Critical Information Missing Regarding Safety of Wireless Applications

When it comes to the safety of wireless devices, Health Canada, FCC and other international bodies adopted the Specific Absorption Rate(SAR). The name itself acknowledges the energy is absorbed, the tests developed limits but left out critical components in the frequency equation.

BC Hydro is a utility employing wireless Smart Meters to read electrical meters from remote locations. The meters are reported to be safer than cell phones because they aren’t held against the head. They report a short distance from the meter makes you safe from the EMF Radiation from the meter. BC Hydro Fact Sheet on page 1 under Proximity refers to short distances from the meter being safe and further states the meter base the meter is attached to reflects radio frequencies away from the residence.

The limits of human exposure to these frequencies is governed by Safety Code 6 in Canada and the FCC in the U.S. Stimulation of tissue is to be avoided and in order for the frequencies to hurt people, the EMF wavelengths have to hit people. Think of the EMFs as a bullet and how are the frequencies hitting people if distance from the meter keeps them safe?

In order not to hurt people BC Hydro Fact Sheet on Page 2 highlighted area states acceptable exposure is governed by Safety Code 6, the same specifications as the FCC. The BC Utilities Commission states on highlighted area of Page 19 they must be in compliance with Safety Code 6.

Provinces must comply with Safety Code 6. Canadian Wireless Telecommunication’s Association Acts on Page 10 states Industry Canada has made compliance with Safety Code 6 mandatory and a condition of license for tower antennas.

Even though safety standards globally are based on decades of scientific literature, Safety Code 6 admits mechanisms are missing linking the frequencies to adverse health effects. The code also says it will use the weight of evidence approach with new data submitted and change the code if deemed necessary. Those missing mechanisms were reported showing how the EMF bullet was hitting people from head to toe and if you look at Safety Code 6 they treated people as heating tissue. They omitted the billions of frequencies, vulnerability and electrical considerations of biological systems. Here is an illustration by BC Hydro which confirms the frequencies no longer comply with Safety Code 6.

Remember BC Hydro said a little distance from the “smart meters” kept you safe? They omitted the cell relay, smart meter routers and cell towers hitting humans from head to toe. Here is a picture showing how bees, birds, pollinators, buildings and everything inbetween are hit by the EMF bullet. Buildings no longer comply with building codes, here is an Open Letter to Municipalities on Smart Meter Legality. That is separate of the Smart Meter Fires with unqualified installers swapping meters under load.