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Specific Absorption Rate Test(SAR) for Limits of Human Exposure to RF EMFs used by FCC, Health Canada, Global Governing Bodies, American National Standards Institute(ANSI), International Electrical and Electronic Engineers(IEEE), International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection(ICNIRP), UK, the National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB) is Baseless Science Using a Plastic Head

For 100% of those reading this, it is critically important that all expand on this in their qualified capacity. Under no circumstances are you to edit or dismiss this post. Exposure Codes for the limits of human exposure world wide use the same science standards and Health Canada’s Safety Code 6(2009) for the Limits of Human Exposure admits cause and biological plausibility linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects was missing. Our team led by government and industry certified electrical professionals as well as medical education, medical associates found and reported cause and biological plausibility missing in exposure codes. Reported to Health Canada September 14, 2010 and by expert witness at the request of Canadian Parliaments Standing Committee on Health October 26, 2010, it was lectured in accredited medical education January 7 & 8, 2011 at the University of Central Florida.

Medical professionals require ongoing education credits as a requirement for ongoing medical licensing. That means it is no longer a debate, the dangers of RF EMFs as applied is now recognized medical education across the U.S., Canada and North America. Here is a letter by Health Education Administration on the accreditation and faculty.

Here is a document by the FCC on Specific Absorption Rate for Cell Phones and the same test is used for Wi-Fi and Wireless Smart Meters. Here is another document from the FCC on Wireless Devices and Health Concerns. Note all the references to the Specific absorption Rate which uses a plastic head with liquid in it.

Here is a link to the Compliance Club on SAR where you can read the science, the international organizations using the SAR test and at the bottom of the page is a picture of the SAR Test Model. How many of you, your pets, pollinators or ecosystems have a plastic head?

In British Columbia Government transcripts and evidence with Exponent Inc “experts” under oath, Dr. William Bailey admitted under direct cross examination by Professor Curtis Bennett that in order for people to be hurt by RF EMFs, they had to be exposed(hit). Bailey also admitted all bio-electrical information associated with humans was left out of their Risk Assessment Report for FortisBC in their application for smart meters.

Causation missing in exposure codes is the antennas, Wi-Fi Routers and wireless smart grid were not included in the SAR test. As soon as you include them, you have cause. Biological Plausibility missing is the reality the plastic head used for the SAR test doesn’t have any biology. Here is our news, links including the Letter to FortisBC to reverse their smart meter programs. Links to the government transcripts with experts under oath are included. It is a precedent setting legal document for all jurisdictions globally.

IEEE member have errors and omission’s insurance where the real damage from wireless will be in the trillions. It is shameful that Electrical and Electronic Engineers were technically overwhelmed by a plastic head. 100% of the science was based on heating water molecules in a microwave which is baseless science. The minute IEEE understands the frequencies and electrical information of biology was left out, they will reverse their opinion on safety.

The plastic head should be clear so it could be used as an aquarium. How was a plastic head used to bypass all regulation including Building Codes, Electrical Codes and all sciences? No one was consulted or informed and they need to cease and desist or be arrested for putting babies, people, pacemaker recipients, all life, ecosystems, buildings, infrastructure inside man made microwave ovens. The damage is measurable by the second and the peer reviewed science opposing the plastic head is electricity, engineering, biology and all sciences. The scope of medical education has changed but medicine wasn’t consulted or informed, neither were insurers, unions or any sciences. As soon as lawyers find out causation is electricity and the opposition is using a plastic head in court, they will sue for the millions per person and make a lot of money. The Memphis Police Association has called for a Forensic Audit and it is what needs to be supported internationally.


Important Interview From Memphis on Smart Meters, Wi-Fi, Cell Phones & Wireless Radiation

WEDNESDAY 5 PM(CST) Show LIBERTY in ACTION (April 27, 2016)
Host: Donna Bohannon
GUEST: Prof. Curtis Bennett ( discusses the issues of the USA corporation Exponent, Inc. that tests a PLASTIC HEAD to claim that cell phone RF doesn’t impact the body! Is this the junk science safety testing on radiation that satisfies you?!
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British Columbia Utilities Commission on Reversing FortisBC & BC Hydro’s Illegal Wireless Smart Meter Program is Applicable to Public Utility Commissions Globally

B.C. Utilities Commission
900 Howe Street
Sixth Floor
Vancouver, B.C.
V6Z 2N3

Att: British Columbia Utilities Commission

I have copied this to the Commission Secretary as well as Complaints and would ask the BCUC to pass this on to applicable departments as well as governments at the required level.

I was a Registered Intervener in the FortisBC Application for wireless smart meters and while I cross examined FortisBC “experts” for 3.5 hours, FortisBC chose not to cross examine me. Although the BCUC Panel is reported to have reviewed my qualifications, in their summary they were dismissive of my credentials even though none of the panel or experts were technically qualified in an opinion. Legislative Reporter Tom Fletcher wrote:

Curtis Bennett’s qualifications have been reviewed by the BC Utilities Commission, when he presented his weird theories about “molecular earthquakes” triggered by wireless power meters in 2013.

The BCUC panel wrote: “While Mr. Bennett has an electrician’s knowledge of electrical systems, it is clear that he is unqualified to give expert opinion evidence on the health effects of RF, exposure standards for RF, engineering, physics or geological phenomena such as earthquakes.”

Had the BCUC or FortisBC cross examined me, they would have found out my “electrician’s knowledge of electrical systems” are in reality the Governments across Canada and Industry Canada’s trained and certified professional. I carry Government ID provided by the Province of BC and Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician(Red Seal) provided by the Government of Canada. That means I am one of the experts specific to the electrical energy produced by utilities. Topping that off, my personal electrical background includes oilfield, energy, lumber mills, mines, etc and later consulting for billion dollar industries as well as their insurers at the same time.

The BCUC can see by a link provided that includes a letter to FortisBC, BC Hydro and others that FortisBC dismissed my Building Engineering Credential from NAIT. My fellow graduates for that program work and consult for the biggest construction companies in the world as as municipalities as Building or Fire Inspectors, estimators, etc.

The BCUC dismissed my Thermal Radiation background of 35 years consulting for industries across the board. The Government of Canada has used our work as their standard in RFP for Aerial Imaging of Groundwater. That background includes consulting for FortisBC and many utilities isolating electrical/refractory/mechanical failures before they happen. Billion dollar industry has scheduled shutdowns based on our reporting and I led those teams.

Being cleared by Canada’s Defence Minister on a vulnerability after 9/11 required more than an electrician’s knowledge.

Gordon Fulton and FortisBC lawyers require ongoing education credits or they are suspended from practicing law. The BCUC, FortisBC lawyers and Mr. Fulton dismissed or ignored the reality I am a Professor lecturing medical education for Continuing Medical Education Credits required for ongoing medical licensing. I lectured causation linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects meaning it isn’t an opinion, it is now accepted medical education. That credential is applicable to health professionals across the U.S., Canada and expanding. Being a Professor in advancements in medical education applicable to all took many years and millions of our own dollars. Damage to humans from wireless interaction can be seen and qualified now. Unfortunately FortisBC lawyers spent more time trying to represent my title as Chief Science Officer as a self imposed title.

What FortisBC and the BCUC referred to as a weird theory on molecular earthquakes is the electrical reality of electromagnetically inducing buildings, infrastructure and ecosystems. What FortisBC and the BCUC referred to as a phenomena was confirmed in BCUC transcripts by my direct cross examination of Exponent Inc’s Electrical Engineer Yakov Shkolnikov. Mark Warren was so far over his head calling what I said as a theory when the peer reviewed science of electromagnetic induction is how utilities generate electricity.

In calling for a reversal of the FortisBC and BC Hydro smart meter program as well as a Forensic Audit, it is specific to the FortisBC application as well as BC Hydro bypassing all regulatory process in their application for wireless. The BC Legislative Assembly allowing that bypass of all regulation has created real problems with a trillion dollar liability separate of the criminal liability.

In my opening statement for the BCUC, I looked forward to cross examination because I was there in my professional capacity warning of the liability including smart meters not saving 1 watt of energy.

The document to FortisBC is 9 pages and includes transcripts and evidence of the BCUC with FortisBC “experts” admitting critical science was missing from their risk assessment report for FortisBC.

The unfortunate result of the FortisBC application being rubber stamped and BC Hydro bypassing all regulation is the BCUC Panel has allowed utilities to bypass all regulation including BC Building Code using a plastic head with water in it. The Specific Absorption Rate test model has zero applicability to BC Building Code and all municipalities as well as Regional Districts have been undermined. New and existing buildings will be non compliant with BC Building Code meaning no mortgage, insurance or occupancy. The RF EMFs even interacting with BC Hydro’s Dams will cause accelerated corrosion and non compliance with BC Building Code Rule where Shkolnikov confirmed the 900 MHz RF EMFs will oscillate or expand and contract inside walls, Fire Separations or bodies 1.8 billion times per second and Wi-Fi 4.9 billion times per second.

In closing the smart grid has to be shut down and there is no margin of error. It will undermine climate change objectives set out by PM Trudeau and 195 UN Members. The grid and high speed oscillations will heat the atmosphere changing weather and that peer reviewed science is electricity. As Mark Warren confirmed under cross examination, no one was informed or consulted nor did he think it was a good idea. Provincial medical professionals were not informed that the scope of diagnosis had changed. Education will have to shut down because all sciences have changed with the blanket electromagnetic induction.

The damage is measurable by the second including to your own buildings and families. where Dr. Bailey of Exponent Inc admitted under cross examination that nervous, hormonal and immune systems will be compromised at the same time. I will guarantee that this won’t be popular but being administratively dismissive will result in liability as well as criminal charges. There are no circumstances where the BCUC or utilities can put babies, children and others inside man made microwave ovens.

While I look forward to a response, this isn’t a debate and the reason I was a Registered Intervener at the hearings in Kelowna representing the best interests of all. Here is the link that includes the letter to FortisBC and others. This should help Public Utility Commissions around the world understand how people are hit and hurt based on the plastic head science. It is disgraceful for taxpayers to fund their own electrocution based on a plastic head.


Professor Curtis Bennett

Chief Science Officer
Adjunct Professor for Accredited Medical Education for CME Credits
Thermal Radiation Consultant for 35 Years
Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician(Red Seal)
Building Construction Engineering Technologist
Ph: 604-239-2694




Letter to FortisBC CEO, Mark Warren, BC Hydro, etc on Smart Meter Program Being Stopped and Reversed.

Our jobs as consulting professionals using codes/standards is to get the job done as trained and qualified professionals. We look to our authorities to report something or to address a code ruling, we don’t have personal opinions. 100% of our work is science.

Policy is based on science not politics and there are never circumstances where we are lobbied to compromise our work or we would be liable as well as lose our credentials. When it came to RF EMF exposure, it was alarming to see the depth of special interests taking precedence over the tax paying public relying on our governments to do their job. The unfortunate result has been taxpayers funding their own subtle electrocution, adverse health effects, ecocide and unrealized damage to buildings as well as infrastructure.

In 2010 when asked to look at WiFi in schools, we didn’t technically know what was being done in schools. The second we heard of a router covering a classroom to communicate with laptops, it was immediately said you can’t do that. You are putting the children teachers, support staff as well as buildings inside an electrical circult or man made microwave oven. Looking at Health Canada’s Safety Code 6(2009) was alarming as it admitted to inducing currents(electrocution). Page 9 of Safety Code 6 admitted causation and biological plausibility was missing linking the RF EMFs to adverse health effects. Safety Code 6(2009) stated they would amend the code when they received peer reviewed science showing adverse health effects.

The strength of exposure codes is that these RF EMFs are not supposed to hit people. That is why cause was missing because of the science industry was using for the limits of human exposure. Lots of people including me have put a cup of water in a microwave or heated up a drink. The science the wireless industry and governments were using are based on a cup of water in a microwave except the test model is shaped like a head instead of a cup.

The bottom line is the plastic head is placed in a RF EMF sterile environment to test cell phones that cell phone manufacturers have to submit  for testing. Here is a picture of the test model and remember that the phone isn’t communicating with any antennas or network. See the bracket that holds the phone away from the head as per manufacturer specifications? The higher power density was measured at the base of the antenna on the phone and it was thought a small localized area in the skull was heated.

Sam Phantom Model Specific Absorption Rate Test with Temperature Probe in Liquid.
Sam Phantom Model
Specific Absorption Rate Test with Temperature Probe in Liquid.

When it came to WiFi exposure the same industry didn’t need to do tests. Children and people weren’t laying on the floor with their heads on the laptops so they had much more distance than cell phone users.

When it came to smart meters, that was really easy because you could drive through neighborhoods and never see the family outdoors with their heads against the meter.


In order for people to be hurt by RF EMFs, they have to be exposed as confirmed by Dr. William Bailey of Exponent Inc. The Specific Absorption Rate Test left out the antennas, WiFi Router and the Smart Grid required to communicate with smart meters. As soon as you add the antennas, routers and grid, you have cause missing in exposure codes. Directly below is BC Hydro’s diagram of their smart grid for smart meters. The diagram shows what the Specific Absortion Rate Test left out and it is BC Hydro showing how people are hit and hurt. This is why they were warned specific to liability which will include criminal charges. BC Hydro needs to stop their smart meter program immediately and arrange through electrical workers to re-inspect and maintain 1.9 million meter bases. Then they have to replace the wireless meter with approved meters without RF EMF capabilities. There is zero margin of error and those that do not do their job will be liable including criminally for their assault with this deadly weapon as applied.

20120907-BC Hydro Smart Meter Grid

See the smart grid to the left? These RF EMFs are not a laser beam, it is blanket electromagnetic radiation that undermines their gas utility.



Can you see why Biological Plausibility was missing in Safety Code 6? The plastic head doesn’t have any biology. Directly below are accurate infrared images of cell phone use after 1 hour, can you see if there are any differences and is a small area of the skull only affected?

20110223-cell phone radiation after 1 hour

The above is what industry refers to as non thermal effects because it was thought non thermal couldn’t be seen. Here is some other very very basic infrared imaging using non invasive radiology and it includes wireless radiation injuries to the arms of a cell phone sales person. It is important for readers to know these are basic but the most advanced infrared applications without exception. These images and much more are shown in the most advanced medical education in the world recognized for Continuing Medical Education Credits required for ongoing medical licensing. The Integrative Health Forum is 14,000 licensed health and consulting professionals putting on medical education applicable to millions of health professionals. They are the only education program in the world giving accurate sight of energy at the atomic and molecular level. Simply put, it provides sight of temperature where otherwise medicine and other professionals are blind.

This letter is a document that needs to be shared with every city, region, state, province and country. It is specific to wireless being illegal as applied and extremely dangerous that has catastrophic global consequences that will undermine every country. Governments allowed utilities as an example to bypass all regulatory process to mass install smart meters. The fact governments allowed this blanket radiation based on a plastic head undermined all sciences, economy, police, fire, insurers, investors, education, security, municipalities, codes  and will not save 1 watt of energy. Wireless as deployed undermined the United Nation’s Members across the world on their climate change agenda and the “smart grids” will generate atmospheric heat creating climate change.

What is really important for people dealing with this urgency and passing this on is to understand there is no such thing as EHS or sensitivity to EMFs. The correct electrical language is electrocution and there is no margin of error. There is no one exempt from the real harm and damage regardless of who you, what industry you work in or the money you have. Imagine undermining police, fire and veterans as well as those serving as well as killing our children in schools while we grade them on their intelligence. Letter for FortisBC CEO, Mark Warren, BC Hydro, etc on Smart Meter Program

There were questions on towers and antennas which will be illegal as well. A condition of license for new and existing antennas is to comply with expose codes and in Canada that is Safety Code 6. There is ZERO acceptable power density as .1 of 1 microwatt has altered brain waves. This is the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Act and turn to page 10 to see the highlighted area. cwta compliance with Safety Code 6 duplicated

See, share and print the letter.  RF EMFs as applied are a frequency and biological weapon as applied.


Letter for FortisBC CEO, Mark Warren, BC Hydro, etc on Smart Meter Program





Breaking News About Legal Matters With Wireless Smart Meters

WEDNESDAY 5 PM Show LIBERTY in ACTION (April 13, 2016)
Host: Donna Bohannon
GUESTS: Prof. Curtis Bennett ( has some breaking news about legal matters with SMART METERS!! Also sitting in will be Jimmie Franklin, former candidate for City Council.
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Following Donna Bohannon’s Show on April 13, 2016, here is our news and letter to FortisBC, CEO, BC Hydro and others on reversing FortisBC Smart Meter Program on April 17, 2016

Here is our news and media on April 19, 2016 to British Columbia Utilities Commission on reversing smart meter programs being applicable to global Public Utilities Commission.


Memphis Police Association Petition and Request for Forensic Audit and Ethics Review Includes Wireless Smart Meters

The Memphis Police Association is 2000 Members and they want a Forensic Audit and Ethics Review of  City of Memphis that includes mass deployment of wireless smart meters.

While it is a sad state of affairs that this has to happen, it is the required langauge for what has happened with the mass deployment of wireless smart meters without the science supporting the safety of the wireless technology. Here is their post and link:

Petition: 2016 Forensic Audit and Ethics Review

To all the citizens of Memphis, police officers, firemen, city employees, and retirees, I need your help. Not for me but all of us. There are many needs of the citizens, employees and retirees of Memphis that are going unserved. We simply need answers as to why the needs of the citizens, employees and retirees are secondary to other priorities of city officials. We have a right to know where our tax dollars are going, how they are being spent, and who if anyone is benefiting from them. I ask that you take a few minutes and click on the link below to send a letter to our Mayor, City Council, Attorney General, State Officials and Federal Officials. Please encourage your family and friends to complete this petition. Yesterday we sent the request to Washington DC to Loretta Lynch the U.S Attorney General for assistance. Please do your part. This is nothing personal against anyone person, it is a quest for the truth. Thank you in advance for taking the time to get involved.

Here is a link to media in Memphis where retired Registered Nurse Donna Bohannon is interviewing Professor Curtis Bennett.

TODAY Friday Feb. 12 5:00 PM Show LIBERTY in ACTION
Host: Donna Bohannon
GUESTS: Jimmie Franklin will continue the conversation with Curtis Bennett ( on the MLGW SMART METER issues for citizens. It would be BEST to be rid of smart meters entirely. Listen to the experts speak!
Tune In to AM 1600 radio Mon-Wed-Fri at 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM CST.  

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Learn what is happening at MLGW and the Citizens’ Actions FOR THE PEOPLE.

What is happening in Memphis from the media to Forensic Audit and Review is language that should be used in every state, every province, and every country. What has happened with the mass deployment of wireless smart meters without consultation or informing insurers, education, sciences or anyone requires that Forensic Audit. The idea that a plastic head with water or the ridiculous Specific Absorption Rate test was represented as science substantiating safety requires an investigation based on a global unprecedented health and environmental emergency. Here is a link with transcripts and evidence of the BC Government with experts under oath where FortisBC experts admit critical science was missing in their risk assessment report.

Wireless Communications, Wi-Fi, Smart Meters Will Cause Accelerated Corrosion of Art Collections

New York Times Article on 170.4 Million Dollar Art Sale

Governments, utilities and industries moving forward with wireless communication when exposure codes admitted to missing critical science is going to come back to haunt them. Wireless communications requires electromagnetic radiation for the electromagnetic induction required for the RF EMF. That blanket radiation to create the uninsulated electrical circuit for communications is fast moving and highly penetrating EMFs. Under direct cross examination by me in the FortisBC application for wireless smart meters, Electrical Engineer Yakov Shkolnikov of Exponent Inc confirmed high speed oscillations of 1.8 billion times per second and 4.9 billion times per second with the 2 antennas in the meter.

The owner of this painting and other artwork will have to build an MRI Chamber for their art. If they have WiFi in their home at 2.45 GHz, it will vibrate the painting at atomic and molecular levels 4.9 billion times per second. Frequencies oscillate positive and negative. Look at a battery with a + and – on it. Flip it end for end 4.9 billion times per second and the bottom line is accelerated corrosion of the art.

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission just had hearings as Ontario Power Generation wants a 13 year license at Darlington Nuclear Power Plant. Sad that Ontario Power Generation mass installed 4.8 million smart meters in Ontario to save energy. The smart grid will cause accelerated corrosion of the Nuclear Power Plant so imagine a nuclear failure within borders.

This isn’t a singular opinion, Engineers were nor informed or consulted that their designs that they are insured for has changed. Across Canada, it relates to all buildings being non compliant with Building Code Rule There is no margin of error and the higher the power densities, the more aggressive the oscillations will be. Insurers were not consulted or informed either about the real losses and liability.

This was reported to and through levels of Government including Prime Minister Harper’s administration but Mr Harper ignored Canadian Government Professionals reporting this. Making it worse is our new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his administration hasn’t been informed either but he will attend climate change talks in Paris missing critically important science the UN Members are looking for. The sadder reality is the missing science would create millions real tax paying jobs and remove trillions of watts off the grid immediately which reduces emissions immediately. This link includes legally precedent setting transcripts and evidence of the BC Government showing smart meters are illegal as well as extremely dangerous as applied.

Claremore Fire Department’s Press on Concerns About Smart Meter Fires Unwarranted is Inaccurate

I have great respect for the work of Fire Departments and have been part of teams consulting at operation levels. In 1990/91 we were retained by city management to substantiate and implement their Fire Department’s infrared program. That allowed sight through smoke where otherwise they were blind. Giving sight through smoke allows fire fighters the ability to see people, pets, source of fire, direction of the fire as well as how hot it is burning which is important for investigation. After the fire, hot spots can be found to avoid a rekindle saving on resources. Fires, heat and problems behind walls can be seen using non invasive radiology.

Our background related to electrical inspections related to what is happening in meter bases started in 1979. Isolating electrical problems and connections so they could be fixed before failure, fires or explosion saved industries across the board, governments and insurers 100s of billions of dollars as well as lives. Loose and corroded electrical connections are 90% of the problems because they are the weakest point in an electrical circuit. That is why electrical inspections and required maintenance can be done yearly. The significance to the meter bases and fires is that the connections in meter bases have NEVER been inspected or maintained since the meter was put on the building.

We are a land of laws, codes and standards but in the case of smart meters being mass deployed, governments, industries, engineers, electricians, insurers, academia, medical professionals, municipalities, Fire Departments, Police Departments, etc were not informed or consulted in any capacity. Claremore Fire Department wasn’t consulted or informed of dangerous meter swaps or associated connection problems that can cause fires.

Our job includes always reporting to and through authorities having jurisdiction. In the case of smart meters we were not getting a qualified response from the authorities. It was during FortisBC’s application for wireless smart meters that we found out that the BC Legislature had allowed BC Hydro to bypass all regulatory process to mass install smart meters and the required smart grid to communicate with the meters.

There is a defined point where the utility’s distribution of electricity ends and the utilization by electricians begins. While utilities own the meter, the meter base belongs to the building owner. The utility has no authority or jurisdiction to touch the home owner’s meter base.

Electrician do NOT mass install meters, literally every meter base requires inspection and maintenance. Utilities didn’t use electricians for smart meter installations, they used people not qualified to touch electrical systems. There are no circumstances where electricians would swap meters under electrical load. Electricity in the building would be shut off and the utility would disconnect their service so electricians could begin their work for the home owner. Pulling meters under varying electrical load will create arcs and surges that further compromise connections as well as electrical systems, electronics or other devices inside the building.

Oklahoma has the same problem as above and the Fire Departments not informed or consulted. The Fire Chief in Claremore, Oklahoma specifically mentions in this linked Press Release that an electrical connection was the source of the fire. Here is a link for you showing our response to a City Council on FortisBC as the utility representing the safety of smart meters. It contains transcripts and evidence of the BC Government with experts under oath where they admit they consulted no one. Page 9, 10 and 11 contain pictures of a meter base, the connections as well as thermal images of connection problems. Page 12 shows in the infrared spectrum how extremely low EMFs of 60 Hz can create catastrophic electrical problems. Page 13 shows how the interaction of RF EMFs interacting with buildings and fire separations is causing Canadian buildings to be non compliant with Building Code Rule The United States and Oklahoma will have a different code rule. Buildings are designed for their loading which includes vibrations.

The City of Claremore and the Fire Department need to be aware that a human exposure code has been used to bypass the municipal authority including Building Codes when it isn’t applicable. The link above provides a picture of the Specific Absorption Rate Test used to substantiate safety and bypassing Building Code. It is a plastic head with water in it and is baseless science.

These meters have been mass installed on the homes of everyone including First Responders. Police have not been informed that highly penetrating EMFs are assaulting people across their property lines.

If the neighbor tased you across the fence, police would respond and the utility is effectively tasing people across their property line except the proper electrical terminology is subtle electrocution.

As an electrical and energy professional with national government certification, I appreciate the intent of the meters but they will not save 1 watt of energy. If Claremore had meters mass installed, there are fires and electrical failure waiting to happen separate of causing accelerated corrosion of buildings, fire separations and infrastructure.

Wi-Fi Sensitivity(ELECTROCUTION) Could(WILL) Result in Disability(BIG LAWSUITS & JAIL)

It isn’t a matter of could result in disability, it is a reality. WiFi in classrooms means a man made microwave oven has been made to communicate with portable electronic devices. The problem is the children, teachers, support staff and buildings are the uninsulated conductor now. Here is what happened in Peel County Schools in Ontario and the reality.

Schools, governments, industries will be sued, let alone disability. That is separate of the real criminal liability once they know. School Boards can’t argue this any more, do your jobs or be liable which will include jail.

The dangers of WiFi, causation and biological plausibility has been lectured in accredited medical education for education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. It means this is no longer opinion or debate, it is approved medical education applicable in EVERY state in the United States, EVERY province in Canada. The Integrative Health Forum isn’t teaching a course in a college or university, it is applicable to all of them. This is an amazing group of 14,000 licensed health professionals and growing as it is the only medical education program in the world showing what is referred to as non thermal effects. Radiation damage can be seen and is in this amazing medical program. I am one of their faculty and an Adjunct Professor lecturing in this program. WiFi is considered innovative technology? It is radiation and nothing on the planet is electrically compatible with it except a portable electronic device.

Have people heard of Fukashima? That was because of a Tsunami. There are 100s of nuclear power plants and those buildings, facilities as well as infrastructure are not designed or engineered for highly penetrating RF EMFs accelerating corrosion where failure is the reality.

What is genetic mutation, compromised reproduction, nerve, hormonal and immune compromised bodies worth per person in a lawsuit that is verifiable today? The peer reviewed science is electricity, biology, engineering where industry, FCC and others have to substantiate a plastic head with water in it as science. Police and Attorney Generals across the board need to understand people are being assaulted with a frequency and biological weapon as applied including their own families. You can’t tase students and you can’t subtly electrocute then by putting them inside a man made microwave oven.

These eggs hatched in 21 days and are mutated, students are in schools for years

Submission For Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission on RF EMFs Causing Accelerated Corrosion Making the Power Plants Non Compliant With Building Codes

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission On Granting Ontario Power Generation 13 Year License For Darlington Nuclear Power Plant

My submission – Public Hearing Ref. 2015-H-04.

Dear Commissioners:

It is with all the required professional humility that I write and insist that the CNSC reject Ontario Power Generation’s application to operate the Darlington nuclear station. That extends to any consideration to rebuild or extend the lives of the Darlington reactors. The science and information shared with the commission also need to be incorporated into other existing nuclear power facilities.

While I am not applying for a job, it is important I summarize my credentials specific to energy provision. I am one of the Canadian Government’s certified energy professionals and not a lobbyist or associated with special interests of any kind. 100% of our work is specific to your mandate.

To clarify my recognized expertise, the Governments across Canada with Industry Canada trained and certified ONE profession for the utilization of electrical energy across the country. There is a defined physical point where utility’s electrical generation and distribution ends and utilization starts. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, which hospital, university, Microsoft, manufacturing, auto industry, oilfields, utilities including power generation, development, etc, qualified electricians design, construct, install, troubleshoot and maintain those electrical systems. When there is a power failure, electricians are the qualified professionals, Electrical Engineers are not qualified to do this work. It is electricians that do the work related to those engineered standards. We are governed by Canadian Electrical Code and calculate energy requirements with that code. There are no circumstances where we have personal opinions and get creative electrically. The Canadian Electrical Code is published by the Canadian Standards Association(CSA). CSA is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, a crown corporation which promotes efficient and effective standardization in Canada. This accreditation verifies that CSA is competent to carry out standards development and certification functions, and is based on internationally recognized criteria and procedures.

As well as an Interprovincial Red Seal Journeyman Electrician I have another credential as a Building Construction Engineering Technologist from NAIT which is all aspects of construction from contracts to completion. That education has a common background with all engineering disciplines before choosing a field to specialize in. Buildings use and lose energy as it relates to building performance.

As a Thermal Radiation Consultant of 35 years for industries across the board, our consulting saved 100s of billions of dollars providing a visual of energy(temperature) to isolate problems before explosions or failure. The problems are verified and fixed by the industry’s professionals. Temperature for us starts at -273 deg. C and there are no such things as Non Thermal effects, it is all thermal. Energy use, losses and temperature can be seen. Syncrude, Suncor, Esso, Dow Chemical, manufacturing, utilities, power plants, mines, mills, etc as well as their insurers. Petro Canada retained us to monitor one refractory lined vessel for a year so they could maximize production before shutting the vessel down for required maintenance.

100% of what we do on the planet has a domino effect into health, our bodies and ecosystems. As an Adjunct Professor, I am faculty for a group of 14,000 licensed health professionals putting on accredited medical education programs applicable to millions of health professionals for Continuing Medical Education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. It is applicable across Canada as well as the United States and expanding.

With injury or infection there is an inflammatory response 100% of the time that can be seen. Lack of sight and insurance fraud costs billions. Our work with Professor and MD Ronald Lynch’s work, education providing sight of the early detection or breast cancers, difficult diagnosis using non invasive radiology will save billions of dollars in health costs. His work on accelerated wound healing, increasing nerve conduction, regrowing nerve related to Diabetic Neuropathy, the VA, etc will save billions more on health costs as well as toes, feet, legs and life, This isn’t competing with medical objectives, it is completing them. The young girl with breast cancer was 4 years old and she isn’t of mammogram age for decades.

In 1991 the City of Edmonton retained us to consult at Operation Levels to qualify, substantiate and initiate the implementation of their Infrared Program. It gives them unobstructed sight through smoke where otherwise they were blind. It saves lives, resources, prohibits rekindles and is invaluable in Fire Investigation. In 2003 as another example, Kelowna, BC had a Category 6 Forest Fire interface with the city. Jurisdictional challenges and fighting the fires blind prohibited participation in giving Fire Command sight through the smoke as well as tracking the direction of the fire giving lead time. August 21, 2003 the valley was smoked in and stopping a patrolling RCMP showing them the fire through the smoke initiated the evacuation of 15,000. On August 22, 2003 our team imaged Kelowna homes burning through the smoke. Here is the reporting of local media with the time stamped images and radio dispatches confirming Forestry and KFD were blind through the smoke.

You would never know with the deregulation of building construction that buildings, their energy use and associated emissions are designed for specific temperatures. Those temperatures are provided to building code by Environment Canada’s Meteorological Services. Compliance with building code is a requirement to get financed, insured and occupying. If a building isn’t code compliant remedies have to be taken to make it compliant. Lenders, insurers and home owners want their investment protected. The limitations of building code is that buildings have been signed off as compliant with everyone accepting responsibility but it is never verified.

The reason Environment Canada contributes to building code is because of all the different regions and their seasonal climate extremes. The arctic is different than a warmer climate. The code rule across Canada unless amended is 1.1.3.(Climatic & Seismic Data). In Kelowna the minimum design temperature is -20 deg. C to simulate the coldest time of the year and 33 deg. C to simulate the warmest time of the year. The building is designed and insulated for these temperature extremes. The HVAC systems and energy use or losses are designed with Climatic Data. The Appendix of Building Code warns of the significance of solar radiation(EMF), the same sun that burns our skin. Solar interaction with absorbent exterior finishes causes the building to generate heat exceeding code. That causes problems with the building as well as heats the atmosphere.

We imaged buildings in 7 provinces and 26 states specific to solar interaction with development. It was alarming to verify Urban Heat Islands were urban heat generators first. Important for the reader is our job is to report to and through governments first. Here is a letter with accurate infrared imaging showing solar EMF interaction. Previous attempts before this dated letter failed to get a response from applicable governments. You will see buildings grossly exceeding Building Code and 38 deg. C warmer than temperature reported by the weather station at 8:18 A.M. You will see Kettle Valley buildings in the afternoon 86 deg. C on a 23 deg. C day. Millions of buildings across Canada are grossly exceeding Building Code 1.1.3. and not code compliant.

These problems can be addressed creating millions of tax paying jobs globally. It would knock trillions of watts of wasted electrical energy off the grids immediately, saving the non renewable resources as well. Unfortunately due to the energy and emergency associated with climate change, governments have allowed utilities and industries to bypass regulatory process to install wireless smart meters. Despite warnings from government and industry certified professionals about mass deployment of wireless smart meters, governments allowed mass deployment responding to symptoms which will not save 1 watt of energy.

As a Registered Intervener in the FortisBC application for wireless smart meters, FortisBC used the government’s lack of response to me to dismiss the dangers and liabilities with wireless smart meters. Here is evidence of the BC Government in legal proceedings supporting suspension of FortisBC’s smart meter application. The BC Government and Prime Minister Harper need to qualify how a human exposure code was used to bypass building codes and all applicable sciences associated with the blanket radiation of ecosystems.

FortisBC in their ignorance and arrogance didn’t substantiate the safety of smart meters, they dismissed everyone and applicable codes while admitting blanket radiation of 17,000 sq. kms. Here is a response to FortisBC’s negligent reporting on the safety of smart meters. This is evidence and transcripts of the BC Government with experts under oath admitting critically important science was missing in their Risk Assessment. It contains real meter base connection problems associated with the millions of meters installed across Canada and globally by people not qualified to touch electrical. Ontario as an example has 4.8 million compromised buildings that require re-inspection because of the real danger. Further to that buildings in the RF EMF coverage areas are not compliant with Building Code Rule That pulls millions of buildings off the real estate market and the loss of tax revenues as well as associated economy. Governments and Industries are speaking of Nuclear Power Plants but that can no longer be a consideration and isn’t needed. Building engineering has changed and the power plant would have to be an MRI Chamber to stop the accelerated corrosion of the power plant.

The Auditor General of Ontario has reported no savings with smart meters and the Auditor General of Australia has reported their 2 billion dollar expenditure on smart meters saved no energy.

If Mr. Harper had reported to Australia they were reacting to the symptoms of solar EMF exposure wasting massive energy, Australia could fix it, create lots of jobs, knock the waste off the grid and exceed emission reduction targets immediately.

Not only do I look forward to answering questions, it is critically important the commission hold me accountable. This can not be dismissed and has to be technically disqualified which won’t happen. There is no margin of error.

The damage to nuclear facilities is measurable by the second and the RF EMFs are expanding and collapsing inside buildings billions of times per second 86,400 times a day.

Curtis Bennett
Chief Science Officer
Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician(Red Seal)
Building Engineering Technologist
Adjunct Professor for Accredited Medical Education For CME Credits
Thermal Radiation Consultant for 35 Years