Smart Meters Not Saving Energy, Decreasing Demand or GHG Emissions

With more people on the planet and more electrical demand with developing countries, electricity has to be generated. Countries, states, provinces and municipalities are rightfully worried about electrical grids meeting demand.

One of the biggest reasons for deploying smart meter technology is to manage the grid and electrical or energy consumption. Regardless of intent, there are several problems with this wireless technology as applied. There are more important ways to realistically save energy and we are going to share advanced infrared imaging that is now lectured in education showing missing data.

1. Buildings use energy for heating and cooling. Although buildings are designed and insulated for their regional temperature extremes, they are signed off as compliant with building codes because energy consumption wasn’t seen or isolated. Here is an infrared image showing a house with heat loss. The problem should have been caught during initial inspection. Smart Meters will inform you of the consumption and bill you for it or you can shut the heating off in the winter to avoid the cost instead of addressing the problem. Here is a link to other Heat Loss Images including government stimulus funding missing the heat loss.