There is heated debate around the world on whether global warming by man exists, especially in light of the severe winter weather around the world. The only reason the debate is there is because we are literally blind to temperature. We can’t see heat until it is literally “red hot”.

Global warming means there is a source of heat that is warming the atmosphere. Weather is the basic interaction of cold and warm air with water vapor, so if we heat the atmosphere it contributes to climate change. Climate change doesn’t mean we gently warm the atmosphere and all live in the tropics. It means there will be change and that can mean weather extremes just like we are experiencing this winter.

Even though building development is designed and insulated for specific temperatures, we use calculators in designing buildings for their energy consumption. That energy consumption produces the emissions being blamed for trapping heat in our atmosphere. Unfortunately that science exists because we can’t see temperature and here is an example of what we missed in the calculator.

On January 23, 2011 it was 39 degrees F reported at the weather station but solar radiated buildings were as warm as 158 degrees F. Here is an example of what it looks like in the infrared spectrum. That is a big heat load atmospherically and there are no emissions produced. This is an example of what emfs can do to a building.

Here is a link to more images in the infrared spectrum so you can see the major cause of global warming causing climate change. Urban Heat Island Creation