Solar EMFs Causing Climate Change Without Producing Emissions

Natural electromagnetic fields or EMFs are part of our every day life but we have to be very careful and considerate of any EMFs. While solar radiation EMFs don’t go through walls, radio frequencies including cell phone and Wi-Fi go through walls depending on their construction. This video is referring to solar interaction with building exteriors. If building development doesn’t reflect or protect from solar radiation, the development will be radiated.

This video includes an infrared time-lapsed video of buildings being radiated right after sunrise. The entire world is looking for this information but Canada’s government didn’t pass it on. To see Canadian Parliament Buildings become urban heat islands and contributing to climate change, go to this link.

It is hard to imagine that all cities, provinces, states and countries contributed to the weather severity that just killed hundreds in the Southern United States. Look at this satellite video from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Weather Service so you can see how clouds or winds move across the country. The winds are different every day. Now look at the video below and keep in mind heat rises as this generated heat travels the globe. Adding heat atmospherically is global warming and it is causing climate change. What you see below is happening in every state, province or country and it is happening every day. More weather severity is a reality, it is a matter of when.