Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Imaging & Treatment

The complications of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy break a person’s heart for the pain and suffering they go through. I heard about atrophy or a partial wasting of the body while patients look for relief and try anything for relief.

The file we will refer to here was a patient saving their medications as they spoke about ending their life instead of living with the suffering and lack of quality of life.

Thermography has been recognized as a diagnostic tool for seeing loss of control of blood and temperature associated with RSD. We employ the most advanced temperature imaging in the world and troubleshoot for a wide range of industry assisting professionals in seeing their objectives. Oil, gas, energy, mines, manufacturing, groundwater for fish spawning, forest fires, mold detection, urban heat island cause, global warming, GHG emissions, governments, insurers, buildings, medicine, medical education, dangers of wireless EMFs, and the list goes on.

It took many years to take non invasive medical imaging to the highest required standards by lecturing medical education for education credits doctors, dentists, nurses and other professionals require for licensing. Having Boards of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing recognize and approve our our participation in one of the most advanced medical education programs is a tremendous honor. I personally sit through and value the education from the brilliant lecturers and the progressive thinking medical education administration of the Energy Medicine Program. Everything we do in industry or environmentally ends up cycling through the body and provides challenges medicine shouldn’t have brought to their doorstep.

Visual imaging of the early detection of breast cancer, inflammation, circulation challenges, progression of disease or effective treatment can be seen with portable non invasive radiology. The images you are about to see are part of our 2012 difficult diagnosis series. You will see RSD before and after treatment to show physiological changes. With electrical and engineering backgrounds, we mixed modalities/applications from several companies to produce these results. Our intent was to assist the patient with this debilitating disease.

20120910-Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy