Wild Fire & Forest Fires

Global warming causing climate change complicates fire seasons because droughts contribute to fire severity. You can scroll down the blog and see how buildings are contributing to climate change.

A challenge for fire fighting professionals is smoke typically blinds them and inhibits their ability to fight fires. Imagine fire crews battling these blazes and not know what is coming at them. We trained our first fire department years 20 years ago in applying infrared applications to give fire fighters the ability to see through smoke.

California, British Columbia and other areas are expecting severe fire seasons because of climate change, unfortunately they will fight fires blind. Here is an image of a forest fire about to interface with a city and it couldn’t be seen.

Wouldn’t it be advantageous for fire behavioral specialists to see their objectives through smoke? We could track the direction before it arrives without changing command structure, we just provide tech support that gives them unobstructed sight. We have an extensive library of images, here is a Forest Fire Link for more information.