Transcripts and Evidence of BCUC Substantiates FortisBC Misrepresented Safety of Wireless Smart Meters

FortisBC’s Article in Kelowna Daily Courier is FortisBC’s response to public concerns about smart meters. FortisBC Engineer Mark Warren named Curtis Bennett, the BCUC and that due process was followed in their smart meter application. Bennett was a Registered Intervener for West Kootenay Concerned Citizens in the FortisBC application and cross examined FortisBC experts in front of the BCUC.

Bennett has responded only in his professional capacity to the article on safety and FortisBC’s reckless representation of the facts. Please keep in mind Bennett’s opening statement for the BCUC on the FortisBC application clarified he was there in the best interests of FortisBC as well as others across the board.

This went to the City of Kelowna, Mayor and Council as the jurisdictional authority:

February 23, 2015
Dear Mayor and Council,

Please see attached file on the real dangers of FortisBC Smart Meters as applied. FortisBC has installed 22,000 meters and that compromises 22,000 buildings that can not be sold as is.

FortisBC responded to safety of the meter program through media and mentioned me by name. Here are the transcripts showing FortisBC outright lied on the safety of their wireless smart meters. This file shows the BCUC transcripts and evidence that contradict what FortisBC is representing. 100% of their installations have to be redone and analog meters re-installed.

The transcripts will validate Kelowna has been turned into a big microwave oven with everything in it. The program has to be reversed and stopped immediately including police action protecting people’s homes. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. The meters are an immediate threat to City Council’s families, First Responders and all across the board. The liability that has been created by this shameless representation of taxpayers and ecosystems is off the charts. The Nazis during the second world war were prosecuted for war crimes including genocide. Canada has to own the entire country is in a microwave oven.

The damage is measurable by the measurable second and the peer reviewed science is electricity, engineering biology, medicine, etc. Please do your job and do not technically overwhelmed by a plastic head with water in it. Link to Letter


Curtis Bennett
Chief Science Officer
Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician(Red Seal)
Engineering Technologist
Adjunct Professor for Integrative Health Forum & Global Education Development Institute
35 Year Advanced Thermography Background