Wi-Fi Sensitivity(ELECTROCUTION) Could(WILL) Result in Disability(BIG LAWSUITS & JAIL)


It isn’t a matter of could result in disability, it is a reality. WiFi in classrooms means a man made microwave oven has been made to communicate with portable electronic devices. The problem is the children, teachers, support staff and buildings are the uninsulated conductor now. Here is what happened in Peel County Schools in Ontario in 2015 and the reality. The link here also contains the document Alli Larkin as an elected official asked for on WiFi in Washington State Schools in 2014 affecting over 1 million students. There is a link to mutation of chicks in radiated eggs and a submission for the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. There are 440 Nuclear Power Plants in the world and these RF EMFs as applied will cause nuclear failure within borders. http://thermoguy.com/peel-district-school-board-students-discover-microwaves-from-wifi-in-ontario-schools-may-cause-infertility/ 

Schools, governments, industries will be sued, let alone disability. That is separate of the real criminal liability once they know. School Boards can’t argue this any more, do your jobs or be liable which will include jail. Here is a document that an elected official asked for regarding Wi-Fi in Washington State Schools affecting over a million students. http://thermoguy.com/wp-content/uploads/Washington-State-Department-of-Health-on-Wi-Fi-in-Schools.pdf

The dangers of WiFi, causation and biological plausibility has been lectured in accredited medical education for education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. It means this is no longer opinion or debate, it is approved medical education applicable in EVERY state in the United States, EVERY province in Canada. The Integrative Health Forum isn’t teaching a course in a college or university, it is applicable to all of them. This is an amazing group of 14,000 licensed health professionals and growing as it is the only medical education program in the world showing what is referred to as non thermal effects. Radiation damage can be seen and is in this amazing medical program. I am one of their faculty and an Adjunct Professor lecturing in this program. WiFi is considered innovative technology? It is radiation and nothing on the planet is electrically compatible with it except a portable electronic device.

Have people heard of Fukashima? That was because of a Tsunami. There are 100s of nuclear power plants and those buildings, facilities as well as infrastructure are not designed or engineered for highly penetrating RF EMFs accelerating corrosion where failure is the reality. http://thermoguy.com/submission-for-canadian-nuclear-safety-commission-on-rf-emfs-causing-accelerated-corrosion-making-the-power-plants-non-compliant-with-building-codes/

What is genetic mutation, compromised reproduction, nerve, hormonal and immune compromised bodies worth per person in a lawsuit that is verifiable today? The peer reviewed science is electricity, biology, engineering where industry, FCC and others have to substantiate a plastic head with water in it as science. Police and Attorney Generals across the board need to understand people are being assaulted with a frequency and biological weapon as applied including their own families. You can’t tase students and you can’t subtly electrocute then by putting them inside a man made microwave oven.

These eggs hatched in 21 days and are mutated, students are in schools for years and girls have all their eggs at birth. http://thermoguy.com/radio-frequency-exposure-causing-mutation-of-eggs/