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MP Ron Cannan and Prime Minister Harper on 700 MHz Frequency Auction

The Canadian Government led by Prime Minister Harper are auctioning off the 700 MHz frequency range. It was horrific to hear media actually report these RF EMFs penetrate deeper into buildings and parkades.

It requires investigation why and how the Prime Minister would allow Industry Canada to auction off these RF EMFs while the Government of Canada’s Health Canada has an independent body called the Royal Society of Canada presently revising exposure codes. Especially when the test used for limits of human exposure is a plastic head with liquid in it.  Here is a picture of a Sam Phantom Model used for the Specific Absorption Rate.

Specific Absorption Rate Test
Specific Absorption Rate Test

Ron Cannan is the MP for this area and here is a letter sent to Mr. Cannan in Ottawa. There has been no response to date when the test for human exposure isn’t even applicable to building code. This undermines engineers, architects, municipalities and will cause buildings to NOT comply with building codes.

This is being reported to and through our authority having jurisdiction. They are required to technically disqualify engineers and then pass the information on to other provinces as well as other countries.

MP Ron Cannan and Prime Minister Harper on 700 MHz Frequency Auction

Radio Frequency Exposure Causing Mutation of Eggs

Wireless technology seems like a great idea, the problem is we aren’t electrically compatible. Our 60 Hz electrical grid in North America function with appliances, equipment or devices that operate at 60 Hz. If they didn’t the equipment wouldn’t run efficiently or safely.

Smart Meters, cellphones and Wi-Fi use frequencies that are 900 MHz to 5 GHz. That is 900 million cycles per second to 5 billion cycles per second. Towers, their antennas, routers and other wireless infrastructure are bathing areas so we can use wireless. The real problem is there are reasons we wire devices because nothing in existence runs at those frequencies. Safety Code 6 in Canada uses the same science standards as the FCC but admits the mechanisms were missing linking the frequencies to adverse health effects. They left out the millions or trillions of frequencies of biological systems as well as the routers and antennas hitting all life. The frequencies are illegal as applied. Safety standards only considered tissue was heating, they left out the fact intricate electrical systems are electromagnetically induced. Ohm’s law wasn’t considered or used and it wasn’t understood cell voltages in your body are changed.

Volts = amps x resistance(V= IxR) Power(watts) = volts X amps. If you look at a spec plate on an appliance in your home, you can determine how many watts the appliance in your home uses. A cell in your body has -70 mV and that voltage will change but none of that information was used when it comes to safety.

The information below is critically important to you. You will read that authors radiated chicken eggs with frequencies and the chickes were mutated as you can see in the pictures.

A smart meter will go on your home and the meters, relays, routers, collectors will radiate a fetus, a baby, a baby girl’s eggs 24/7. Chickens hatch in 21 days and the chicks were mutated, girl’s eggs will be radiated for years until they become of age to be able to get pregnant. When they get pregnant, if they get pregnant, what will happen to the baby? All of this to read energy consumption remotely and this isn’t addressing the problems to buildings, infrastructure, agriculture, fish, trees and literally everything in the coverage area.

Here is a picture from a must read book called “Cellular Radiation, Is This our Next Titanic?” by Dr. David R. James & Ora James Murphy. Ph: 1-877-300-4880 Ext 102. Look at the picture and think of your children or wives as well as all life. After mutation, what happens when a species can’t reproduce anymore?

20120818-photo of mutated chicks

Last week we got calls from veterans whose grand children had deformities at birth, extra fingers, autism, eye problems and other unthinkable challenges to be considered.

Worcester, Massachusetts Puts Smart Grid on Hold

Worcester’s Zoning Board of Appeals had a meeting regarding a utility application to install the smart grid for a pilot smart meter program. The board voted to put the program on hold for many reasons that can be outlined in this news article. Worcester Zoning Appeal Committee Votes to Put Smart Grid on Hold

Here is a picture of a model used for the Specific Absorption Rate adopted for the limits of human exposure. See anything related to a human in this test?

We were asked to submit a response to a State Senator and an electrical engineer reporting on Television the wireless meter program is safe. We also wanted to address missing science in the Zoning Application by the utility. Response to Zoning Application, Senator and Electrical Engineer on Safety of Smart Grid

Here is the video of the public meeting with the Zoning Appeal Board and presentations by National Grid as well as opponents of the smart grid. It is a long but worthwhile education to hear this from the source. Video of Worcester Zoning Application for Smart Grid

EMFs & RF EMFs Interfere With Pacemakers

What are the health costs to taxpayers and the recipient for the medical industry to install pacemakers?

Manufacturer specifications for the pacemaker tell recipients to stay out of an electromagnetic field(EMF) because the EMFs can electromagnetically induce the device and interfere with the device. Some people have been forced to retire because of the EMF environment they worked in.

This is another reason why the deployment of wireless frequencies for cell phones, Wi-Fi and smart meters are extremely dangerous as applied. There are real reasons we wire the world using insulated known conductors. In a wireless circuit, everything in the EMF is effectively in the wireless electrical circuit and that is to be avoided.

It is very important readers understand the science supporting the safety of wireless exposure uses a test that is not applicable science. Here is a picture of a Sam Phantom Model used for testing limits of human exposure, can you see why exposure codes admit causality and biological plausibility is missing linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects?

Specific Absorption Rate Test
Specific Absorption Rate Test

This is the test cell phone manufacturers have to submit their phone to. Can you see the red arrow highlighting the phone? The white arrow highlights the hole in the top of the head where a temperature probe measure temperature changes in liquid inside the head. If no heat is detected, it is called non thermal effects.

Besides the plastic head not having anything to do with biology, there were no antennas incorporated into the test. That is the equivalent of investigating a toaster that isn’t plugged in electrocuting people.

When it came to Wi-Fi exposure, the same test is used and any harm is dismissed because the laptop and other portable devices aren’t held against the head like a cell phone. 24/7 exposure is deemed safe when the routers or antennas completing the wireless circuit were left out.

When it came to smart meter exposure, the same test is used and any harm is dismissed because people aren’t putting the meter against the head like a cell phone.

Here is a diagram by BC Hydro showing the smart grid that substantiates how people are hit from head to toe and will be adversely affected at home.

bc hydro smart grid diagram

Here is a letter from medical education professionals on EMFs & Pacemaker Interference. When FortisBC admits their smart grid will cover 17,000 sq. kms, it will interfere with pacemaker recipients in all cities with lots of people including seniors with pacemakers. Killing these recipients in their homes contradicts manufacturer’s specification and there will be real liability for all. 

City of Worcester Zone Meeting on Smart Meters

Worcester MA is the state pilot project for wireless smart meters and unfortunately the project moved forward without the required science substantiating safety. As a result tens of thousands are being electrocuted slowly. There are reasons we wire the world and not put people in an electromagnetic field. None of us would grab hold of a bare wire because you could be killed. In this case National Grid is providing the electromagnetic field and people as well as buildings are in the electrical circuit.

The Zone Appeal Board in Worcester MA had a public meeting on National Grid’s application to install a tower for their smart grid. Here is our submission for the Zone Appeal Board and City of Worcester.

City of Worcester Zone Meeting on Smart Meters

Non Thermal EMF Exposure Can be Seen!

Did you know the entire world’s education is literally blind to temperature? Temperature is considered in every science except we use calculators or in the case of wireless exposure a temperature probe. Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 on human exposure uses the same science standard as the FCC and other governing bodies. Stimulating tissue is to be avoided as is the heat effect, here is a picture of a test used.

Specific Absorption Rate Test
Specific Absorption Rate Test Adopted For Wireless

The red arrow on the picture to the left highlights the cell phone antenna.

The hole in the head is where liquid is poured and the white arrow shows the temperature probe in the liquid.

Can you see the limits in the SAR test? The test doesn’t represent anything biological and left out antennas.

In being asked to write this newsletter, I have a double science background as an electrical professional as well as a second credential in building engineering.

Temperature is an important consideration in all sciences including electricity as well as engineering but we used calculators for temperature consideration. I did both science backgrounds specifically to compliment an extensive background in Thermal Radiation imaging applications going back 35 years.

When it comes to wireless exposure, here is a picture of the Specific Absorption Rate used to determine the dosage of electromagnetic radiation. See the cellphone against the head and the temperature probe in the top of the head where liquid is poured? Smart meters and Wi-Fi exposure was deemed safe 24/7 because the laptop, tablet and smart meter are not held against the head like a cell phone.

As you can see, the test adopted by Canada, FCC and others has nothing to do with human biology. The grid, routers and antennas was also left out of the SAR test. The whole test is based on whether water molecules are heated, there are no organs, heart, brain, voltages, frequencies, frequency changes, cell information, etc.

Here is a time-lapsed infrared video using a responsibly designed magnetic field because an EMF experiment could endanger the subject. The video was done without expectations and a spot meter placed on the toe to document any temperature changes.

Couple who fled utility tower get $1 million

Here is a start of what is to come regarding wireless use. The Specific Absorption Rate test adopted for limits of human exposure isn’t even applicable science. The only reason there hasn’t been one peer reviewed study showing harm is because the test model is plastic and filled with fluid. The test model has absolutely nothing in common with human biology. One side refers to health effects and the energy sector should say the plastic dummy they use for a model has nothing to do with health and never will. The 2 sides are comparing apples and elephants.

Specific Absorption Rate Test with Temperature Probe in Liquid.
Specific Absorption Rate Test with Temperature Probe in Liquid.

How and why the telecomm or energy industry were allowed to move forward with wireless when the very code regulating the industry says mechanisms are missing linking the frequencies to adverse health effects requires investigation. The plastic test model for SAR didn’t include the grid radiating everything in the coverage areas or the fact that human biology is electrical.

Single power lines are very dangerous, we put wires together so the EMFs cancel each other out. Even extremely low frequencies of 60 Hz have killed many. During inspections we have done on electrical distribution for billion dollar industry, we showed 60 Hz in the infrared spectrum creating a very dangerous and explosive environment.

Keep in mind towers have more than 1 antenna. Wi-Fi Routers are an antenna that electromagnetically radiate the entire classroom. That has 30 students plus teachers inside the electrical circuit and EACH of them have a multi million dollar lawsuit.

This couple was awarded 1 million and the energy company offered 26,000. Had the jury known of the damage to the building as well as the 4 children and 2 adults, the real damage could be in the millions per person. I have asked lawyers and wait for a response on what genetic mutation is worth per child? This is one lawsuit when everyone has a lawsuit.

The SAR test left out the smart grid radiating large areas. FortisBC during their application for wireless admitted to electromagnetically radiating 17,000 sq. kms or 6564 sq. miles. There are hundreds of thousands of people in the coverage area and EACH of the 100s of thousands of people in the coverage area have a multi million dollar lawsuit. That is separate of ALL the buildings, infrastructure, crops, trees, bees, salmon spawning and other damages. Municipalities will sue for billions and have a right to their claims now.

There is much more coming and this is the start as there will be billions of people seeking compensation. That doesn’t include the environmental, building and infrastructure damage. Couple Fleeing Wireless Awarded 1 million dollars

Power Density in Extension Cords, Power Bars and Appliances Cause Fires

This is additional information on how extension cords, power bars and bunches of devices plugged in can create electrical problems. When wiring buildings is done by qualified electricians, your circuits are designed and installed to handle your electrical needs safely. Homeowners create problems when they purchase extension cords and don’t use them properly. The size of the wire is stamped along the length of the cord. Usually extension cords are thinner wire meant for a small electrical load unless you specify you want 14 or 12 gauge wire. That wire being thinner than house wiring can create several different compromises of that electrical circuit and different dangers for the home.

During Christmas or celebrations or even home offices, we use extension cords and plug in many devices. A wired and wireless circuit are doing the same thing. A wired circuit is insulated conductors and the EMFs cancel each other out. The wireless circuit is not insulated and everything hit by the RF EMFs is in the circuit. This time-lapsed infrared video shows why we confine energy to an insulated wire and the EMFs cancel each other out.

FortisBC admits under cross examination they will electromagnetically radiate 17,000 sq. km to communicate with smart meters. Imagine an uninsulated wire with all people, buildings, infrastructure effectively in the circuit that is 17,000 Here is a picture of the science used and science missed in EMF exposure.