Claremore Fire Department’s Press on Concerns About Smart Meter Fires Unwarranted is Inaccurate

I have great respect for the work of Fire Departments and have been part of teams consulting at operation levels. In 1990/91 we were retained by city management to substantiate and implement their Fire Department’s infrared program. That allowed sight through smoke where otherwise they were blind. Giving sight through smoke allows fire fighters the ability to see people, pets, source of fire, direction of the fire as well as how hot it is burning which is important for investigation. After the fire, hot spots can be found to avoid a rekindle saving on resources. Fires, heat and problems behind walls can be seen using non invasive radiology.

Our background related to electrical inspections related to what is happening in meter bases started in 1979. Isolating electrical problems and connections so they could be fixed before failure, fires or explosion saved industries across the board, governments and insurers 100s of billions of dollars as well as lives. Loose and corroded electrical connections are 90% of the problems because they are the weakest point in an electrical circuit. That is why electrical inspections and required maintenance can be done yearly. The significance to the meter bases and fires is that the connections in meter bases have NEVER been inspected or maintained since the meter was put on the building.

We are a land of laws, codes and standards but in the case of smart meters being mass deployed, governments, industries, engineers, electricians, insurers, academia, medical professionals, municipalities, Fire Departments, Police Departments, etc were not informed or consulted in any capacity. Claremore Fire Department wasn’t consulted or informed of dangerous meter swaps or associated connection problems that can cause fires.

Our job includes always reporting to and through authorities having jurisdiction. In the case of smart meters we were not getting a qualified response from the authorities. It was during FortisBC’s application for wireless smart meters that we found out that the BC Legislature had allowed BC Hydro to bypass all regulatory process to mass install smart meters and the required smart grid to communicate with the meters.

There is a defined point where the utility’s distribution of electricity ends and the utilization by electricians begins. While utilities own the meter, the meter base belongs to the building owner. The utility has no authority or jurisdiction to touch the home owner’s meter base.

Electricians do NOT mass install meters, literally every meter base requires inspection and maintenance. Utilities didn’t use electricians for smart meter installations, they used people not qualified to touch electrical systems. There are no circumstances where electricians would swap meters under electrical load. Electricity in the building would be shut off and the utility would disconnect their service so electricians could begin their work for the home owner. Pulling meters under varying electrical load will create arcs and surges that further compromise connections as well as electrical systems, electronics or other devices inside the building.

Oklahoma has the same problem as above and the Fire Departments not informed or consulted. The Fire Chief in Claremore, Oklahoma specifically mentions in this linked Press Release that an electrical connection was the source of the fire. Here is a link for you showing our response to a City Council on FortisBC as the utility representing the safety of smart meters. It contains transcripts and evidence of the BC Government with experts under oath where they admit they consulted no one. Page 9, 10 and 11 contain pictures of a meter base, the connections as well as thermal images of connection problems. Page 12 shows in the infrared spectrum how extremely low EMFs of 60 Hz can create catastrophic electrical problems. Page 13 shows how the interaction of RF EMFs interacting with buildings and fire separations is causing Canadian buildings to be non compliant with Building Code Rule The United States and Oklahoma will have a different code rule. Buildings are designed for their loading which includes vibrations.

The City of Claremore and the Fire Department need to be aware that a human exposure code has been used to bypass the municipal authority including Building Codes when it isn’t applicable. The link above provides a picture of the Specific Absorption Rate Test used to substantiate safety and bypassing Building Code. It is a plastic head with water in it and is baseless science.

These meters have been mass installed on the homes of everyone including First Responders. Police have not been informed that highly penetrating EMFs are assaulting people across their property lines.

If the neighbor tased you across the fence, police would respond and the utility is effectively tasing people across their property line except the proper electrical terminology is subtle electrocution.

As an electrical and energy professional with national government certification, I appreciate the intent of the meters but they will not save 1 watt of energy. If Claremore had meters mass installed, there are fires and electrical failure waiting to happen separate of causing accelerated corrosion of buildings, fire separations and infrastructure.