Prime Minister Harper Rallying Penticton Faithful By Invitation Only While His Administration Undermines Canada & UN Members, Puts Canadians & Ecosystems Inside Man Made Microwave Ovens. Not Definable as Sustainable Development According to Auditor General Act

Kelowna Daily Courier Article on Prime Minister Harper Rallying Faithful But Taxpayers Not Invited.

Provincial, Federal Government and Industry Canada trained and certified one profession for the utilization of electrical energy. That is electricians and I have a Government Interprovinical Red Seal Identification with a number specific to me but recognized across Canada except Quebec. I have another Government ID with a number specific to me by the Province of BC. We are governed by the Canadian Electrical Code which is published by Canadian Standards Association.

I have a second credential as a Building Construction Engineering Technologist out of NAIT which is every aspect of construction from contracts to completion. Our first year is common for other engineering specialties including Civil or Architecture. My fellow graduates from NAIT are Project Managers, Site Superintendents, Professional Estimators, Building Inspectors, Fire Inspectors, Building Envelope energy performance, etc.

Our jobs are always to report to and through our authority having jursidiction whether municipal, provincial or Government of Canada. We are either replying to a code rule or looking for a ruling from the authority to cover our butts because compliance with codes including Building Code is a requirement. Non compliance with code means no occupancy, mortgage or insurance.

I built both science credentials specifically to compliment my extensive background applying and developing Infrared Applications since 1979. Seeing temperature where the world is blind to temperature can not be overstated. Consulting for industries across the board giving their professionals sight allowed savings of 100s of billions of dollars for industries, insurers and governments. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has used our pilot study for their standards in RFP for the Aerial Detection of Groundwater. The Defense Minister has cleared us to consult and in 2003 we initiated the evacuation of 15,000 on August 21, 2003 when the Category 6 Forest Fire interfaced with Kelowna. Marshal Jones of Kelowna Capital News asked for imaging of Kelowna burning through the smoke on August 22 where he used time lines and radio dispatches confirming KFD and BC Forestry were blind through the smoke. Seeing through smoke and tracking the direction of fires through the smoke can be done as we were retained in 1991 to substantiate and assist in the implementation Fire Departments Infrared Program.

Our work professionally is never personal, we are governed by codes and standards. In 2005 I our team as part of Mayor Gray’s invitation only as a local expert for the Sustainable Building Pilot Project and referred by Council Member Sharon Shepherd. Our participation in the project was related to evolving temperature out of the calculator. Simply put everything is designed for specific temperatures including buildings but buildings were signed off as compliant with code without verification because it couldn’t be seen.

Environment Canada Meteorological Services provides Regional Climatic Data with the purpose of blending in with the environment, energy efficiency, less emissions and not heating the atmosphere the planet shares. Weather is the basic interaction of cold and warm air with water vapor, if we heat the atmosphere it changes weather. The Building Code Rule across Canada is 1.1.3.(Climatic and Seismic Data) Kelowna did an amendment and as an example used Bylaw 7245.

Building design temperatures for Kelowna are -20 degree C to simulate coldest time of the year and 33 degrees C to simulate the warmest time of the year. We design, insulate and install energy systems to accommodate those extremes. The Appendix of BC Building Code warns of the significance of solar EMFs being more significant than design temperatures. The reason for that is that solar EMFs can interact with absorbent exterior finishes generating extreme heat.

Our participation in the Sustainable Building Pilot Project was specific to that energy as well as heat loss. We imaged buildings in 7 provinces and 26 states to see solar EMF interaction with shocking results. Urban Heat Islands are urban heat genetators first. It was amazing to see an exterior finish, a coat of paint, the color or no shade allow buildings to generate heat grossly exceeding Building Code Rule 1.1.3.(Climatic and Seismic Data) or Kelowna Bylaw 7245.

Once confirmed our job was to report that to the City of Kelowna, MLA Norm Letnick, BC Premier Gordon Campbell, MP Ron Cannan, Environment Minister as well as others. There are no circumstances where we blind side our authorities.

Buildings could be brought back into code compliance by ensuring low emissivity finishes were used on the exterior of buildings. Code compliance with new buildings could be ensured by using the proper exterior finishes or shade. Prime Minister Harper as the leader of the Canadian Government could share that with all provinces creating 100s of thousands of jobs and knocking massive energy waste off the electrical grid which would immediately reduce emissions. UN Members genuinely worried about warming the atmosphere all countries share have committed over half a trillion dollars to reduce global warming and Canada would be the source of that information that had been missing. We started reporting to the Canadian Government and applicable authorities in the early 2000s but no qualified response. Here is Charlie Hodge’s article for Kelowna Cap News in 2006.

Here is our letter to our voice in Ottawa MP Cannan in 2009. Here is our follow up letter a year later showing buildings in Kelowna grossly exceeding Building Code.

It is 2015 and to date no qualified response at any level. The unfortunate part of this is policy is based on science, not the other way around and we are the government’s science professionals specific to this.

In 2010 I was requested by Canadian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Health to provide expert witness on RF EMFs used for WiFi in schools. The same types of RF EMFs are being used for wireless smart meters to save on energy, emissions and climate change. In 2013 as a Registered Intervener in the BCUC Oral Hearings in Kelowna on the FortisBC application for smart meters. Here is evidence of the BCUC supporting the suspension of the FortisBC application because smart meters will not save 1 watt of energy as it pertains to the massive energy waste. The building images of heat loss are tied to code rules and all of the buildings in the file are in Kelowna. Tilt up construction with heaters on the roof and a thermostat 5 feet off the floor are trying to heat buildings from the top down. It is a massive waste of gas as well as electricity and the buildings are not compliant with BC Building Code. Page 18 shows Kettle Valley buildings as hot as 92 deg. C on a 29 deg C day with massive air conditioning used reacting to symptoms. Page 19 shows shade effect right after sunrise on Rutland development.

FortisBC’s Mark Warren in BCUC transcripts and evidence used the governments dismissal of our work as a dismissal by FortisBC. Mr Warren admitted under direct cross examination that FortisBC would cover 17,000 sq. kms of their coverage area to communicate with smart meters. Under Harper’s administration, Kelowna and other cities are being placed in a 17,000 sq. km man made microwave oven. Harper needs to explain how a flawed human exposure code has been allowed to supersede Building Codes when it isn’t applicable except to induce currents causing vibrations inside buildings that makes them non compliant with Building Code Rule Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 states people are not supposed to be hit by the RF EMFs or it triggers nerves and muscles. FortisBC experts admitted under cross examination that nervous, hormonal and immune systems would be compromised at the same time.

BC Health puts in pacemakers and manufacturer’s specs are told to stay 2 feet from an induction oven. FortisBC experts admitted 1 antenna from the smart meter will reach 3 kms or 1.8 miles which is inducing over 9800 feet. Prime Minister Harper’s lack of administration has allowed FortisBC to be dismissive without contacting BC Health or pacemaker manufacturers.

Professionally I don’t care if a political party is called the Poop Party, they need to be the policy respecting the science. Whether it be media or Mr. Harper, I am not a lobbyist of any kind and am accountable for this comment. If I was negligent in my capacity and apprentices or employees died, I would be liable including criminally.

The smart grid will heat the atmosphere, kill trees and contribute to Forest Fire Intensity as it has. BC and Saskatchewan are asking for a National Strategy on Forest Fires, here is the scientific reality.

I am not political and a proven patriot, there is something to be said for a political leader that does his stumping to an invitation only audience when the taxpayers he didn’t invite pay his salary. While Kelowna residents, professionals and home owners have gone to the RCMP to complain about FortisBC mass installing smart meters on meter bases that belong to the home owner, the RCMP refuse to act on the complaint. The police have been told by government the meters are safe and what isn’t being represented is people are effectively being tazed across their property lines including First Responder’s families. The Attorney General of BC is under the assumption the people complaining are a radical fringe group. This is the result when BC Hydro was allowed to bypass all regulatory process to mass install smart meters and the grid. Electromagnetically inducing currents into everything changes sciences across the board but no one informed or consulted academia that Degrees or Diplomas like my own are no longer applicable. Sciences including engineering has changed.

Sustainable Development under the Auditor General Act is short and very straight forward. Ecocide and millions of buildings grossly exceeding Building Code isn’t legally definable as Sustainable.