Nuclear Power Plants, Refineries, Gas Plants, Buildings, Infrastructure, Etc Being Radiated

The science on the safety and deployment of a smart meters as well as other smart devices has only been dealing with the end use device. The rest of the wireless infrastructure communicating with wireless devices was left out of the discussion.

The reason we have to be very careful with radio frequencies is because the EMFs go through buildings, infrastructure, people, plants, birds, bees, pollinators and will interact with anything they hit. What has happened with wireless is that technology has developed faster than safety. It gives the illusion of being much cheaper to use wireless because you save money on construction costs wiring it. An example is wireless laptops in a classroom. If we have 30 computer stations in the classroom, it is easier to put in a Wi-Fi Router and provide coverage throughout the classroom than it is to construct and wire 30 computer stations. The problem is we have put the children and teachers in the wireless circuit. They aren’t protected and the frequencies are electromagnetically inducing them. The problem with that is they already have their own electricity.

The difference between wired and wireless is wired uses insulated conductors where wireless uses the air, it isn’t insulated and anything hit by the frequencies is a potential conductor in the wireless circuit.

Think of science today, flying, space flight and even landing on Mars. Here is a picture of the science used around the world for protection from wireless. It is called the Specific Absorption Rate. Wi-Fi is considered safe because the computers isn’t held against the head and smart meters are considered safe because they aren’t held against the head. The red arrow is the cell phone and the white arrow is a temperature probe in the top of the head.

Here is a diagram of a utility’s smart grid. The routers cover several square miles and each collector 100s of sq. miles. Pretty simple to see this part of the wireless circuit was left out of safety as well as the bio electricity of everything the frequencies interact with.

As you can see by the diagram above these frequencies are covering large areas to communicate with smart meters. What isn’t considered is the frequencies going through buildings, businesses, industries, infrastructure, volatile areas and include Nuclear Power Plants. When frequencies or EMFs go through concrete, fire separations and other materials, there are problems with that interaction. The equivalent of molecular earthquakes happens at high speeds that can be measured. If the frequencies are 900 MHz. vibrations 1.8 billion times per second will happen and that accelerates corrosion. Here is an example of an extremely low frequency of 60 Hz in an insured lumber mill application application. You can see the problem in the infrared spectrum creating a problem that could cause serious explosions, fires, lost production and loss of life.

The simple point is we DO NOT blast frequencies around with reckless abandon under any circumstances, there will be real consequences. Nuclear Facilities, refineries, gas plants, bridges, infrastructure, volatile environments are not designed for this frequency bombardment. That makes these facilities more dangerous with premature failure or inducing electrical charges that will cause explosions or fires. The wireless industry is expanding and more wireless devices mean more electrical load or power density. That means the interactions with buildings, infrastructure, nuclear facilities, people, etc will be more powerful.