Radio Frequency Exposure: Specific Absorption Rate Testing Method

SAR or Specific Absorption Rate Testing Method is used to document radio frequency exposure to humans.

As you can see by the link, the process used is a mannequin to probe for temperature after exposure. The SAR method is seriously limited in information, they aren’t documenting true physiological changes with EMF exposure. This blog is going to show you information in the infrared spectrum that exceeded industry expertise.

Safety Code 6 uses the same standards as the FCC and international bodies on limits of human exposure to RF EMFs. Stimulating tissue and the heat effect are to be avoided according to Safety Code 6. Experimental studies have shown it can lead to nerve and muscle stimulation but the mechanism was missing.

The missing mechanism linking the frequencies to adverse health effects was reported to Health Canada and by expert witness for Canadian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Health. Health Canada didn’t follow Safety Code 6 and pass on to provinces, U.S., W.H.O. critical information that wasn’t seen before had been found. Wi-Fi in schools and smart meter frequencies violate Safety Code 6. They stimulate biology and heat tissue which is to be avoided. While technology upgrades are important, computer stations and technology needs to be wired. Wi-Fi in schools is taking billions of dollars in sustainable construction economy from countries and the frequencies are contributing to health costs.

Smart meters are another wireless technology to read your electrical, gas and water meter to report consumption wirelessly. Humans aren’t wired for those frequencies, neither are bees, pollinators or ecosystems. Pacemakers and health monitoring equipment warn of EMFs interfering with their devices, smart meters will deliver the EMFs to their homes. Here is a link to Central Maine Power admitting smart meters are causing interference.

Below is a time-lapsed infrared video investigating flux exposure, is tissue stimulated or heated?

55% of BC municipalities voted to support a moratorium on smart meters for particular reasons. Health and environmental costs alone will bankrupt countries while contributing to extinction of species. Wi-Fi is in US courts, look at the filings with declarations under threat of perjury. Barry Trower refers to genetic mutation of ovaries.

An immediate moratorium is required, the health and environmental effects are unrealized. We aren’t even discussing the harmonics affecting electrical distribution or the unprotected electrical systems of the body.