Extensive research incorporating the most advanced thermography applications in the world has produced alarming information regarding buildings. The same UV that burns our skin is causing buildings to generate extreme heat they aren’t design for. California as well as other states and provinces are using air conditioning to treat the heat symptoms, Thermografix CEO Curtis Bennett said today. In brief, some of the research revealed:

• UV generated 198 degrees F on a 92 degree day, 212 is boiling.
• Extreme heat conducts inside where air conditioning treats the symptoms.
• Air conditioning is refrigeration associated with ozone depleting
• GHG emissions produced to generate the wasted electricity.
• Mercury and toxins produced with wasted electrical generation.
• Lives lost are the result of being cooked by own home.
• Extreme heat generated all year with each new building.
• Radiated heat atmospherically impacts weather, droughts, sea level,
forest fire, fish spawning, groundwater, agriculture, oceans and every
species on the planet.
• Every city, state and province’s buildings are impacted by UV.
• Extreme heat compromises building fire integrity
• Buildings aren’t insured for these temperatures
• APEC Meeting discussing GHG emission reduction while California and
others produce GHG emissions treating heat symptoms

Bennett added that there are simple fixes to the problem and within existing codes. The simple fixes would eliminate the need for refrigeration to treat a symptom. Employing shade cover with functional landscaping, using lighter color paints or UV resistant coatings would be of immediate benefit of eliminating the consequences above. There is a link below with accurate imaging supporting the Heat Gain information.

Bennett closes with the fact that this information isn’t controversial; it is advancements in temperature technology. PM Harper, President Bush and world leaders are attending meeting missing critical data while the energy waste is blamed on industry.

Contact: Curtis Bennett