There are all kinds of challenges associated with dealing with Ebola or other infectious diseases. With injury or infection there is an inflammatory response but overall medicine and academia is literally blind to temperature.

Although thermal imaging has been used to varying degrees for decades, it has not been represented for what it really is because some imaging applications exceed expertise. Between 2003 with SARS and H1N1, infrared equipment manufacturers or consultants imaged 100s of millions of people at ports of entry but couldn’t produce 1 image of a flu. Successful imaging requires proper equipment, qualified applications and interpretation by applicable professionals.

Our technical support and equipment manufacturer is critically important to our success. In the SARS application in 2003, we jointly provided a bid for Canada imaging flu symptoms at ports of entry. Our bid was dismissed by Public Works for equipment manufacturers offering discounted services for future contracts. They failed so miserably that people were pulled off planes with flu symptoms and they still couldn’t produce 1 image. That required reporting through media the imaging application exceeded their expertise. Media on SARS Screening at Airports

Arrangements were made to meet with Health Canada in Vancouver where we showed an image of a flu and qualified why equipment manufacturers failed. Our advanced imaging applications are lectured in medical education for continuing medical education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. Progression of infection or effective treatment can be seen, even in quarantine. Here is basic imaging of progression of infection.

Ebola Can Be Seen