Los Angeles Unified School District’s Accommodation For Teacher’s Wi-Fi Concerns

Los Angeles Unified School District, Division of Risk Management and Insurance Services, Integrated Disability Management Accommodation for a teacher adversely affected by Wi-Fi in their classrooms.

Los Angeles Unified School District Accommodation for Wireless Exposure

It is important for people to understand RF EMF exposure code admitted the mechanisms(causality) was missing. Those electrical mechanisms linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects was found and reported by Canadian Government Certified Electrical Professionals in September 2010 to Health Canada. October 26, 2010, causation linking the RF EMFs to adverse health effects was presented at the request of Canadian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Health.

The causal link between the RF EMFs was lectured in medical education for continuing medical education credits required for ongoing medical licensing January, 2011. Here is a letter from the Integrative Health Forum’s Medical Education Administrator which includes the scope of the accreditation.

It has been years in the making and this acknowledgement is important for teachers, schools and medical professionals. The scope of medical diagnosis has changed with blanket RF EMF exposure. Laptops or portable wireless devices in schools won’t work without routers completing the wireless circuits(invisible wires) The Specific Absorption Rate Test adopted for limits of human exposure left out the routers blanketing the classroom. That puts everything and everyone in the RF EMF.

We generate electricity with an EMF and an insulated known conductor. In the class room, the router is providing the RF EMF and teachers as well as students are the uninsulated conductors.

There are reasons we wire the world. Technology upgrades are important but humans, biology, food sources, industry, buildings, agriculture, life is not electrically/biologically compatible with wireless.