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Ebola Can Be Seen With Non Invasive Thermal Radiation Imaging

Here is an article from the New York Times on Ebola, our response to the article is directly below. Ebola Article

The article on Ebola requires some important clarification when it comes to using thermal imaging as a screening method at ports of entry. For SARS in 2003 and H1N1 in 2009, thermal imaging was deemed next to useless as 100s of millions of people were imaged at ports of entry but infrared manufacturers or contractors didn’t produce one image of a flu. I had to meet with Health Canada after SARs and explain why infrared equipment manufacturers couldn’t image a flu at Vancouver or Toronto Airports in that year. Then I showed them an image of a flu that we did for medical education.

The reason is the imaging application exceeded their expertise. You can NOT just pick up a piece of this technology and use it. Someone scratching their face, solar exposure and many other factors can change temperature.

It is critically important that Africa and other countries understand that thermal radiation imaging at the required level is now lectured in medical education for continuing medical education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. This important medical education providing sight of inflammation, progression of infection or seeing effective treatment is now accepted medical education internationally.

Ebola could be imaged in quarantine if required giving doctors a physiological template of Ebola and the imaging is 100% non invasive. Please go to this link and see very basic imaging of difficult diagnosis as well as the early detection of breast cancer.
One image shows acute pancreatitis and the pancreas is behind the stomach. There is other imaging showing before and after imaging with effective treatment. Medical Imaging

We employ the most advanced thermal imaging in the world without exception and the reason our imaging applications are now approved medical education. What is referred to today as NON THERMAL effects and that they can’t be seen isn’t a scientific reality. Temperature starts at Absolute Zero for us or -459 deg. F.

Please contact us for more information and contact with medical education administration. Our job over 3.5 decades has been working for a wide scope of industry including insurers giving professionals sight of their objectives.

Smoke Inhibits Fighting Forest Fires

A lightning strike started a forest fire that immediately created problems for fire fighters. Terrain and smoke inhibited the ability to fight the fires.

How are fire behavior specialists going to analyze a fire they can not see? One of the very basic applications in training fire departments 25 years ago is to allow those professionals to see through smoke. Resources can be maximized, investigations have sight through smoke, rekindles can be seen, lives saved, damage minimized, forests saved and less damage environmentally which includes all life.

Provincial Forestry Department and Fire Departments reporting smoke prohibiting fire fighting. As the Category 5 forest fire was approaching housing development awaiting evacuation, here is what was seen through smoke as the fire moved 300 feet per minute.

Forest Fire Interfaces with Kelowna

The video directly below shows thermal radiation images from initial lightning strike to interface with the city.

The above information was edited from a public fire inquiry because it embarrassed the ruling government. The Premier’s Office told us directly that this public inquiry was based on audio and wasn’t accepting pictures or images. Due to the fact they lost the audio feed during our presentation for the public inquiry, the decision was made to delete our contribution as well as the presentation.

The unfortunate result is being felt today with forest fires out of control and resources effectively blind when they could track the direction of the fire through the smoke giving immediate sight to first response.

For those under evacuation orders, be prepared to follow instruction. Here is a time-lapsed thermal radiation video showing a forest fire building through the smoke. Look at the embers flying miles in front of the fire starting other fires.



Weather is the basic interaction of cold and warm air with water vapor. Add heat atmospherically and climate changes.

Watch this time-lapsed infrared video to show urban heat islands are urban heat generators first and it happens 12 months of the year. This video is in Canada in October.

EMFs can be very dangerous depending on what they interact with. If there is no interaction then there will be no changes.

Heat rises and does not stay in one place. We all share one atmosphere. Here is a Satellite Loop of the National Weather Service showing the winds moving across North America today. Every day the winds change and all cities and countries will impact each other differently.

Governments are assuming the weather severity is related to GHG emissions and smart meters are being deployed to conserve energy as well as stop climate change. Meters will not stop this heat. FortisBC Engineer Mark Warren admitted under cross examination that FortisBC will cover 17,000 sq. kms with RF EMFs to communicate with wireless meters. That high speed agitation of atmospheric molecules will generate a 17,000 sq. km heat sink further contributing to climate change.

Shade, ground cover, functional landscaping, low e finishes would stop the heat and remove energy waste from the grid immediately.

Smart Meters Not Saving Energy or Addressing Waste

When it comes to energy consumption, you basically pay for what you use. When you have something plugged in, lights on, devices being used, heaters and heating.

Utilities supply the needs of their consumers and saving energy is important. Less waste of natural resources, less emissions. Smart Meters and wireless devices inside the building will monitor how much energy is consumed.

As Thermal Radiation Consultants, we document and image energy(all matter) above absolute zero(-273 deg. C & -460 deg. F). Here is an accurate example of energy use.

The building you will see here is tilt up construction of a major construction retailer. Heaters are on the roof, heat rises and thermostats are 5 feet off the floor. It is winter time and you should expect a uniformly insulated building, any differences require investigation. Hotter temperatures are bright in color.

The vertical bright areas are the weak insulation values between tilt up panels and heat loss costing money.

The bright dots around the edge of the roof are the ends of the roof truss transferring heat from inside the building. Heaters are on the roof and trying to heat the building from the top down. Heat rises and these energy systems for these buildings should be in the floor.

Ceiling fans can move heat around but the energy waste is real. Smart Meters aren’t going to catch and address the problem. People get billed extra 40% for the 2nd tier usage.

This building isn’t compliant with building codes but the style of building is popular and cheap when it doesn’t have to be. Heating in the floors, insulated and you have a winner.

Here is another building down the road from the construction retailer, same construction, heaters on the roof and they only insulated the showroom for appliance sales. That is the darker area in the thermal image.

Then a second tilt up building is put up beside the uninsulated building. Here is what they look like separate and side by side. These are FortisBC customers and smart meters are not addressing the energy waste but billing for the waste.

  • Tilt Up Construction, Heaters on Roof, Appliance Sales. Can you See Energy Use?
  • Tilt Up Construction, Heaters on Roof, Dark Area is Insulated. Smart Meters Not Addressing Energy Waste.
  • Can you see the heat loss and energy waste from the 2 buildings?
  • One building insulated the other isn't

Heaters on the roof, walls aren’t insulated except the showroom. The spot temperature on the dark area(insulated) is the temperature outside at that time. Notice the wall temperatures? What is the energy waste heating that mass of concrete, wasted resources, electricity. This building should have failed inspection, insurers are expecting duty cycles of equipment. Not this waste.

These buildings are in FortisBC area and their 2 tiered billing system is billing owners when the building should have failed inspections. Smart Meters will catch none of this energy waste, FortisBC is billing for it.

Wireless smart meters do not belong on buildings and should not be installed. The utility doesn’t have the authority or jurisdiction to bypass the municipalities. The can’t use smart meter frequencies on buildings or infrastructure. Buildings aren’t designed for it and would violate building codes as is. Blasting frequencies through walls induces currents and causes high speed vibrations billions of times per second. That equates into atomic and molecular earthquakes that will accelerate corrosion as well as compromise fire separations.


Washington State Department of Health Responding To Wi-Fi Safety Concerns in Our Schools

Congratulations to Washington State Politicians for doing their job and seeking a qualified response about Washington State Department of Health document on Wi-Fi deployment in 296 school districts. It takes real leadership to let qualified science professionals do their jobs.

Electromagnetic fields interacting with anything is an electrical interaction. We wire the world for particular reasons. Wires are insulated to protect people as well as the circuit. We know EVERYTHING about the wire as all circuits are designed.

In the wireless application everything hit by the EMFs is now inside the wireless wire. That is why care is required because the RF EMFs interfere with our body’s electricity and more damage with polarization.

Governments allowing regulatory process to be bypassed has allowed a frequency bombardment that is damaging infrastructure, buildings as well as hurting people and ecosystems.

The highlighted document link opens a letter Washington State Department of Health on Wi-Fi in Schools

It is important for the reader to keep this simple and expand on it as it relates to you. Policy and laws are based on science with all sciences complimenting each other.

Governments and utilities never should have allowed energy or other industry to bypass regulation. Your homes are financed and insured based on compliance with building codes. Blanket coverage of the municipality with highly penetrating, high speed EMFs bypasses the municipality’s jurisdiction and they were not consulted or informed.

The specific absorption rate is the science adopted for limits of exposure to RF EMFs. It is a plastic head without biology and ridiculous science related to health. The plastic head is being used to bypass architecture, engineering, building codes, radiating all biology and every atom or molecule. Heating atmospheric molecules creates heat and contributes to weather severity. 

Complain to your local city council, state and federal representatives of this error that will adversely affect all economy while slowly electrocuting populations, pets, animals, wildlife, trees, fish, micro biology, bees, pollinators, etc. Your cities will bring in their own lawyers, engineers and assist because buildings will reach a state where real estate won’t sell, won’t be financed or occupied. No taxes.

Report to your insurers, universities, police, fire, etc, they were not told or consulted either about blanket radiation. EMFs going through buildings, refineries. oil, gas, and inducing electrical charges in classed areas can cause explosions, fires, loss of life.

Alan Rivaldo put out a document to the Texas PUC dismissing the the dangers of the RF EMFs. He refers to a court case dismissed because causation couldn’t be proven. That isn’t the truth any more.

Causation needs to be substantiated by qualified electrical professionals first. EMFs are an electrical mechanism and the EMFs hitting people, buildings, infrastructure, crops, watersheds, etc is an electrical interaction.

There is no more dialogue on wireless being “possibly” carcinogenic. Causation has been reported, the science is electromagnetic radiation, electricity.

Lawyers will have an easier time explaining to a judge or jury the mechanisms hitting people, buildings, infrastructure and ecosystems.

The water district administrators already shared the document with board members to inform and educate.



MP Ron Cannan and Prime Minister Harper on 700 MHz Frequency Auction

The Canadian Government led by Prime Minister Harper are auctioning off the 700 MHz frequency range. It was horrific to hear media actually report these RF EMFs penetrate deeper into buildings and parkades.

It requires investigation why and how the Prime Minister would allow Industry Canada to auction off these RF EMFs while the Government of Canada’s Health Canada has an independent body called the Royal Society of Canada presently revising exposure codes. Especially when the test used for limits of human exposure is a plastic head with liquid in it.  Here is a picture of a Sam Phantom Model used for the Specific Absorption Rate.

Specific Absorption Rate Test
Specific Absorption Rate Test

Ron Cannan is the MP for this area and here is a letter sent to Mr. Cannan in Ottawa. There has been no response to date when the test for human exposure isn’t even applicable to building code. This undermines engineers, architects, municipalities and will cause buildings to NOT comply with building codes.

This is being reported to and through our authority having jurisdiction. They are required to technically disqualify engineers and then pass the information on to other provinces as well as other countries.

MP Ron Cannan and Prime Minister Harper on 700 MHz Frequency Auction

Wi-Fi Health Risk Advisory

Here is a picture of unknown origin showing a classroom with 20 students, 3 teachers and 20 computers. You can see the computers aren’t using wires to log on to the internet. Wi-Fi routers blanket classrooms with the required RF EMFs to communicate with all of the computers. Here is your wireless quiz?

20110407-Internet Picture unknown origin

What is the total number wireless devices in the room interacting with Wi-Fi frequency?

A) 20

B) 23

C) 43

You would be surprised how many professionals got this question wrong. Here is a link to show you what was missed in the Wi-Fi discussion and there are 2 reports on the safety of Wi-Fi that also missed the question above. One from BC CDC and the other from Ontario checking Simcoe County Schools. Here is the Health Advisory showing wireless versus wired computer stations put the children as well as teachers inside an electrical circuit where they are electrocuted slowly.

The Specific Absorption Rate adopted for testing the limits of human exposure is a plastic model with liquid in it and never has adverse health effects. There is nothing biological about the test, it is baseless science based on whether water molecules heat. The second report at Wi-Fi Health Risk Advisory was done by Tony Muc, Chief Physicist and an author of safety code. He makes a ridiculous analogy referring to a stove element. Is the child getting close enough to the laptop to be burned?? As a physicist, he is not qualified in an electrical opinion and he admitted he consulted with no electrical professionals in his reporting.

If the Wi-Fi frequencies are 2.4 GHz, that is 2.4 billion cycles per second. It means the EMFs are expanding and collapsing inside the children, teachers, building materials including fire separations 4.8 billion times per second. Currents are being induced and the high speed polarization billions of times per second at atomic or molecular levels will rip anything apart. The higher the power density, the bigger the electrical load absorbed and the expansion and collapsing of the EMFs will be more powerful.

It requires investigation and explanation how children can be electrocuted slowly by being in an electrical circuit while they are graded on their intelligence. There are real reasons the world is wired and it is to keep everything out of the circuit.

Every computer station needs to be hard wired, it is the missed economy. Wireless gives the illusion of savings, the offset costs and liabilities will be off the charts.

Smart Meters Not Catching Energy Waste, 2 Tiered Billing System Charging you For Massive Waste

People are referring to the 2 tiered billing systems by utilities. You pay one price for energy if usage is below their set amounts and a significantly higher rate for more energy usage.

While utilities do have challenged electrical grids, municipalities as well as provinces and the Canadian Government were informed their buildings were not energy efficient and in fact violating building codes.

The City Manager(makes 250,000 a year) in Kelowna responded we made their management feel defensive instead of the reality we are government certified professionals specific to the issue reporting to our authority. Mayor Sharon Shepherd referred us to Building Bylaw manager where he refused to let us present because they were a proud environmental group. Our provincial authority dismissed us, the premier’s office edited a public fire inquiry and the Canadian Government thanked us for our interest in the environment. The Canadian Government should have passed it on to the UN but didn’t as the political parties had their own agenda.

Now the same politicians are selling smart meters and allowing the blanket radiation of their jurisdictions. Killing you while billing you for it. This video shows thermal radiation applicable to everything in existence except this is a heat loss energy issue.

Specific Absorption Rate Test Used for RF EMF Exposure Not Applicable to Building Codes

It was during the FortisBC application for wireless smart meters and cross examination of the utility’s experts that we found out why our authorities having jurisdiction were not responding in their required capacity. FortisBC lawyers confirmed the BC Legislature entrusted BC Hydro to install smart meters. That allowed them to bypass all regulatory process including the BC Utilities Commission.

Unfortunately in order for wireless smart meters to work, they need a wireless network to complete the wireless circuits. That requires blanket radiation of coverage areas and the danger is human exposure tests didn’t include the grid or the biological vulnerability. BC Hydro as one example didn’t consult with education, all applicable sciences, architects, engineers, building trades, insurers or even municipalities as to what blanket radiation of high speed penetrating frequencies would do to their jurisdiction.

Building development is financed, mortgaged and insured based on building code compliance. All trades do their jobs within applicable codes and any conflicts are resolved through due process. Rulings are made by applicable professionals or governments so at the end of the day, compliance with codes are met.

BC Hydro was given special consideration by the government and didn’t have to go through the BCUC. FortisBC is the smaller utility in the province and they had to go through the BCUC.

Prior to the oral hearings, interveners asked questions of the utility and the utility asked questions of the interveners. When it came to cost of wired versus wireless smart meters, blanket radiation seems cheaper and easier except there are reasons we wire the world.  Here are questions to the utility on costs of wired meters versus wireless and the link is the BCUC website. 

FortisBC didn’t answer the questions saying it was outside the scope and the BCUC allowed it. Here are the answers to the questions which starts on page 41.

FortisBC experts under cross examination took exception to me saying they would blanket 17,000 sq. kms and hurt people. Engineer Mark Warren then confirmed their coverage area was 17,000 sq. kms and that they would cover the 17,000 sq. kms with RF EMFs to communicate with wireless meters. 

Here is the science being used around the world to substantiate limits of human exposure as well as bypassing municipal jurisdictions.

Specific Absorption Rate Test
Specific Absorption Rate Test

As you can see above, this test is seriously flawed and exposure codes admit missing causation linking frequencies to adverse health effects. Can you see why? The plastic head never gets sick and has no biology, exposure was based on heating water molecules in a microwave.

Engineer Mark Warren of FortisBC was asked under cross-examination if they contacted engineers about buildings. He answered no and the result is Kelowna, Osoyoss, Castlegar, Trail and other jurisdictions were not consulted or informed in any capacity. Part 4 of BC Building Code is specific to environmental loading and vibrations. The RF EMFs will go through walls and roofs electromagnetically inducing the building as well as cause high speed vibrations 1.8 to 4.8 billion times per measurable second. Accelerated corrosion is the reality and it undermines architects, engineers, trades, insurers, fire services, home owners as well as the municipality. When the buildings or infrastructure reach a point that engineers deem it not to be safe, there will be no occupancy and there will be no real estate sales.

The same is applicable in every province, state and country. Exposure codes related to human exposure can not be used for building and ecosystem exposure. The grid is illegal as applied and on top of civil liability there will be criminal liability. Opt outs will not work, there is a blanket coverage.


Radio Frequency Exposure Causing Mutation of Eggs

Wireless technology seems like a great idea, the problem is we aren’t electrically compatible. Our 60 Hz electrical grid in North America function with appliances, equipment or devices that operate at 60 Hz. If they didn’t the equipment wouldn’t run efficiently or safely.

Smart Meters, cellphones and Wi-Fi use frequencies that are 900 MHz to 5 GHz. That is 900 million cycles per second to 5 billion cycles per second. Towers, their antennas, routers and other wireless infrastructure are bathing areas so we can use wireless. The real problem is there are reasons we wire devices because nothing in existence runs at those frequencies. Safety Code 6 in Canada uses the same science standards as the FCC but admits the mechanisms were missing linking the frequencies to adverse health effects. They left out the millions or trillions of frequencies of biological systems as well as the routers and antennas hitting all life. The frequencies are illegal as applied. Safety standards only considered tissue was heating, they left out the fact intricate electrical systems are electromagnetically induced. Ohm’s law wasn’t considered or used and it wasn’t understood cell voltages in your body are changed.

Volts = amps x resistance(V= IxR) Power(watts) = volts X amps. If you look at a spec plate on an appliance in your home, you can determine how many watts the appliance in your home uses. A cell in your body has -70 mV and that voltage will change but none of that information was used when it comes to safety.

The information below is critically important to you. You will read that authors radiated chicken eggs with frequencies and the chickes were mutated as you can see in the pictures.

A smart meter will go on your home and the meters, relays, routers, collectors will radiate a fetus, a baby, a baby girl’s eggs 24/7. Chickens hatch in 21 days and the chicks were mutated, girl’s eggs will be radiated for years until they become of age to be able to get pregnant. When they get pregnant, if they get pregnant, what will happen to the baby? All of this to read energy consumption remotely and this isn’t addressing the problems to buildings, infrastructure, agriculture, fish, trees and literally everything in the coverage area.

Here is a picture from a must read book called “Cellular Radiation, Is This our Next Titanic?” by Dr. David R. James & Ora James Murphy. Ph: 1-877-300-4880 Ext 102. Look at the picture and think of your children or wives as well as all life. After mutation, what happens when a species can’t reproduce anymore?

20120818-photo of mutated chicks

Last week we got calls from veterans whose grand children had deformities at birth, extra fingers, autism, eye problems and other unthinkable challenges to be considered.