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Fracking triggered 2014 earthquake in northeastern B.C., Massive Energy Waste and Wireless Smart Meters

The same way there are reasons we don’t drill through the foundations of buildings, we are not supposed to drill into Planet Earth and cause fracturing to get gas for energy use. This is another example of the weakened professional and political gene pool to even allow this. There are those that will whine about this, they need to get over it. Any engineers that would support this need to be accountable as others would be.

As Government, Codes and Standards, we are part of the CSA which means we are not political in any sense. I don’t care if it is the poop party so long as they do their jobs where policy is based on science and not politics.

Prime Minister Harper is the Chief Administrator for the Government of the People and the buck stops with him as well as his administration. The fact he allowed this ridiculous and dangerous Fracking to happen is his to own.

Make no mistake about it, we have energy problems but most of it is associated with massive waste that was reported to the Prime Minister through our MP Ron Cannan. Political Party and Industry interests took precedence over the science professionals in Canada reporting to our authority. Harper was told buildings were grossly exceeding design temperature with solar EMF interaction as well as how to fix it. Building Code Rule 1.1.3.(Climatic & Seismic Data) An example is Building Maximum Design Temperature is in the mid 30s deg. C or 95 deg. F. We documents buildings over 90 deg. C or 200 deg. F.

Buildings, their insulation values and associated HVAC require buildings comply with climatic data or they waste natural resources, waste MASSIVE electricity(many billions of watts per hour responding to symptoms). Here is our letter to the Government we work for and it contains accurate IR imaging demonstrating what is here. NO RESPONSE from Harper nor did he take this information to the United Nation’s Members looking for this. Millions of tax paying jobs could be created, unimaginable natural resources could be save and emissions could be reduced immediately meeting climate change agendas.

Under Harper’s Administration wireless smart meters are being used to save energy but they will not save 1 watt while the Prime Minister’s Office has effectively allowed populations to be radiated by highly penetrating RF EMFs. The result is people have been hurt, died, millions of buildings non compliant with Building Code and it will kill the economy and the planet. It isn’t definable as sustainable under the Auditor General’s Act. Here is evidence of the BC Government supporting the Suspension of FortisBC’s smart meter program and it is a legal precedent. It shows massive energy waste in FortisBC’s area and none of it will be addressed. Note all the energy waste is tied to code rules as no one wants our personal opinions.

Right now Canada is having an election and the only leeway I give the other political party leaders is Harper didn’t share any of this information. They need to do their job because it is sickening to hear them all refer to the economy while populations and the taxpayers paying for this are being assaulted with a frequency and biological weapon as applied. Pacemakers are put in by Health Authorities at costs to all of us and Pacemaker Manufacturers tell recipients to stay 2 feet away from an induction oven or it can trigger the pacemaker. FortisBC as one example admitted under cross examination by Retired Captain Jerry Flynn that one antenna on their meters will reach 3 kms. That means FortisBC will electromagnetically induce 3000 meters or 9842 feet. FortisBC didn’t clear any of this with the Health Authority or Pacemaker Manufacturers, Mark Warren confirmed under cross examination by me they informed and consulted no one nor would they. That domino effect endangers FortisBC gas workers, oilfield, refineries, gas plants and other classed areas where electrical charges induced by the RF EMFs can cause a spark that will blow these places up. Mark Warren and FortisBC didn’t clear this with their own gas division or their union.

These were the reasons they were warned and for no other reason that the liability and consequences. Fracking needs to be stopped immediately regardless of perceived losses by energy companies. If we went on their properties and said we were drilling the foundations for gas they would call the police and sue.

FortisBC’s Exponent Inc expert Dr. Yakov Shkolnikov is an Electrical Engineer that admitted under direct cross examination in the FortisBC application for smart meters that 900 MHz penetrated the ground over 39 inches. That will cause high speed oscillations(vibrations) 1.8 billion times per measuarable second, 86,400 times per day.

Canadian Politicians Pitch Parents While Not Informed Prime Minister Harper’s Administration is Allowing Their Children To Be Radiated By RF EMFs Across The Country With Reporter’s Response

Kelowna Capital News Article on Politicians Pitching Parents For Votes followed by our qualified comment.

Please bear with me as I qualify in my Government capacity that I am not off topic even a little. While the political leaders across the board are laying out platforms and expenditures, the Prime Minister has not informed or consulted them on the blanket electromagnetic radiation of Canadians for wireless smart meters or WiFi in schools. Mr. Fletcher as a Legislative Reporter is not reporting that the BC Legislature allowed BC Hydro to bypass all regulatory process to mass install smart meters and the required grid.

In accordance with RF EMF exposure codes, people are not supposed to be hit by these highly penetrating RF EMFs because it triggers nerves and muscles. FortisBC’s expert under oath in transcripts of the BC Government admitted the nervous, hormonal and immune systems work together at the same time. Politicians are not pitching to parents that their babies are being electromagnetically induced which increases cellular voltages in their bodies. Biologists report that an increase in cellular voltages of .2 millionths of one volt changes White Blood Cells. The peer reviewed science supporting this is Ohm’s Law(Volts = amps X resistance). Anyone disputing this has to disqualify electricity as science.

The Government of Canada, Provincial Governments and Industry Canada trained and certified one profession for the utilization of electrical energy utilities generate or distribute. That is electricians that wire the world for very particular reasons.

I am an Adjunct Professor for accredited medical education for Continuing Medical Education Credits required for ongoing medical licensing. It is applicable across Canada as well as the United States.

Canada’s Safety Code 6(2009) admitted causation and biological plausibility was missing linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects. That causal link and biological plausibility was reported to Health Canada September 14, 2010 as well as Canadian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Health October 26, 2010 at their request. January 2011 it was substantiated and lectured in accredited medical education for CME credits required for ongoing medical licensing. That means it is no longer opinion but approved medical education and the Prime Minister of Canada did not pass that on to those looking to be elected here.

These leaders would be horrified to know that while they speak of daycare and family, the Province of Ontario is providing 150 million for WiFi in Kindergartens using an exposure code based on 6 minutes exposure for a 200 lb man.

Mr Fletcher should be asking questions as to the offset costs and liability in the trillions for Canadians. That is separate of the criminal liability for hurting people and killing them.

This may not be popular but policy is based on science not politics and there is no margin of error. Prime Minister Harper or even Mr. Fletcher will refer to Health Canada’s Revision of Safety Code 6 and the Royal Society of Canada’s input for the revision. It is shameful the Royal Society of Canada was technically overwhelmed by the plastic head used for the Specific Absorption Rate. It requires an immediate investigation by the Auditor General of Canada as to how Industry Canada was auctioning RF EMFs while Safety Code 6 was being revised and the blanket radiation and assault on Canadians was continuing. It isn’t legally definable as sustainable under the Auditor General’s Act and this investigation is based on an unprecedented health, environmental and economic emergency.

My opinion isn’t singular and we are codes and standards of the government. I need to be held accountable to the full extent of the law as do others that allowed this assault to happen.

Forest Fires are raging through BC and governments are 100 of millions over budget. It is an electrical reality that the blanket electromagnetic radiation contributes to this catastrophe. In any budget considerations, where is the money coming from?

Reporter Tom Fletcher responded to our comment on the article, here is his reply.

Curtis Bennett’s qualifications have been reviewed by the BC Utilities Commission, when he presented his weird theories about “molecular earthquakes” triggered by wireless power meters in 2013. The BCUC panel wrote: “While Mr. Bennett has an electrician’s knowledge of electrical systems, it is clear that he is unqualified to give expert opinion evidence on the health effects of RF, exposure standards for RF, engineering, physics or geological phenomena such as earthquakes.”
Also, the topic is daycare.

Here is Curtis Bennett’s response to Reporter Tom Fletcher’s Reply

Tom, I thank you for responding so you can report in your capacity what is qualified here for you. 100% of this is specific to the topic of daycare, parents, costs, liability and the real dangers.

Excuse the length of the post but the technical reality of blanket radiation is a complex topic. If you do not report it you will be recklessly endangering people and be as accountable as I would if I didn’t do my job. You have to hold me accountable and that doesn’t mean dismissing me, I am the Government and Industry’s certified professional. I can’t neglect to do my job and kill apprentices or blow up gas plants. I am liable including criminally.

The BCUC reference to me having an electrician’s knowledge of electrical systems immediately qualifies me as an expert related to the utilization of electricity across the country except Quebec. I do not speak French and a language barrier when working with electricity would be extremely dangerous. For the BCUC and yourself to minimize what electricians do, I would suggest the Government shut off their electricity for a day. Turn off the electricity in hospitals, universities, oilfield, airports, mines, mill, manufacturing, cities and function without it. Electricians are not just people going to Home Depot or other retailers. My own electrical background includes mines, mills, oilfield, institution, hospitals, explosion proof, offshore, marine, etc. That includes installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, consulting at Operation Levels, working in extremely dangerous environments on live electrical where a mistake can kill you, others and cause explosions having unrealized consequences.

As a Thermal Radiation Consultant(infrared) starting in 1979, we consulted for Syncrude, Suncor, Esso, Petro Canada, Dow Chemical, Manufacturing, etc troubleshooting their electrical/mechanical systems. Infrared used properly allows you to isolate electrical/mechanical/refractory and other problems before failure.

Electrically, loose or corroded connections are the biggest electrical problem because it is a reality of electrical loading or installation errors. We worked with that industry’s professionals to get the job done and were so accurate that billion dollar industry would schedule their shutdowns based on our reporting. FortisBC will tell you how invaluable infrared is for predictive and preventive maintenance on their electrical distribution. They as well as other utilities across the board would hire consultants like myself or purchase IR equipment for use by their electricians.

When the BCUC wrote “it is clear that he is unqualified to give expert opinion evidence on the health effects of RF, exposure standards for RF, engineering, physics or geological phenomena such as earthquakes.” 100% of that are false statements. My opening statement as a Registered Intervener in the FortisBC application for the BCUC included looking forward to cross examination. FortisBC chose not to cross examine myself and Retired Captain Jerry Flynn whose career was specific to RF EMFs used in warfare.

Regarding the BCUC stating I am unqualified to give expert opinion evidence on the health effects of RF? EMFs are an electrical interaction and is required to design or generate electricity. RF EMFs are a wireless electrical circuit for radio frequency use. The difference between a wired circuit and a wireless circuit is one is an insulated known conductor. Wireless circuits have no insulation and anything hit by the EMFs is part of the conductor. That is why as electrical professionals we are very careful with any wireless considerations or there are real consequences. Here is an electrical application where extremely low frequencies of 60 Hz were allowed to interact with electrical distribution cabinets. FYI, this is in FortisBC’s area. To save time for you I will also include electrical connection problems and the reason FortisBC, BC Hydro and others utilities never should have allowed unqualified people to mass install meters on meter bases that belong to the building owner. These meter bases have stab and wired connections that haven’t been maintained for decades which makes it extremely dangerous, even on a daycare.

I am an Adjunct Professor for accredited medical education where Continuing Medical Education Credits are required for ongoing medical licensing. The groups putting on the accredited programs are 14,000 licensed health professionals putting these programs together that are applicable to millions of health professionals in Canada and the United States.. I lecture magnetism, EMFs and causation missing in Safety Code 6 making it accepted medical education. Here is a link to the Health Education Administrator’s Letter. Dr. Perry Kendall can share the significance of CME credits with you as well.
It is Safety Code 6 that says RF EMFs can trigger nerves and muscles, we qualified causation on how the EMFs were hitting people.

In regards to the BCUC referring to my lack of expertise on exposure standards for RF. Any exposure is inducing currents into people and harming them. The higher the power density, the higher the induced currents. Inducing currents into the children in daycare at any power density means it will increase cellular voltages where Biologists say an increase of .2 millionths of one volt increase changes White Blood Cells. FortisBC’s expert in their smart meter application for the BCUC admitted EMFs triggered nerves and that the nervous hormonal and immune systems work together. Ask a medical professional what it means if a developing child’s nervous, hormonal and immune systems are compromised at the same time?

The earthquake phenomena the BCUC referred to in dismissing my expertise relates to BC Building Code. The RF EMFs FortisBC will use for their smart meters interacting with buildings including Fire Separations, infrastructure, biology and ecosystems will induce electrical currents and vibrate the components at the atomic level 1.8 billion times per measurable second for the 900 MHz antenna and 4.9 billions times per measurable second for the WiFi or Zigbee Chip. Those electrical oscillations were confirmed by FortisBC expert Electrical Engineer Dr. Shkolnikov during my cross examination for the BCUC. He also verified the 900 MHz penetrated the ground over 39 inches depending on conditions. Simply put it isn’t a phenomena, buildings would be non compliant with BC Building Code My Building Construction Engineering Technology and Nationally recognized Interprovincial Red Seal Journeyman Electrician credential are physics and engineering.

The BCUC will have to account for approving the FortisBC application. If they had failed the application they would have to reverse BC Hydro’s smart meter program.

FortisBC’s experts attempted to dismiss me but Tom Loski is an accountant and should have paid attention to his area of expertise. As Registered Interveners we were allowed to ask questions of FortisBC on costs of wired meters over wireless. Here were my questions in my professional capacity. FortisBC refused to answer saying it was outside the scope of costs BUT FortisBC’s Mark Warren admitted under cross examination by me that FortisBC would cover 17,000 sq. kms to communicate with meters.

FortisBC’s Engineer Mark Warren was so over his head technically he dismissed electromagnetic induction as a hypothesis. I asked if FortisBC hypothetically generated electricity.

FortisBC’s expert Dr. William Bailey admitted under direct cross examination EMFs trigger nerves and that the nervous, hormonal and immune systems work together. When Bailey was asked about the body being electrical, he admitted that all Bio-electrical information associated with humans was not in their Risk Assessment Report for FortisBC.

FortisBC expert Electrical Engineer Dr. Shkolnikov stated it would be his duty as an electrical engineer to revise his report if critical information was left out. Where is his revised report?

You will also read the transcripts of the BC Government’s BCUC with experts under oath where Shkolnikov confirms the vibrations you refer to as theory. FortisBC’s one antenna at 900 MHz will oscillate inside walls, roofs, bodies, ecosystems, fire separation and infrastructure 1.8 billion times per measurable second. The other antenna or Zigbee chip will oscillate 4.9 billion times per measurable second.

Use an analogy on yourself, if we flipped you end for end 4.9 billion times per second do you think you would break apart? The electrical reality is yes and the higher the power density the more aggressive the oscillations.

FortisBC chose not to cross examine me but they did have pages of questions that were to be answered. They attempted to represent me being a Chief Science Officer with a self imposed title. Here are the questions from FortisBC and my answers in a blue font. You will see links to two declarations for US Courts

Here is FortisBC’s response to the questions. Go to Page 41 where they refer to the West Kootenay’s Concerned Citizens. I was their Registered Intervener.

Here is our response for the BCUC on the Suspension of the FortisBC application. You will see accurate temperature images of energy use, applicable BC Building Code Rule and that smart meters will not save any of this energy. FortisBC is billing a premium with a two tiered system. The last pages on solar interaction with building development shows buildings grossly exceeding BC Building Code 1.1.3.(Climatic and Seismic Data) You will see accurate IR Images of MASSIVE energy waste reacting to symptoms of the absorbent exterior finishes being radiated by solar EMFs. All of the images at the link are FortisBC’s area and equate to billions of watts of wasted electricity. You will also see the Specific Absorption Rate FortisBC is relying on for safety is a plastic head with water in it. The SAR left out the smart grid, routers and antennas as well as the bio-electrical information of humans.

Our job as electrical or engineering professionals is always report to and through our Authority Having Jurisdiction. These problems were reported to the City of Kelowna, MLA Norm Letnick, Premier Gordon Campbell, Energy Minister Rich Coleman, MP Ron Cannan and others. Typically our authority would never dismiss or ignore us but in this case there was no qualified response. You will see in the transcripts of the BCUC that FortisBC used that as a further excuse to dismiss me.

Here are the transcripts of the BC Government with experts under oath. There is no higher authority. I have supplied the link to the BCUC as well as page and line numbers for simplicity.

As stated in consulting in our capacity, if Syncrude or any other industry would have ignored our reporting there would have been catastrophic consequences including losses of life. When Mark Warren was asked if FortisBC informed or consulted anyone, the answer was no. When asked if he thought it would be a good idea to inform or consult he stated no.

Being dismissed by administration doesn’t end our job as it is bigger than itself. Here is an example from 2003 when the Category 6 Forest Fire interfaced with Kelowna BC. On August 21, 20003 after being told to stand down we initiated the evacuation of 15,000 in Kettle Valley. August 22 on Gyro Beach we imaged the 100s of homes burning through the smoke. A local reporter used the images and time line with radio dispatches between Forestry and Kelowna Fire Department. Here is a link to his reporting.

Both FortisBC and BC Hydro have a Gas Division which they did not inform or consult for what it meant to them or their union members to bathe large geographical areas with highly penetrating EMFs. FortisBC expert Shkolnikov admitted under oath that it is possible to induce an electrical charge that can set off an explosion or fire. That admission in itself is alarming because it undermines Canadian Electrical Code where we wire classed areas to avoid any spark as it can blow the roof off the place. The Canadian Electrical Code is published by the Canadian Standards Association(CSA). CSA is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, a crown corporationwhich promotes efficient and effective standardization in Canada.[2][3] This accreditation verifies that CSA is competent to carry out standards development and certification functions, and is based on internationally recognized criteria and procedures.

As is FortisBC has mass installed meters and 100% of them have to be replaced and the meter base re-inspected. 100% of the buildings with meters as installed are off the real estate market for non compliance.
FortisBC owns the Holiday Inn in Kelowna and their own property will be non compliant with BC Building Code. Code compliance is required or no occupancy.

Pacemakers are put in by BC Health and manufacturer’s specs tell the recipient to stay 2 feet away from an induction oven. FortisBC admitted the one antenna will reach 3 kms. That means the induction of 3000 meters and capable of inducing pacemakers. FortisBC didn’t clear the RF EMFs with Pacemaker Manufacturers, they dismissed the problem which undermines Provincial Health.

FortisBC and exposure codes admit Non Thermal considerations are not understood nor is it thought they could be seen. There is no such thing as non thermal as it related to this, it is all thermal. Here are basic IR images of injury, infection, difficult diagnosis, early detection of Breast Cancer and wireless radiation damage. This is lectured for CME credits as well making it accepted medical education and no longer just an opinion.

Everything on the planet is electrical at the atomic and molecular level. Everything on the Periodic Table is electrical and has electrons that will be impacted by magnetic or RF EMFs. Electromagnetically inducing these atoms and molecules induces current which increase voltages plus the high speed oscillations. That changes the scope of every science and academia wasn’t consulted or informed. Degrees from Universities will no longer be applicable and academia will have to close the doors or do the science over again.

Now you can see why this is being reported as an unprecedented health, environment and economic emergency. In closing these issues can be addressed creating millions of tax paying jobs. We do have real energy problems that FortisBC and other utilities are trying to address. There is a simple fix that will remove the MASSIVE energy waste off the electrical grid immediately and it is applicable to every country which includes daycares.

B.C. & Saskatchewan Call For National Forest Fire Strategy But Not Considering Climate Change & Wireless Smart Grid Contributing.

CTV News Link on B.C. and Saskatchewan Premiers Call for National Forest Fire Strategy

To hear about forest fires and knowing they are fighting them blind requires me to respond in my capacity. Fires are going to get more intense and the resources fighting them blind is excessive.

Our work for governments, industries or medical education is providing sight. In this case it is sight through the smoke. Saskatchewan and others could and should be tracking the direction of the fires through the smoke. It gives lead time for fighting or evacuation.

The information we are sharing may be controversial to some including the BC Premier. BC Premier Gordon Campbell’s Office edited the public fire inquiry including images or the fact we even presented. The Premier’s Office stated to me that this Public Inquiry wasn’t accepting pictures. The inquiry was based on audio only and the audio came unplugged when I was presenting in Kelowna.

Sight through smoke was presented at the BC Public Fire Inquiry in 2003 as well as factors contributing to fire intensity. Here is a link for you that contains still images that initiated the evacuation of 15,000 on August 21, 2003. There is a time-lapsed infrared video showing a forest fire building through the smoke.

Here is what media reported in 2003 when the forest fire interfaced with Kelowna in 2003 and the dispatches between Forestry and Kelowna Fire Department confirm they were blind because of smoke.

Our work over 35 years saving governments, industries and insurers 100s of billions of dollars is specific to getting the job done. We simply provide sight of their objectives for applicable industry professionals.

Wireless smart meters have further complicated forest fire concerns. The Specific Absorption Rate test left out the smart grid which is required for wireless smart meters to work. FortisBC under direct cross examination by me admitted their grid will cover 17,000 sq. kms. The high speed EMFs will kill trees and create a 17,000 sq. km heat sink warming the atmosphere. Smart Meters are ideally supposed to catch energy waste but that isn’t happening at all. It was reported to the Prime Minister that buildings(including Saskatchewan) are grossly exceeding Building Code 1.1.3. (Climatic Data). Building Code warns of solar EMF exposure and significance, we just couldn’t see it before. Buildings are signed off as compliant with Building Codes. These images of energy are transcripts and evidence of the BC Government’s BC Utilities Commission. These are the energy concerns utilities and governments want to address. In the latter pages you can see building development hitting 92 deg. C when 100 is boiling.

New building development in Saskatchewan and across Canada requires that absorbent finishes and colors are not used. In order to comply with Building Code, the right finishes need to be used so the building reflects or is protected from solar EMFs. Older buildings can be addressed and it is a big economy providing tax paying jobs.

Prime Minister Harper working on a national strategy based on a political agenda will not get the job done. Policy is based on science not the other way around. Harper was informed that buildings across Canada are grossly exceeding design temperatures and billions of watts per hour is wasted reacting to symptoms of solar EMFs interacting with building exteriors.

BC Hydro Sues Vancouver Landlord over Refusing Smart Meters

Here is a link to the CBC article on BC Hydro filing a Civil Suit against a landlord refusing the installation of smart meters. Directly below is our response congratulating the landlord for doing their job and protecting the buildings as well as occupants.

Congratulations to the Vancouver Landlord for protecting the buildings, the tenants and stopping BC Hydro from doing work they are not qualified to touch. BC Hydro can read their meter, the meter bases belong to the building owner and require the building’s electricians to be involved if the smart meters were legal in the first place.

There are ZERO circumstances where electricians would allow those meters to be pulled under load. It causes arcing and power surges. Any electricians that would are working over their area of expertise. BC Hydro mass installing meters with contractors not qualified to touch electrical has created unrealized fire hazards. Further to that the electrical connections inside the meter base require maintenance as the connections can be loose and corroded. It is a reality that some meter bases would have to be changed to maintain the required integrity of electrical systems.

BC Hydro’s meters have RF Antennas inside them as well. Those RF EMFs require the smart grid to complete the wireless circuit and the Specific Absorption Rate(SAR) test used for the limits of human exposure did not account for the blanket radiation of the smart grid, WiFi Routers or cell phone antennas. The SAR test ONLY considered the end use device on the wireless circuit.

If BC Hydro’s RF Antenna’s network antenna is 900 MHz, that means the highly penetrating EMFs will induce currents into walls, fire separations and occupants. Those EMFs will expand and collapse or oscillate 1.8 Billion times per measurable second inside wall systems as well as the occupants. That equates to atomic or molecular earthquakes inside building structures as well as infrastructure hit by EMFs. That will put the building in non compliance with BC Building Code Rule endangering occupants, Fire Fighters, buildings and investment. How is BC Hydro using a human exposure code to supercede BC Building Code and the municipal jurisdiction when it isn’t applicable?

The induced currents into people is changing their cellular voltages where Biologists said a change in cellular voltage of .2 microvolts(millionths of 1 volt) changes white blood cells. .4 microvolts changes mood. The peer reviewed science supporting that is Ohm’s Law where Volts=Amps(current) times Resistance. BC Hydro generates and distributes electricity so their electricians can verify Ohm’s Law.

The FortisBC application for smart meters verified that BC Hydro bypassed all regulatory process to install the meters where FortisBC wasn’t exempt. It is FortisBC’s “experts” that admitted under cross examination that EMFs triggered nerves. Dr. Bailey of Exponent Inc also confirmed under direct cross examination by me that the nervous, hormonal and immune systems are affected at the same time.

FortisBC’s experts were technically disqualified admitting critical science was missing in their Risk Assessment Report. That information is also missing from BC Hydro’s reporting of safety. Health Canada’s exposure code Safety Code 6 admits the causal link is missing linking the RF EMFs to adverse health effects. That causal link was found and reported to Health Canada September 14, 2010, Canadian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Health at their request October, 2010 and lectured in accredited medical education January, 2011. Here are the transcripts of the BC Government with experts under oath in the FortisBC application. There are page numbers and line references where FortisBC expert Electrical Engineer Yakov Shkolnikov admits the oscillations reported amd Dr. Bailey confirmed all Bio-electrical information was not in their reporting. BC Hydro is using the SAR test for safety when it is a plastic head with water in it and has no health.

The dangers of the RF EMFs being lectured for Continuing Medical Education credits required for ongoing medical licensing is a game changer for Provincial Health Officer Perry Kendall. It means this is approved medical education and not just an opinion. Mr Kendall needs to immediately call for a cease and desist on Provincial Smart Meter Programs because of the electromagnetic radiation.

The Attorney General of BC needs to investigate, arrest and prosecute all of those participating in this assault. People aren’t just sensitive to the RF EMFs, the name of the SAR test itself is an admission people are being electromagnetically induced which means subtle electrocution. Here is the link to transcripts and infrared imaging showing connection failure as well as EMFs interacting in an industrial application. Pacemaker recipients are told to stay out of an EMF by Pacemaker Manufacturers, BC Hydro and FortisBC as well as other utilities are taking the EMFs to the patient where it undermines the Provincial Health Authority.

BC Premier Gordon Campbell was advised that BC Buildings were grossly exceeding BC Building Code’s Climatic Data 1.1.3. because of solar EMFs interacting with absorbent building exteriors and billions of watts per hour is wasted responding to the symptoms. Smart meters will not save energy but the smart grid itself will cause excitation of atmospheric molecules generating heat changing weather as well as contributing to Forest Fire intensity.

Regional District of Okanagan Similikameen Call For Moratorium on Mandatory Installation of Smart Meters

1.      Directors Motions
a.                 Smart Meter Installation in Electoral Area “D” – Director Siddon
Director Siddon presented a petition regarding Smart Meters that he had received, containing 234 names.
Whereas over 60 municipalities, regional districts and First Nation governments in British Columbia, including the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (2012) have now called for a “moratorium” on the mandatory installation of wireless “smart” utility meters in their communities until an opt-out option is made available;
And given that such wireless electricity meters (the Itron Open Way AM-17) are currently being installed throughout the Okanagan and Similkameen valleys by Corix Utilities on behalf of FortisBC, usually without securing any form of written consent from affected property owners;
And whereas the Itron meters that are presently being installed on privately owned residences are not UL approved or CSA certified, nor will FortisBC provide a letter of certification from a qualified professional engineer giving assurance that such meters do not constitute a risk to health and fire safety, as required by BC Safety Standards Act Section 21(4); raising doubt that such installations are legal, or that liability is accepted by either FortisBC or Corix;

 And, given that the Heritage Hills/Lakeshore Highlands Resident’s Association unanimously adopted a motion in December of 2014 requesting the RDOS to pass a Resolution “opposing the installation of Smart Meters in Area ‘D’ of the Regional District”;
And whereas more than 230 residents living in several communities of the South Okanagan and Similkameen have in recent weeks signed a petition calling upon the RDOS to decline approval for any installation of smart meters (which may violate building code requirements), until safety and human health risks have been clearly disproven by published scientific fact;
And recognizing that on May 7, 2015 the Canadian Medical Association Journal published a scathing condemnation of Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 guidelines for non-ionizing radiation from wireless devices, including smart meters, warning that the microwave levels allowed in Canadian classrooms, residences and workplaces constitute a “disaster to public health”;

And further noting that  just last week, over 200 distinguished scientists and cancer specialists from 39 nations submitted an open Appeal to the United Nations, its Member states, and the World Health Organization, calling upon the WHO to consider reclassifying electromagnetic fields from wireless devices to Group 2A agents, as “probable carcinogens”; these experts call upon the WHO to take urgent measures to strengthen the International regulation of non-ionizing radiation, “to protect our children, ourselves and our ecosystems”;
And finally, whereas the British Columbia Public Health Act gives ultimate responsibility for Health Protection to the Minister of Health and to BC’s Chief Medical Health Officer, and under Sec. 83 (1), the Act requires that any local government must take action upon being made aware of any health hazard or health impediment within its jurisdiction, by reporting the health hazard to a Provincial Health Officer, and by taking actions or enforcing any Regulations as prescribed by Sec. 120(1) of the Public Health Act.
Therefore, by virtue of the aforestated facts, it is hereby resolved that the Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen does petition the Premier of British Columbia (the Hon. Christy Clark), the Minister of Health (the Hon. Terry Lake), and the Chief Medical Health Officer for BC (Dr. Perry Kendall) to acknowledge the real and rapidly increasing dangers of wireless radiation in all forms; and that the current exposure guidelines adhered to by the Province, namely Health Canada’s Safety Code 6, are outdated and inappropriate, and do not adequately protect citizens of RDOS, or indeed all British Columbians, from serious chronic health effects resulting from long-term exposure to increasingly hazardous levels of wireless electromagnetic radiation.
And be it further resolved that in the interest of public safety, the Government of BC, through the BC Utilities Commission, be requested to order an immediate halt to mandatory installation of advanced (wireless) utility meters on all private residences within the jurisdiction of RDOS; and further, that all such meters recently installed within Electoral Area “D” of the Regional District be removed immediately, at full cost to FortisBC. – CARRIED
Opposed: Directors Bauer, Konanz, Jakubeit, Brydon, Rhodes

Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen Gives Overwhelming Approval For The Moratorium on Smart Meters

Penticton Herald Article on Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen Gives Overwhelming Approval For The Moratorium on Smart Meters Article

FortisBC is a publicly traded company and in more trouble than they know. They were warned specific to their liability which will include criminal liability. FortisBC’s experts were technically disqualified in their application to the British Columbia Utilities Commission for wireless smart meters but the BCUC was way over their head. The BC Government had allowed BC Hydro to bypass all regulatory process to mass install their 1.9 million smart meters. That meant no one was informed or consulted.

From the trespassing on homeowner’s property to touch the meter base which is NOT their equipment. The meter is theirs, the meter base belongs to the home owner. FortisBC can read the meter but has no authority to touch the home owner’s meter base.

FortisBC used contractors without electrical credentials and did not check or maintain the electrical connections. Pulling the meter under load means arcing and surges which will continue. When you hear of meters being blown off buildings by surges, the connections are the weakest part of the electrical system and the reason for failure. Loose and corroded electrical connections are the biggest problem with electrical distribution and the reason maintenance is done every 6 months or yearly.

As a Registered Intervener, I cross examined FortisBC experts under oath and their admissions substantiate the application should have failed with zero margin of error. Here is a link where Page 1 to 8 is the letter to the City of Kelowna on the illegality of their smart meter program. You can see page and line reference to legal documents of the BC Government disqualifying their experts. Page 9 shows a picture of a meter base that caught fire and has an audio recording between myself and the meter installer. Page 10 and Page 11 show what compromised connections look like in the infrared spectrum and our work related to troubleshooting electrical distribution goes back 35 years. Page 12 shows how EMFs at 60 Hz can cause catastrophic electrical failure if left unattended and Page 13 shows the same EMF interaction and what it means to adversely affecting buildings. It includes the code rule that is applicable across Canada.

Pacemaker Recipients are told to stay away from EMFs and 2 feet away from an induction oven. FortisBC admitted under cross examination they will cover 17,000 sq. kms which will interfere with pacemakers. FortisBC, governments, other utilities and PUCs didn’t consult Pacemaker Manufacturers in any capacity. They used a human exposure code to bypass all regulation including Building Code. The damage is in the trillions and people including politicians will be going to jail.

Adjunct Professor Curtis Bennett on Dangers of FortisBC’s Smart Meters Affecting Pacemakers, Building Code Compliance, Adverse Health Effects, Economy, Etc Speaks for Kelowna Safe Meter’s

Kelowna Safe Meters is a Non Profit Citizen’s Group concerned about the mass deployment of wireless smart meters when citizens have not been duly informed.

Chief Science Officer Curtis Bennett was asked to speak and answer any questions from the audience. Bennett is an Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician, Building Construction Engineering Technologist, Thermal Radiation Consultant since 1979 and an Adjunct Professor lecturing Continuing Medical Education Programs where health professionals get education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. Non Thermal issues can be seen with non invasive radiology.

Safety Code 6 is Health Canada’s Exposure Code for RF EMF and Limits of Human Exposure. It is the only code admitting causality and biological plausibility was missing linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects.

Bennett was the Canadian Government’s Electrical Professional reporting causation to Health Canada September, 2010 and at the request of Canadian Parliament October, 2010.

Bennett lectured causation for accredited medical education January, 2011 meaning it is no longer opinion but approved and accepted medical education now.

Bennett was on Texas PUC’s Expert Panel on Smart Meters in 2012, provided evidence for Texas Senate Committee, Declarations for Oregon and Michigan Courts under threat of Perjury.

Bennett was a Registered Intervener in the FortisBC application for wireless smart meters and cross examined FortisBC experts in front of the BC Utilities Commission. Bennett technically disqualified FortisBC experts under direct cross examination. Radio Interviews with Bennett admitting science doesn’t pick sides, I am there in the best interests of all parties including utilities. Bennett warned FortisBC and the BCUC about the liability and was administratively dismissed, not technically disqualified. Here are links to letters including transcripts of the BC Government which is a legal precedent. FortisBC experts admitted critical science was missing in their Risk Assessment Report and Electrical Engineer for Exponent Inc Yakov Shkolnikov stated under oath it would be his duty as an electrical engineer to revise his reporting but that didn’t happen. Shkolnikov stating Exponent Inc carried his Errors and Omission’s Insurance puts the company on the hook for significant damage that will be in the trillions.

Listen to the presentation and see the plastic head used by FortisBC and others to substantiate safety. FortisBC as one example is using a human exposure code to bypass Building Codes when it isn’t even applicable. Buildings across Canada will be non compliant with Building Code making smart meters illegal across Canada today.

Bennett is electrically substantiating medical reporting of harm. This is applicable in the US as well as around the world. The Specific Absorption Rate is baseless science but an admission of guilt and the smart meters will not save 1 watt of the energy they are supposed to address.

Radio Interview & Proof, The Entire World in a Microwave

The Entire World in a Microwave!’Guest – Curtis Bennett will discuss the legal implications that Local, State and Federal governments imminently face with their knowledge of the dangers of the “Smart Grid”. He will reveal the testimony and proof to show they are liable. “We’ have REAL PROOF”!

Mr. Curtis Bennett is a Chief Science Officer, Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician(Red Seal),Engineering Technologist, Adjunct Professor for Integrative Health Forum & Global Education Development Institute- with 35 years advanced thermography background, 35 Year Advanced Thermography Background-

Curtis will explain how FortisBC Smart Meters cause real danger. The installed 22,000 dangerous smart meters that compromises 22,000(40,000 reported now) buildings and health has to be reversed and stopped immediately including police action protecting people’s homes.The meters are an immediate threat!

The liability that has been created by this shameless representation of taxpayers and ecosystems is off the charts. Canada has to own the entire country is in a microwave oven.

Welcome to Inter-Occupy’s continuing conferences on electromagnetic radiation including microwave radiation dangers. We have been getting educated on how this hazardous radiation affects people, animals, insects and plants, and how these harmful effects increase over time.
Link to OccupyEMR Harm Conference Call Agenda 3-26-2015

The Interview refers to THE PROOF. Here is a letter to Mayor and Council of The City of Kelowna on Smart Meters. That link contains BC Government transcripts, evidence and experts under oath for the FortisBC Application for Wireless Smart Meters. The BC Government is the Provincial Authority Having Jurisdiction making these legal documents on FortisBC’s Smart Meters being illegal and dangerous as applied. Health Canada, The FCC and global governing bodies use the same science for limits of human exposure to RF EMFs. That makes this legal document applicable in every municipality, province, state and country. Read for yourself where FortisBC experts were technically disqualified in cross examination admitting their Risk Assessment Report was missing critical science. Electrical Engineer Dr. Yakov Shkolnikov states under direct cross examination that it would be his duty to revise his report if critical information was missing. Exponent Inc carries Errors and Omission’s Insurance for Shkolnikov, is their insurance covering the trillions in real damage associated with FortisBC’s deployment of Smart Meters?

Transcripts and Evidence of BCUC Substantiates FortisBC Misrepresented Safety of Wireless Smart Meters

FortisBC’s Article in Kelowna Daily Courier is FortisBC’s response to public concerns about smart meters. FortisBC Engineer Mark Warren named Curtis Bennett, the BCUC and that due process was followed in their smart meter application. Bennett was a Registered Intervener for West Kootenay Concerned Citizens in the FortisBC application and cross examined FortisBC experts in front of the BCUC.

Bennett has responded only in his professional capacity to the article on safety and FortisBC’s reckless representation of the facts. Please keep in mind Bennett’s opening statement for the BCUC on the FortisBC application clarified he was there in the best interests of FortisBC as well as others across the board.

This went to the City of Kelowna, Mayor and Council as the jurisdictional authority:

February 23, 2015
Dear Mayor and Council,

Please see attached file on the real dangers of FortisBC Smart Meters as applied. FortisBC has installed 22,000 meters and that compromises 22,000 buildings that can not be sold as is.

FortisBC responded to safety of the meter program through media and mentioned me by name. Here are the transcripts showing FortisBC outright lied on the safety of their wireless smart meters. This file shows the BCUC transcripts and evidence that contradict what FortisBC is representing. 100% of their installations have to be redone and analog meters re-installed.

The transcripts will validate Kelowna has been turned into a big microwave oven with everything in it. The program has to be reversed and stopped immediately including police action protecting people’s homes. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. The meters are an immediate threat to City Council’s families, First Responders and all across the board. The liability that has been created by this shameless representation of taxpayers and ecosystems is off the charts. The Nazis during the second world war were prosecuted for war crimes including genocide. Canada has to own the entire country is in a microwave oven.

The damage is measurable by the measurable second and the peer reviewed science is electricity, engineering biology, medicine, etc. Please do your job and do not technically overwhelmed by a plastic head with water in it. Link to Letter


Curtis Bennett
Chief Science Officer
Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician(Red Seal)
Engineering Technologist
Adjunct Professor for Integrative Health Forum & Global Education Development Institute
35 Year Advanced Thermography Background

FortisBC’s Article in Daily Courier Representing Advanced Meters are Safe

This article by FortisBC Engineer Mark Warren was a response to concerns of smart meters in Kelowna. For him to call the meters safe and smart is reckless and will endanger the public as well as ecosystems.

No one was informed or consulted on blanket radiation of their coverage area. This will irradiate several cities and 17,000 sq. kms or 6564 sq. miles. That makes an uninsulated wireless electrical circuit that is 17,000 sq. km long and wide. It is a very dirty circuit and you are in it. The SAR test didn’t include the antennas, routers and grid. That is why causation has been missing linking the RF EMFs to adverse health effects.

Curtis Bennett cross examined Mark Warren in front of the BCUC Panel on the FortisBC application. He confirmed the blanket radiation substantiating how buildings are hit. Exponent Electrical Engineer Yakov Shkolnikov confirmed under cross examination that the high speed oscillations associated with 900 MHz of smart meters is 1.8 billion times per second, their Zigbee chip at 2.45 GHz will oscillate 4.9 billion times per second.

EMFs are dangerous depending what they interact with. If you can duck and the EMF just misses you, you can’t be hurt. FortisBC Engineer Mark Warren confirms with blanket coverage you are inside the RF EMF. The oscillations are confirmed and we know they go through your body. Those oscillations are happening inside walls, roofs, people, bees and doing horrific damage inducing currents.

Follow the dialogue and links, you will see transcripts and evidence of the BCUC. Dr Bailey of Exponent admits to so many frequencies associated with the body, voltages but they left it all out for a plastic head with water in it.

Causality and biological plausibility is now know. That electrically substantiates the adverse health effects and those reporting professionals. Wireless smart meters are not compliant with Building Code across Canada right now. Wireless Communications requires Electromagnetic Radiation With Highly Penetrating, Fast Moving EMFs. The only thing on the planet compatible with the RF EMFs are portable devices. This will kill their customer, the economy and the planet. There are non elite or exempt.

FortisBC’s Article in Daily Courier on Smart Meter Safety.