Politician Justin Trudeau Calls Climate Change Opinion of David Suzuki Sanctimonious Crap and Our Post How it Relates to Wireless Smart Meters and Blanket Electromagnetic Radiation


The context of the article requires important clarifications for Suzuki and Trudeau. Climate change and man made global warming is a heated debate because the sources of heat can’t be seen. Weather Stations use a thermometer and although gathering important data are not isolating sources of man made heat warming the atmosphere. Keeping it simple, use an analogy like warming a room in your home. In order to heat the room there has to be a source of heat. In order for there to be atmospheric warming there has to be a source of heat.

To clarify my recognized expertise, the Governments across Canada with Industry Canada(all industries) trained and certified ONE profession for the utilization of electrical energy across the country. There is a defined physical point where utility’s electrical generation and distribution ends and utilization starts. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, which hospital, university, Microsoft, manufacturing, auto industry, oilfields, utilities, development, etc, qualified electricians design, construct, install, troubleshoot and maintain those electrical systems. When there is a power failure, electricians fix it, Electrical Engineers are not qualified to do this work. Electricians do the physical work related to those engineered standards. We are governed by Canadian Electrical Code and calculate energy requirements with that code. There are no circumstances where we have personal opinions and get creative electrically. The Canadian Electrical Code is published by the Canadian Standards Association(CSA). CSA is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, a crown corporation which promotes efficient and effective standardization in Canada. This accreditation verifies that CSA is competent to carry out standards development and certification functions, and is based on internationally recognized criteria and procedures.(Wikipedia)

As well as an Interprovincial Red Seal Journeyman Electrician I have another credential as a Building Construction Engineering Technologist from NAIT which is all aspects of construction from contracts to completion. Buildings use and lose energy as it relates to building performance.

As Thermal Radiation Consultants of 35 years for industries saving 100s of billions of dollars, we provide a visual of temperature to isolate problems before explosions or failure. The problems are verified and fixed by the industry’s professionals. Temperature for us starts at -273 deg. C and there are no such things as Non Thermal effects, it is all thermal. Energy use, losses and temperature can be seen.

100% of what we do on the planet has a domino effect into health, our bodies and ecosystems. As an Adjunct Professor, I am faculty for a group of 14,000 licensed health professionals putting on accredited medical education programs applicable to millions of health professionals for Continuing Medical Education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. It is applicable across Canada as well as the United States and expanding. With injury or infection there is an inflammatory response 100% of the time that can be seen. Lack of sight and insurance fraud costs billions. Our work with Professor and MD Ronald Lynch’s work, education providing sight of the early detection or breast cancers, difficult diagnosis using non invasive radiology will save billions of dollars in health costs. His work on accelerated wound healing, increasing nerve conduction, increasing nerve conduction, regrowing nerve related to Diabetic Neuropathy, the VA, etc will save billions more on health costs as well as toes, feet, legs and life, This isn’t competing with medical objectives, it is completing them. The young girl with breast cancer was 4 years old and she isn’t of mammogram age for decades.

None of this post is about me, I can not be an anonymous professional and we are always just one member of a team doing our job without compromise.

Temperature is a critical component for all sciences. The Space Shuttle that exploded and killed 7 Astronauts is reported to have failed because the O-Ring in the rocket booster failed. It was colder than normal and the gasket shrunk. When we worked on isolating thermal barriers affecting fish spawning, mid 20s C and slightly higher is sub optimal to lethal. Mr. Suzuki as a Biologist and educator for decades understands Groundwater is considered to be nature’s hidden treasure. Here is what Groundwater looks like in the infrared spectrum for Biologists, Hydrologists, Forestry and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. DFO used a pilot study as their standard in RFP. http://thermoguy.com/ground-water/

In 1991 the City of Edmonton retained us to consult at Operation Levels to qualify, substantiate and initiate the implementation of their Infrared Program. It gives them unobstructed sight through smoke where otherwise they were blind. It saves lives, resources, prohibits rekindles and is invaluable in Fire Investigation. In 2003 as another example, Kelowna, BC had a Category 6 Forest Fire interface with the city. Jurisdictional challenges and fighting the fires blind prohibited participation in giving Fire Command sight through the smoke as well as tracking the direction of the fire giving lead time. August 21, 2003 the valley was smoked in and stopping a patrolling RCMP showing them the fire through the smoke initiated the evacuation of 15,000. On August 22, 2003 our team imaged Kelowna homes burning through the smoke. Here is the reporting of local media with the time stamped images and radio dispatches confirming Forestry and KFD were blind through the smoke. http://thermoguy.com/shes-mighty-ugly-out-here/

You would never know with the deregulation of building construction that buildings, their energy use and associated emissions are designed for specific temperatures. Those temperatures are provided to building code by Environment Canada’s Meteorological Services. Compliance with building code is a requirement to get financed, insured and occupying. If a building isn’t code compliant remedies have to be taken to make it compliant. Lenders, insurers and home owners want their investment protected. The limitations of building code is that buildings have been signed off as compliant with everyone accepting responsibility but it is never verified.

The reason Environment Canada contributes to building code is because of all the different regions and their seasonal climate extremes. The arctic is different than a warmer climate. The code rule across Canada unless amended is 1.1.3.(Climatic & Seismic Data). In Kelowna the minimum design temperature is -20 deg. C to simulate the coldest time of the year and 33 deg. C to simulate the warmest time of the year. The building is designed and insulated for these temperature extremes. The HVAC systems and energy use or losses are designed with Climatic Data.

The Appendix of Building Code warns of the significance of solar radiation(EMF), the same sun that burns our skin. Solar interaction with absorbent exterior finishes causes the building to generate heat exceeding code. That causes problems with the building as well as heats the atmosphere.

Paragraph 5 of this news article, Suzuki references a 2 deg. C increase in atmospheric temperature globally being of great concern. Trudeau calls it sanctimonious crap. We imaged buildings in 7 provinces and 26 states specific to solar interaction with development. It was alarming to verify Urban Heat Islands were urban heat generators first. Important for the reader is our job is to report to and through governments first. Here is a letter with accurate infrared imaging showing solar EMF interaction. Previous attempts before this dated letter failed to get a response from applicable governments. http://thermoguy.com/wp-content/uploads/Ron_Cannan_20101.pdf You will see buildings grossly exceeding Building Code and 38 deg. C warmer than temperature reported by the weather station at 8:18 A.M. You will see Kettle Valley buildings in the afternoon 86 deg. C on a 23 deg. C day. That is 61 deg. C hotter than the 2 deg. C spoken of by Suzuki. Millions of buildings across Canada are grossly exceeding Building Code 1.1.3. and not code compliant.

As the science professionals behind policy we work for governments and industry. Politics has no bearing on our work. The City of Kelowna, MLA Norm Letnick, Premier Gordon Campbell, MP Ron Cannan, Environment Ministers and Prime Minister Harper will have to account for no qualified response. Mr. Harper didn’t share it with academia, municipalities, the opposition nor the UN Members looking for the source of atmospheric heat. The UN Members have committed a reported 700 billion dollars because of the global problems associated with a 2 deg. C rise in atmospheric temperature.

These problems can be addressed creating millions of tax paying jobs globally. It would knock trillions of watts of wasted electrical energy off the grids immediately, saving the non renewable resources as well. Unfortunately due to the energy and emergency associated with climate change, governments have allowed utilities and industries to bypass regulatory process to install wireless smart meters. Despite warnings from government and industry certified professionals about mass deployment of wireless smart meters, governments allowed mass deployment responding to symptoms which will not save 1 watt of energy.

As a Registered Intervener in the FortisBC application for wireless smart meters, FortisBC used the government’s lack of response to me to dismiss the dangers and liabilities with wireless smart meters. Here is evidence of the BC Government in legal proceedings supporting suspension of FortisBC’s smart meter application. The BC Government and Prime Minister Harper need to qualify how a human exposure code was used to bypass building codes and all applicable sciences associated with the blanket radiation of ecosystems. http://www.bcuc.com/Documents/Proceedings/2012/DOC_32604_C19-6_WKCC-Submission-RDCK-Nelson-Creston_Suspension.pdf

FortisBC in their ignorance and arrogance didn’t substantiate the safety of smart meters, they dismissed everyone and applicable codes while admitting blanket radiation of 17,000 sq. kms. Here is a response to FortisBC’s negligent reporting on the safety of smart meters. This is evidence and transcripts of the BC Government with experts under oath admitting critically important science was missing in their Risk Assessment. http://thermoguy.com/wp-content/uploads/Response-to-FortisBCs-Daily-Courier-Article-Advances-Meters-are-Safe-and-Smart.pdf It contains real meter base connection problems associated with the millions of meters installed across Canada and globally by people not qualified to touch electrical. Ontario as an example has 4.8 million compromised buildings that require re-inspection because of the real danger. Further to that buildings in the RF EMF coverage areas are not compliant with Building Code Rule That pulls millions of buildings off the real estate market and the loss of tax revenues as well as associated economy. Governments and Industries are speaking of Nuclear Power Plants but that can no longer be a consideration and isn’t needed. Building engineering has changed and the power plant would have to be an MRI Chamber to stop the accelerated corrosion of the power plant.

The City of Toronto as another example wants Free WiFi without understanding the adverse health effects, building code compliance and accelerated corrosion of infrastructure. Building design has changed as have all sciences making degrees including engineering no longer applicable. Toronto will undermine their own municipality and contribute to non compliance with building code. That is separate of the qualified adverse health effects.

This isn’t legally definable as sustainable under the Canadian Auditor General’s Act. Our jobs as Government and Industry certified professionals nationally is bigger than ourselves. It includes protecting the Prime Minister and his family from himself. What a legacy for Canadians to put populations and ecosystems inside man made microwave ovens. Exposure codes are based on a full grown man, the radiation of bees and pollinators will kill all economy as well as us.

In closing, this can not be dismissed under any circumstances, this has to be technically disqualified and that won’t happen. RF EMFs are an electrical interaction first requiring a qualified electrical professional. FortisBC’s Mark Warren referred to electricity as a hypothesis but that is what happens when you weaken the professional gene pool. Mark is a Professional Engineer working for a utility and calling electricity a hypothesis. He should know better than to exceed his expertise.

The Auditor General of Ontario has reported no savings with smart meters and the Auditor General of Australia has reported their 2 billion dollar expenditure on smart meters saved no energy. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-09-16/smart-meters-giving-victorian-consumers-no-benefits/6780566

If Mr. Harper had reported to Australia they were reacting to the symptoms of solar EMF exposure wasting massive energy, Australia could fix it, create lots of jobs, knock the waste off the grid and exceed emission reduction targets immediately.

Mr. Suzuki, please share with Mr. Trudeau what will happen generating atmospheric heat close to boiling temperature and what kind of biology will survive?