Here is a link to cell phone imaging file that will allow you to see physiological impact after one hour of cell phone use. There are links to all the applicable links on the attached pdf on Cell Phones & EMF Exposure.

The error or omission reported through Health Canada is the mechanism missing in safety standards around the world. The reason it was reported through Health Canada is because they are the authority having jursidiction for the country. It was reported through Canadian Parliament’s Standing Committee by expert witness because they are the authority gathering information.

Health Canada’s legal duty was to investigate the error or omission, use the weight of evidence approach as per code. Health Canada not only didn’t investigate the error in 10 months, they didn’t pass on the error but reported frequencies were safe and that is the part of their administration that requires a criminal investigation. Safety Code 6 is pretty straight forward and this isn’t an arguement about the code, it should be enforced immediately because it is hurting people in contradiction of the code.

The mechanism found vindicates science professionals and parents who were discredited without due process. The reason this is reported to the authority is so they can pass it on, expand on it but never ignore it because won’t there be liability? This information was reported to Health Canada as the authority having jurisdiction and Canada will have to represent why or who they reported the error to. Electrical professional’s recommendations didn’t advise waiting and complicating the issues administratively.

Energy Providers are raging forward with Smart Meters because Health Canada didn’t tell the energy providers there was an error found in code and that Smart Meters would electromagnetically induce everything their frequencies interact with. The energy providers know the dangers of electromagnetic induction, that is how we create electricity. Smart Meters are illegal and sadly Health Canada didn’t represent science had evolved. For any administration to deny electricity as peer reviewed science should qualify them for the tazing program to see if people are affected by electricity.

The telecommunications industry can’t dispute electromagnetic induction and won’t, they weren’t told it was happening to wireless, uninsulated devices called humans. It is illegal and not good for any existing electrical system to be induced, it interferes with their electrical systems. EMFs were left out of an EMF equation and you can’t solve an electrical equation leaving out critical frequency interaction.

The W.H.O. is missing mechanism, so is the US Supreme Court but another US Court will be showing mechanism in a Wi-Fi application. Health Canada’s administration for their own reasons are using the head up their ass approach while impacting the lives of Canadians, etc with that negligence.

The application of the law changing makes it easier for law firms to dig into this. The law says the unintentional stimulation of tissue or the heat effect is to be avoided. It isn’t and the peer reviewed science is called electricity.

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