100% of UN Members in Paris on Climate Change Blind to Temperature!

What did 100% of the UN Members have in common at the latest climate change meeting in Paris? They are all 100% blind to the temperatures related to global warming causing climate change. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/15/climate/cop24-katowice-climate-summit.html?

IF humans heat the atmosphere, it changes the weather formula and climate globally. We all share the same atmosphere. While emissions themselves kill people, they are not the immediate problem. My background includes energy, emissions and I have government and industry credentials recognized across Canada for the utilization of ALL electricity.

As the government’s recognized science professionals, nothing could have prepared me for politics and the political cartels putting themselves before the public they were elected to represent. Our jobs are to report to and thru authorities having jurisdiction, we do not blind side our government(codes and standards).

Buildings have to comply with all codes and standards or there is no occupancy, insurance, lenders, taxes, sales, etc. Building Codes are specific about climatic data and regional temperature criteria. The codes warn of solar EMF impact. It is the misrepresentation of sciences and emissions that prevent President Trump from embracing climate change being man made.

Do you know why buildings are white washed? They reflect solar radiation and the solar EMFs can not interact with the exterior finishes. They do not use air conditioning which in fact is refrigeration. It is a scientific consensus that a 2 deg. C rise in atmospheric temperature will be globally catastrophic.

Our team imaged buildings in 7 provinces and 26 states related to solar impact first thing after sunrise. It was absolutely shocking to see the exterior of buildings being urban heat generators before they are urban heat islands. The heat generated by buildings was close to boiling temperature and MASSIVE energy waste, emissions, resource waste reacting to symptoms. Los Angeles alone was reported to use 100 million dollars of refrigeration responding to the symptoms of the exterior being radiated.

These science advancements were given to the Canadian Government for climate change conferences and 100% of the politicians didn’t share it which denied Canada and the world 100s of billions in immediate economy with emissions reduced immediately. The first time-lapsed infrared video is right after sunrise and the second is a video from inside the building showing heat transfer inside through lumber. https://youtu.be/EA3py3us5VM

This was given to Trudeau as soon as he was in office, he represented none of it when the UN has committed 100s of billions to address it. Stephen Fuhr is our liberal MP, a retired pilot with the military and absolutely useless. He was no better than the previous MP Ron Cannon who was also useless undermining his community and country.

This conference on climate change didn’t even discuss wireless and what happens when high speed EMFs hit atmospheric or other atoms and molecules, simple physics is high speed oscillations generating heat, inducing electrical current, etc. A major health summit on wireless exposure didn’t address changing sciences and climate change.

Now the powers that be want a carbon tax while they kill the planet that sustains all life. Literally everything on the planet is temperature sensitive and we are changing sciences, economy and extreme weather.