Gary Murphy of BC Hydro is an American and he needs arrested in Canada or extradicted so he can be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. People in industry that think this is harsh need to realize, myself as well as other professionals would be responsible and accountable if we did the same

Ontario has to reverse their mass installation as does every province and state that deployed like this. FortisBC engineer Mark Warren admitted under direct cross examination by me that Fortis would cover their 17,000 sq. kms with these RF EMFs. That in itself creates a 17,000 sq. Km heat sink that will heat the atmosphere contributing to climate change and severe weather. They will not save any energy but will be billed for the massive waste. The City of Kelowna sold their electrical utility to FortisBC and invested the 50 million in FortisBC but FortisBC did not consult or inform Kelowna of the blanket radiation of their population. Being a senior community with lots of pacemakers and vulnerable people, these EMFs as applied can interfere with their pacemakers. Pacemaker manufacturers instruct patients to stay out of an electromagnetic field. FortisBC will take the EMFs to their homes.

Insurers, lawyers, education and municipalities are not closing shop to accommodate this reckless endangerment. Here is what connection problems look like and this is based on saving industry, government as well as insurers many billions of dollars over 35 years.
Thermal Images of Connection Problems Associated with Smart Meter Fires & Installation Plus Extremely Low Frequencies Creating Catastrophic Problems for Lumbermill as Well as Insurers

Chief Science Officer
Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician(Red Seal)
Building Engineering Technologist
Adjunct Faculty for IHF & GEDI
Thermal Radiation Consultant for 35 Years/

Canadian Premiers Endorse Climate Change Plan

Here is a link to a news article from the Globe and Mail on Premiers Endorsing their climate change plan. Following the link is our response as government trained and certified energy professionals.

Globe and Mail Article

The fact Premiers are endorsing climate change plans of any kind is scientifically alarming. I say that as a government energy electrical professional with nationally recognized credentials plus a building engineering background specific to energy use.

We are the science behind policy and policy is based on science, not the other way around. These premiers and the federal government are reacting to symptoms across the board. Their climate change plan is not addressing climate change or saving energy. As a matter of fact, Canadian buildings are grossly exceeding regional climatic data in building codes. Building energy use, saving natural resources and emissions reduction require buildings comply with climatic data. New building development across the board should not be passed as code compliant.

It is critically important people understand buildings are signed off as compliant with code, temperatures they are designed for couldn’t be seen.

Our jobs as government certified professionals is to report to and through our authority having jurisdiction. We do NOT EVER blind side them. It is our job and the governments at all levels are to listen, not dismiss as was done by our authority. What politicians did by being political on the energy issue is to undermine the entire country as well as UN members.

Ontario’s premier is going to buy electricity from Quebec when shading Ontario buildings or using low e exterior finishes would knock the energy waste off the grid IMMEDIATELY.

The supposed smart grid with wireless smart meters is supposed to save energy but they will save none. On top of that they mass installed meters across the country using people not qualified to TOUCH live electrical. Saskatchewan has to replace and re-inspect over 105,000 meters. BC Hydro has to re-inspect and replace 1.7 million meters. Other provinces and states that mass installed with contractors require the same without exception. 

FortisBC admitted under cross examination that they will electromagnetically radiate everyone in Kelowna and the other major cities in their 17,000 sq. km coverage area. Mark Warren admitted they consulted and informed no one. 

FortisBC, BC Hydro and governments are relying on the Specific Absorption Rate for the test showing the EMFs cause no harm except the SAR isn’t applicable to any aspect of building codes. The SAR is an absorption code for human exposure except they used plastic heads with water in them. It is ridiculous science that left out the grid, antennas, routers, frequency interactions, and 100% of bio-electrical information. People with plastic heads never get health problems, they don’t have any health.

Here is evidence provided to the BC Utilities Commission on the FortisBC application showing what energy use looks like as well as the fact they won’t save a watt of energy. They are billing you 40% more for the wasted energy. The thermal imaging will also show the super heating of the atmosphere while massive electrical waste with air conditioning happens. A/C is really refrigeration, the building has become a source of heat.

Here is a link showing the same information was passed on to municipal, provincial and federal governments. We were dismissed without qualification and Canada did not take any of the info to UN climate change meetings.

The UN is worried about a few degree rise in atmospheric temperature and building development because of absorbency of exterior finishes are generating heat close to boiling temperature. Buildings imaged in 7 provinces and 26 states verified solar EMFs that burn skin are “burning” buildings by generating extreme heat.

Governments, municipalities, insurers and lenders expect building code compliance or your building will NOT be financed, insured or occupied. There will be no real estate market, no building inspection and the reason we warn politicians. Unfortunately they don’t understand they have undermined their own regulation.