Radio Interview & Proof, The Entire World in a Microwave

The Entire World in a Microwave!’Guest – Curtis Bennett will discuss the legal implications that Local, State and Federal governments imminently face with their knowledge of the dangers of the “Smart Grid”. He will reveal the testimony and proof to show they are liable. “We’ have REAL PROOF”!

Mr. Curtis Bennett is a Chief Science Officer, Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician(Red Seal),Engineering Technologist, Adjunct Professor for Integrative Health Forum & Global Education Development Institute- with 35 years advanced thermography background, 35 Year Advanced Thermography Background-

Curtis will explain how FortisBC Smart Meters cause real danger. The installed 22,000 dangerous smart meters that compromises 22,000(40,000 reported now) buildings and health has to be reversed and stopped immediately including police action protecting people’s homes.The meters are an immediate threat!

The liability that has been created by this shameless representation of taxpayers and ecosystems is off the charts. Canada has to own the entire country is in a microwave oven.

Welcome to Inter-Occupy’s continuing conferences on electromagnetic radiation including microwave radiation dangers. We have been getting educated on how this hazardous radiation affects people, animals, insects and plants, and how these harmful effects increase over time.
Link to OccupyEMR Harm Conference Call Agenda 3-26-2015

The Interview refers to THE PROOF. Here is a letter to Mayor and Council of The City of Kelowna on Smart Meters. That link contains BC Government transcripts, evidence and experts under oath for the FortisBC Application for Wireless Smart Meters. The BC Government is the Provincial Authority Having Jurisdiction making these legal documents on FortisBC’s Smart Meters being illegal and dangerous as applied. Health Canada, The FCC and global governing bodies use the same science for limits of human exposure to RF EMFs. That makes this legal document applicable in every municipality, province, state and country. Read for yourself where FortisBC experts were technically disqualified in cross examination admitting their Risk Assessment Report was missing critical science. Electrical Engineer Dr. Yakov Shkolnikov states under direct cross examination that it would be his duty to revise his report if critical information was missing. Exponent Inc carries Errors and Omission’s Insurance for Shkolnikov, is their insurance covering the trillions in real damage associated with FortisBC’s deployment of Smart Meters?