Eastern Canada’s Buildings Super Heating the Atmosphere Without Emissions

Buildings in Canada are engineered for very specific temperatures that originate with Environment Canada and they contribute to National Building Codes. Buildings are signed off as compliant with building codes because we can’t see building function.

This video contains 2 time-lapsed infrared videos, one from outside buildings and the other showing how people are cooked by their buildings. Air conditioning is a good marketing term, it is in fact refrigeration and doesn’t belong in a building like this. The building in the video has AC that uses 3000 watts per hour in energy use responding to symptoms. That wastes fossil fuels and creates massive toxic emissions responding to symptoms.

None of this will be discussed in Rio, Peter Kent isn’t an Environment Minister, he is a politician putting party before the public he was elected to represent. The UN in Rio is looking for answers on something heating the atmosphere. Warming the atmosphere a few degrees is alarming, we are documenting temperatures close to boiling temperature. Canada is wasting billions and the video here is the reality of their achievements. Look at the video and you will see building development 60 degrees C or 140 degrees F at 8:00 A.M. The buildings are designed and insulated for a maximum of 33 deg. C or 92 deg F. Here is the important Climatic Data as per building code for this area.

Look at the video and keep this in mind, heat rises off building development where it travels where it changes weather around the world. Here is a link to the National Weather Service showing the winds moving urban heat today.

Paint, shade, materials or coatings can be used to stop the heat which stops the energy waste. Buildings aren’t insured for this, banks wouldn’t fund them, municipalities wouldn’t pass them, people wouldn’t buy them. Mold and compromised fire integrity are the reality which puts fire fighters at risk. Smart Meters are supposed to save energy, they are not addressing this or recognize it but you will be billed peak rates for your air conditioning waste.

Go to this Urban Heat Island linkto see to see the effect of shade, different paints solar performance, Parliament Buildings in Ottawa superheating the atmosphere without emissions and a forestry cutblock being radiated.