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City of Kelowna Email Exchange on FortisBC Wireless Smart Meters

This link is to an email exchange between the City of Kelowna and Curtis Bennett on the FortisBC wireless smart meter program.

This is an example of what happens when a government doesn’t do their job. The BC Legislature entrusted BC Hydro to bypass the BCUC and other regulation to install smart meters and required grid.

Here is a quote from The City of Kelowna Mayor and Council’s on the FortisBC smart meter program. “The decision to allow these meters was done after an extensive technical professional evaluation and public review through the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC).”

Do you see the extensive technical professional evaluation and public review? The cross examination in front of the BCUC substantiated harm.

City of Kelowna and C Bennett Email Exchange on smart meters January 15 to 26, 2015


It is shameful to see what has been created with governments allowing the the mass deployment of wireless smart meters. Anyone ever get an electrical shock before? How long did you want the shock to last?
Working with electricity at any level is very dangerous and the reason electrical professionals have to meet or exceed government and industry standards to work on the electricity utilities generate.

The mass installation of smart meters were done by contractors and any electricians that participated in swapping meters under load are liable. Under no circumstances can electrical systems be compromised, it endangers homeowners. There are many types of electrical work and that includes electrical maintenance. I would NEVER just swap meters on a meter base that has 8 connections that haven’t been maintained for years or decades. The base is fragile and dangerous with connection problems and brittle components from load cycling.

Even shutting off the homeowner’s electrical panel and pulling the meter will leave the meter base (top) 4 connections hot. The electrician that should be representing home owner’s meter base property would tell the utility to disconnect power at the pole. Then the utility’s meter that is attached to the homeowner’s meter base can be pulled. Electricians would then inspect the meter base and connections. The connections would be cleaned and tightened unless replacing the meter base was required. The electrical integrity of the electrical systems from from distribution to utilization has to be maintained.

One of the reasons governments were warned about wireless smart meters by government certified electrical professionals was because of the real liabilities. That is our area of expertise and over 35 years has saved industries, insurers and governments 100s of billions plus lives. Infrared is used industrially around the world with the biggest majority of electrical problems being loose or corroded connections.

When the BC Legislature as one example allowed BC Hydro to bypass all regulatory process to install meters and the grid, they created serious problems. Meters bases have never been maintained and they are an electrical time bomb when unqualified contractors swap them under electrical load. When Governments allow regulation to be bypassed, errors compound because no one knows what they have done.

As a result of fires associated with smart meter installation the meter is blamed so the Saskatchewan Government as one example wants a safe meter. What they do not understand or represent in investigation is the meters base components never maintained causing the meter to fail.

Yesterday there was another fire in BC where media and the fire department reported the smart meter exploding. The meter base and connections are the first part of the investigation where right now they are focusing on the exploding meter.

There is NO meter or device that will withstand a reckless and negligent installation. FortisBC mass installing meters has created problem on every building. Here is news and a letter to the City of Kelowna which includes accurate Thermal Imaging of connection problems in FortisBC’s area.

FortisBC’s application for wireless needs to be reversed immediately as does BC Hydro’s smart meter program in BC. The smart meter program is illegal across Canada because of the Building Code Violation. No code compliance means no real estate sales, no occupancy, no insurance, no economy, no taxes. Compliance with Building Code is a requirement.

City of Kelowna on FortisBC’s Smart Meter Installation & Fires

FortisBC is not only installing meters recklessly in Kelowna, they are bullying people to take the meter or get disconnected.

Attending the BCUC Oral Hearings in Kelowna as a Registered Intervener to hear the science substantiating the safety of the smart meter program. As a Registered Intervener I cross examined FortisBC “experts” in front of the BCUC for 3.5 hours.

FortisBC had the room filled with lawyers and their experts were qualified by the BCUC even though I questions them on how can they being expert witnesses when exposure codes admit critical science is missing.

FortisBC Engineer Mark Warren and accountant Tom Loski simply dismissed electricity as peer reviewed science, dismissed engineering or the City of Kelowna as the BC Building Code authority. FortisBC dismissed medical education, induction of pacemakers, building or infrastructure damage, etc. While that seems like a good political move, FortisBC undermined Kelowna as well as the other areas of their coverage areas. City of Kelowna on FortisBC Smart Meter Installation and Fires

1. Where are the documents from FortisBC from pacemaker manufacturers allowing for the electrical interference with their pacemaker? Recipients are told to stay out of an electromagnetic field and FortisBC is taking the EMF to the home.

2. Where did the City of Kelowna or professional engineers sign off on the blanket radiation affecting building code compliance Where are the documents with FortisBC, engineers or Kelowna picking up liability?

3. Have police been properly informed that FortisBC is installing RF EMFs on the building which will assault everyone? It is a highly penetrating EMF going through people and their building. It is a subtle tase or a 24/7 subtle electrocution and happening to RCMP as well as other First Responder’s families.

4. RCMP need to arrest the installers and FortisBC’s administration for assault with a deadly weapon. If police responded to a residence where someone kept tasing people, how would they respond? Just because police do not understand the crime doesn’t mean they don’t have to investigate. Home owners need to call the police and ask for a file number regarding their real complaint.

5. People need to contact the city, your insurer, your doctor, your MLA or MP Ron Cannan as our voice in Ottawa. They were never consulted or informed.

All of the buildings FortisBC has installed meters on are compromised.

FortisBC & Canadian Wireless Smart Meter Programs Not Compliant with Building Codes

This isn’t a debate. We are a land of laws and no one is exempt from the law. Science is science and policy is based on science, not the other way around. Here is an example as it pertains to home owners, business, economy, banks, lenders, mortgage, real estate, insurers, taxes and required inspections for Building Code Compliance. Lenders, Insurers, Municipalities, Fire Services, Real Estate Sales and the buyer want their home safe, healthy and investment protected.

Buildings and development are an engineered process. In Canada as an example, Government of Canada, Environment Canada, Meteorological Services provides Regional Climatic Data to National Building Code.

Regional Climatic Data are the yearly weather extremes. Not only do we design, build, insulate, fire separations to accommodate temperature extremes, the electric/gas heating systems(GHG Emissions) are designed for regional climate extremes provided through code.

If and when buildings are not compliant with Building Code, there will be no occupancy because of the real danger. No Occupancy means NO OCCUPANCY. There is danger and the building isn’t going back on the real estate market right away.

The brief education above demonstrates the importance of building codes and compliance. It is the law that building and consulting professionals have to comply with. We are Building Inspectors and Consult on building’s energy use for a wide scope of engineers or industry. All of the consulting and reporting isolating insulation missing, or air leaks is tied to a code rule. We don’t have personal opinions.

What has happened with wireless smart meters in Kelowna and beyond is disgraceful. The FortisBC application to electromagnetically radiate everything and everyone in Kelowna as well as FortisBC coverage area confirmed the problem. BC Legislature “entrusted” BC Hydro and BC Hydro was allowed to bypass all regulatory process. The BC Government allowing BC Hydro to install smart meters has allowed a highly penetrating EMF to cross property lines and assault home owners with a deadly weapon. That is separate of the Building Code Violations and undermining municipalities.

1. Ask the police and City Council. If you and your family are going to be assaulted on your property, do you have the right to defend your family? If you are threatened or assaulted with a deadly weapon, can you respond with lethal force?

2. If someone reached across their fence and tased grandma and all the people at a picnic, how would police respond?

3. People complaining about meters with RF electromagnetic fields blasting through them and their property need to be protected by police. These RF EMFs are going to be placed on their own homes affectively tasing their own families.

4. Manufacturers of Pacemakers have not signed off on FortisBC electromagnetically inducing medical devices.

5. In Kelowna, the City of Kelowna(Municipal Government is the Authority Having Jurisdiction) They have no choice but to qualify or disqualify the violation of BC Building Code Professional Engineers will not sign off on the electromagnetic induction of structures, fire separations, infrastructure. Engineers are insured for errors or omissions. Disqualifying the violation in code requires a ruling and a liability.

6. FortisBC Mark Warren admitted under cross examination by Curtis Bennett that FortisBC will blanket 17,000 sq. kms or 6564 sq. miles. That will destroy buildings, infrastructure, people and economy with Ecocide being the reality.

7. Contact your municipality, insurer, elected officials, provincial auditor, policing authority to explain the EMF assault on their own members as well as their families.

8. FortisBC’s mail out on swapping meters under load is alarming and recklessly endangering home owners as well as equipment damage from power surges. The owner’s meter base has never been maintained since the meter was originally put on the building. The electrical components are fragile and require permits, proper inspections with qualified electricians. Fires aren’t immediate.

Municipalities, police and First Responders need to understand FortisBC, BC Hydro and other utilities using wireless as they are. They aren’t just changing meters, these meters have 2 antennas. While RF EMFs are called wireless communication, it is electromagnetic radiation to human biology. People are not sensitive, they are being subtly electrocuted. FortisBC is using a plastic head with water in it to determine your child or a developing fetus can take 24/7 dosage of electromagnetic radiation. The RF EMFs crossing you property line and going through a pregnant mom will electromagnetically induce the fetus billions of times per measurable second, 3600 times per hour, 86,000 times per 24 hours and 2,592,000 times per month. Higher power density means higher induced currents and stronger electrocution.

This link is a City of Kelowna on FortisBC Smart Meters for FortisBC smart meter installation in the City of Kelowna and specific to BC Building Code You can NOT induce currents and vibrate atoms and molecules.

The code rule above is the same across Canada. Every home, building, museum, powerplant, etc. This is not a debate, there isn’t a qualified engineer or electrical professional that would disagree.

Remind your city of the incredible injustice. The government and utility have allowed the blanket coverage of the city without applicable science. Smart Meter programs across Canada have to Cease and Desist, the real damage is in the trillions and that is separate of the criminal liability.

States and countries will have a different code rule. Buildings are engineered for their vibration or use.

Interview Linking RF EMFs to Adverse Health Effects & Ecocide for EMF Summit

There is an EMF Summit educating medical professionals on wireless exposure in Ontario Canada. The importance of educating medical professionals can’t be overstated because wireless technologies have been deployed without consulting or informing medical professionals or their insurers.

While our Chief Science Officer hasn’t always been popular in his opinions, people need expand on the information for what it means to you. Architects, engineers, biologists, municipalities, insurers, sciences, trades or even GMOs. As one example, the RF EMF bombardment will genetically modify genetically modified foods. You can NOT radiate coverage areas with highly penetrating RF EMFs.

The reason for deployment of RF EMFs as applied is because exposure codes admit they are missing critical science. In any other engineered design, we would never move forward with science missing.

Dr. Schkolnikov of the Exponent Group states under oath in our cross examination that the EMFs are a dosage of electromagnetic radiation and the Specific Absorption Rate is the test adopted by the world for the limits of human exposure.

Here is a quote from Canada’s Safety Code 6 admitting critical science is missing. Page 9, Paragraph 2

At present, there is no scientific basis for the premise of chronic and/or cumulative health risks from RF energy at levels below the limits outlined in Safety Code 6. Proposed effects from RF energy exposures in the frequency range between 100 kHz and 300 GHz, at levels below the threshold to produce thermal effects, have been reviewed. At present, these effects have not been scientifically established, nor are their implications for human health sufficiently well understood. Additionally, a lack of evidence of causality, biological plausibility and reproducibility greatly weaken the support for the hypothesis for such effects. Thus, these proposed outcomes do not provide a credible foundation for making science-based recommendations for limiting human exposures to low-intensity RF energy.

Here is a link to a video interview explaining the causal link being found and reported. If this link doesn’t work, click at the lower link. EMF Summit Full Interview With Curtis Bennett

The EMF Summit has been generous with the interview, if the link above doesn’t work, view the trailer below and contact the administrator at their website. The EMF Summit has real costs but we are not one of them. EMF Summit Interview 2 Minute Trailer With Curtis Bennett

Dr. Hildegarde Staninger Interviews Curtis Bennett on Wireless Exposure, Wi-Fi, Smart Meters & Professional Liability

As a Doctor of Integrative Medicine and published Industrial Toxicologist, Dr. Staninger interest in RF EMFs and wireless use is relevant to all of us. The scope of toxicity on global health is complex enough without throwing blanket electromagnetic radiation into medical diagnosis.

Health Canada uses the same science standards for exposure to RF EMFs and admits RF EMFs triggered nerves which is to be avoided. Dr. William Bailey of the Exponent Group admitted under cross examination that the nervous, hormonal and immune systems work together. Bailey also agreed for people to be hurt by RF EMF, they have to be exposed to the RF EMFs. That means you have to be hit by these electromagnetic fields to be hurt.

Citizens and professionals report extensive studies of harm and government and industries report there is no peer reviewed science showing RF EMF interaction causes adverse health effects. Once peer reviewed science is presented showing harm, code will be adjusted as deemed necessary says Health Canada’s Safety Code 6.

Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 related to human exposure is presently being revised and that will affect the whole world’s exposure considerations. Causation and Biological plausibility linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects was reported to Health Canada September 14, 2010 and by expert witness at the request of Canadian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Health October 26, 2010. Following that causation was qualified and then lectured in medical education for continuing medical education credits required for ongoing medical licensing January, 2011. That makes the dangers of RF EMFs as applied accepted medical education now and applicable internationally. The scope of medical diagnosis has changed, medicine, unions and insurers weren’t informed or consulted yet.

Dr. Hilde interviews Chief Science Officer Curtis Bennett on causation linking the frequencies to adverse health effects, building and infrastructure corrosion, ecocide as well as real liabilities. Sciences are supposed to compliment each other and professionals don’t speak beyond their areas of expertise. The interview is not scripted and important to all sciences and academia. Ecocide isn’t insurable.

Listen to this in your capacity whatever that may be, science and law has changed. This is being reposted because of the significance in the real liability. The Specific Absorption Rate test used for limits of human exposure left of the antennas, routers, smart grid and bio electrical information required for the trillions of complex electrical equations. Dr. Hildegarde Staninger Interviews Curtis Bennett on RF EMF Exposure & Professional Liability

Interview By Stay on The Truth on Ebola, Imaging Fevers, Economy and Vulnerable People

Chief Science Officer Curtis Bennett was interviewed by Stay on the Truth on Ebola, the ability to see it, economic ramifications as well as the reactive response by governments and medicine. You will also hear about vulnerability of the young, elderly, people with health challenges including people exposed to RF EMFs.

Curtis led a team in his capacity to image the symptoms of the SARs virus(Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) at airports in 2003. The interview explains what happened including the fact the team worked for 11 years expanding the application for Ebola or other outbreaks.

It is critically important for people to understand the scope of the consulting this group does. As First Responders at the atomic and molecular level, there are real science reasons this group has been cleared to consult of vulnerability issues the whole world missed.

That is why it is ridiculous today to be dismissed without dialog by political parties, Canadian Health Minister on the Ebola outbreak. Tomorrow as an example, Canada has an Ebola First Response Team meeting in Nova Scotia except they are literally blind to fevers or the fact they can be isolated. Stay on the Truth Interview

Loose or Corroded Electrical Connections Cause Electrical Failure, Explosions & Fires

Part of our work over 35 years included pioneering infrared electrical inspections for oil, gas, energy, manufacturing, mills, mines, etc. We would inspect electrical distribution under full load to catch hidden electrical problems that couldn’t be seen.

Following that we would report problems and their electricians would fix the problems before they went to failure. People would be surprised to know that loose or corroded connections were the cause of over 80% of electrical problems. Corroded and loose connections will cause electrical failure if not addressed. Electrical failure can mean explosions, fires and very dangerous environments.

Calgary, Alberta just had a major electrical failure down town affecting thousands of businesses and residents. Seeing the video of the failure underground immediately made me wonder how often those underground electrical systems are inspected using thermal imaging? We would inspect industry’s electrical systems yearly to avoid electrical failure. If they haven’t inspected those electrical systems regularly, they can not rule out connections or corrosion. Electrical maintenance is required or you will be repairing.

There have been fires from smart meters across Canada and the US for some of the same reasons. Once an electrical meter is put on a meter base, the meter base is NEVER maintained. In some cases meters have been on buildings for decades without maintenance and that lack of any maintenance needs to be addressed in itself. Making the smart meter fires more complex is the use of contractors or labourers swapping meters under electrical load. Smart Meter Fires in Nevada which resulted in 1 death is now being investigated by the state. Meters are being blamed for the fires when the installation and state of the meter base have to be considered in cause. Meters as well as meter bases have to be submitted for fire investigation. Smart Meter Stab Connection

Initial Ebola Screening at Airports, Hospitals, Quarantine or Clinics is Reactive & Ridiculous

It is shameful representation of Thermal Radiation Imaging to see the screening done at airports looking for Ebola. Between 2003 for SARS and 2009 for H1N1, 100s of millions of people were imaged at ports of entry. They couldn’t produce one image of a flu because the imaging application exceeded expertise.

The Canadian Government was informed 6 weeks ago that Ebola could be seen and shared. Political party took precedence and Prime Minister Harper’s administration undermined provinces, health care workers as well as the international community desperately looking for help. Texas could have seen that infection and shared it live if required.

This level of Thermal Imaging is lectured in medical education for education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. Accepted medical education applicable in 50 states and Canada with expansion internationally. There is no higher standard. The Integrative Health Forum and GEDI are the only medical education program showing energy at the atomic and molecular level.

Successful imaging requires more than equipment. Imaging at ports of entry is reactive and not achieving objectives when early diagnosis is critical. Here is some very basic images including correcting a breast imaging report from an international group of 50 clinics. This woman’s mother died from breast cancer, sister had a breast removed. You will see we adjusted one of their own images to produce the results.

With injury or infection there is inflammation that can be seen.

As Thermal Radiation Consultants at the atomic and molecular level, we employ the most advanced thermal imaging applications in the world without exception. We do not sell equipment as all equipment is different depending on the complexity of the application requirements. As government certified professionals, our job is to report to our authority. Prime Minister Harper had this info available 6 weeks ago. Airports and ports of entry would have seen an existing format to isolate flu symptoms. I had to meet with Health Canada after equipment manufacturers failed miserably attempting to image SARS in 2003.

It truly breaks my heart to watch how governments are reacting without giving sight of flu or virus to front line health professionals. Infection produces inflammation and it can be tracked live as it spreads. Texas could have seen the sick man immediately with a live visual in minutes. IR equipment is not being utilized as required and this is lectured in medical education now.

Canada has done press on the importance of early detection but the Health Minister, MP Cannan and the Prime Minister’s office did not share critical information.

The temperature images in the slide show are basic and not 1% of what is available for governments to have help. There is lots of imaging technology but applying it was the problem. Ebola will affect people differently but will produce an inflammatory response that medicine including the CDC can not see.

The reason we lecture medical education for CME credits is evolving temperature out of the calculator. Temperature is a critical component in all sciences, we calculate for it. The Integrative Health Forum is 14,000 licensed health professionals and their accredited medical education program is the only one in the world showing temperature at the atomic and molecular level. CDC, Texas or other medical professionals across the world can contact the International Medical Education Program Administrator. They can validate our visual contribution to medical education and accredited medical education available. We are one of their Adjunct Faculty Members.
Sharon Weinstein

This post can not substantiate 35 years of work and 14 specifically related to medicine. The images here are a very small part of a library. Go to this link to see Basic Medical Imaging including before and after treatment. There are existing imaging applications today to give sight of Ebola at Airports, Quarantine, Hospitals, Clinics or home isolation.

Boil The Frog Slowly Radio Interview With Curtis Bennett

It is important for people reading the news or listening to interviews that Curtis Bennett is one member of this amazing international team. As a science professional with triple science credentials and Adjunct Faculty for medical education, he is very qualified and performance is time-proven.

When requests are made for radio interviews with Curtis on RF EMF exposure, none of it is scripted and questions are not provided before the interview. Curtis is speaking in his Electrical/Building Engineering/Thermal Radiation and Adjunct Faculty capacity. It is important for others to expand on it because sciences, academia, medicine, industries, municipalities, engineers, insurers were not informed or consulted before wireless deployment and blanket electromagnetic radiation. Curtis talks in depth about wireless technologies and health effects.

Thank you to Pat and Sebastian at Boil The Frog Slowly for the Radio Interview With Curtis Bennett.