Specific Absortion Rate Used For Wireless Safety Missing Critical Data

With all the discussion on wireless safety it is very important people understand the real dangers of wireless exposure and the science that was missing linking the frequencies to health problems.

A wireless circuit is the same as a wired circuit except a wired circuit is insulated and the electromagnetic fields in wires are generally confined to the insulated wires unless they are single lines. When you are using your cell phone, wireless devices and smart meters, you have an invisible wire connecting you to the device. When you are on your cell phone, think of an invisible wire from the cell tower antennas miles away to you as you drive.

There are serious laws regarding wireless exposure with frequencies that go through you, your child, your fetus, brain, breasts, testicles, etc. Safety codes specify stimulation of tissue is to be avoided except when you are getting medical imaging. With medical imaging, you are put in an intended position of use and the rest of your body protected.

The reason you don’t want these frequencies hitting you or stimulating tissue is because experimental studies show it can lead to nerve and muscle depolarization. Nerve and muscle depolarization by these wireless frequencies is an electrical storm affecting the nervous system as well as hormone and immune systems. The science missing was how could you possibly be hit by the electromagnetic fields in different parts of your body? The test used by Health Canada, FCC in the US, wireless providers and the international science community is called the Specific Absortion Rate(SAR Values). Here is a picture of the Specific Absortion Rate and the science used around the world for safety levels of wireless exposure.

See the bracket holding the cell phone in place? The red arrow is highlighting the base of the antenna on the phone where they measured the highest power density. From there it is assumed a small area of the skull was affected. The white arrow is showing a hole in the head where fluid is put in the model and the black wire going into the hole in the head is a temperature probe. If the fluid heats up it is called thermal effects, if the fluid doesn’t heat up it is called non thermal effects. This is the ENTIRE science used for human exposure.

The same test is used for wireless computer or other portable device exposure. It was determined exposure was okay 24/7 because the wireless device isn’t held against the head. Smart meter frequencies were considered safe because the smart meter isn’t held against the head. It is thought a little distance from the device keeps you safe.

What do you see missing in this wireless circuit above? We asked how many tower antennas were communicating with the cell phone, how many Wi-Fi Routers communicating with wireless computers or devices and where were the smart meter routers, relays, smart meter routers and antennas covering 1000s of square miles? The answers were they left them out.

As you can see, the Specific Absorption Rate test admits micro currents are being electromagnetically induced into people but just a little current producing heat. The archaic, ridiculous science used around the world left out the routers, relays, antennas on towers and ALL human frequencies, vulnerability and bioelectric information. The picture directly below is a diagram of a wireless grid provided by BC Hydro. Can you see the information not included in the Specific Absorption Rate test model?

As soon as you incorporate the missing wireless grid showing how people are hit by the frequencies and missing bioelectricity, you have causation, biological plausibility and reproducibility missing in Safety Code 6 which uses the same science standards as other governing bodies. When you read the first 9 pages of Safety Code 6, it will shock you to see a code on safety admitting it missed critical science.

Governments, municipalities, utility companies, utility commissions, provinces, wireless industry, schools, etc all require compliance with Safety Code 6 and not stimulate or heat people. Here is a link to lots of information including testimony for the Texas Senate on the biological killing fields created by the coverage areas.

Health Canada is in the process of revising Safety Code 6 and has retained the Royal Society of Canada. As you can see above, the SAR is ridiculous and archaic science. A US Congressman has introduced a draft bill to revise and update the Specific Absorption Rate so it reflects all wireless exposure. The press release and Draft Bill H.R. 6358.

The dangers of the frequencies is now lectured in medical education for education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. Contact the Integrative Health Forum to speak with medical education administrators for an education program in your area.

Land use issues are considering tower construction on a lot, not the number of antennas radiating miles outside their land use. The frequencies are radiating buildings and buildings aren’t designed for the vibrations which causes the buildings to violate building codes.

Fortis BC is applying to install a wireless smart grid that will radiate 17,000 sq. km or 6553 sq. miles. That will electromagnetically induce everything in the coverage area including biological systems, insects, pollinators, trees, crops, buildings, infrastructure which includes pregnant women, the unprotected fetus, pacemaker recipients, etc. The utility application should be denied because everything the frequencies interact with have to be considered and the applicable professionals. The frequencies are illegal as applied.

Environmental and agriculture interests need to be involved, the frequency coverage areas are killing ecosystems and food sources. Here are links to testing of frequencies on plants and insects.

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