Cellphones and Blue Tooth are Thought to be Safer with a Little Distance From Your Body

It is assumed that if you hold the cell phone 1 or 2 inches away from your head, it is safe. Oops, when the SAR test is done on new cell phones, it isn’t plugged into the wireless network! That is like testing a toaster that isn’t plugged in. Here is the Specific Absorption Rate test that left out the grid and BC Hydro showing the grid for smart meters.

Test model for wireless exposure

Dr. Magda Havas asked me if our team would participate in an experiment at school in 2010. Image on classroom without Wi-Fi and one class with. I immediately said no, we would be liable for the health effects as well as for radiating the school and infrastructure.

We participated in one test where a young man and parents were in agreement. The young man was always on his phone or kept it is a shirt or pant pocket. I want men, women, boys and girls to think about that when you see the before and after images. Think of the breasts, ovaries, eggs and testicles with a radiation device next to you.

These images were from 2002 and we were reporting illegal cell phones and cordless phones. The images are over the same span of temperature and the subject did not touch their face or neck. It was while lecturing medical education where people were asking about wireless exposure.

Before & After Cell Phone Use for 1 hour

Think about the baby in the womb, ever see a mom with a laptop, tablet or cell phone on her belly?