Boeing Engineers Use Potatoes For Wi-Fi Safety on Airplanes??

It continues to break my heart to see what politics, special interests and professionals not doing their jobs has created in reality.
Shaunnesy Rodriguez is one example. Shaunnesy is a military mom whose son served his country. On top of that her and associates work with Wounded Warriors, Police and Fire with budgets of their own. They struggle to pay for their gas for the vehicle.
She is repaid for that service by being put inside man made microwave ovens and reporting health effects that can kill her as well as others. People need to step up including filing criminal complaints to have the people including politicians at the highest level arrested immediately.
This isn’t a debate and people are not sensitive to their real electrocution. People across the board don’t have to get technical to explain the real harm, let Boeing Engineers do it for you.
Here is the tests done to show Wi-Fi is safe on planes, that your babies are protected, military, airline workers and even the engineers that kicked out this ridiculous test. Are you or your family potatoes? Ever seen a potato in a doctor’s office or getting surgery? This is disgraceful and has undermined any health care system globally.
Causation linking the RF EMFs was found and reported through governments in Canada but ex Prime Minister Harper as well as others didn’t do their jobs.
This is what doctors, municipalities, insurers and lawyers have to see. People have huge lawsuits for their radiation, worker’s comp claims, the eco damage is an assault on all life and the domino effect impacts all countries.
Professionals that do not step up will be liable. Engineers will have to go to court and represent that garbage to a judge and jury. The only challenge to lawyers working for you is they can’t cross examine the potato.
This infuriates me and another victim I need to mention is Professor and MD Ronald Lynch. Professor Lynch was instrumental in a CME accredited medical education program on causation being lectured in Florida UCF. That medical education is applicable to all health professionals in North America. Dr. Lynch has been in Florida Prison for years for writing 3 or 4 prescriptions for long term patients. He is an African American but not from Africa. He was sentenced to 25 years when his work is Nobel Prize worthy and saving lives specific to early detection of Breast Cancers and more.
It humbles the hell out of me that Dr Lynch has been put in prison and we work with him on this EMF assault with a deadly weapon as applied. Pediatric groups representing 10s of 1000s of children are calling for help with the alarming rates of health effects while this brilliant man of medicine and god is limited in helping. Dr Lynch missed his children’s graduation, their weddings, his wife who has a 35 year as a Biology Teacher with an unblemished record. Byron Lynch share this with your family and father. I can not apologize enough for the hell you have been through while your father saves lives from prison.