Boeing Engineers Using Potatoes For Wi-Fi Safety on Airlines Isn’t Reassuring & Creates Unrealized Consequences

As the different levels of government’s trained and credentialed science professionals, our jobs represent critically important codes and standards. Banks, lenders, insurers, fire services, police, education, medicine, all services, elected representatives, environment, energy efficiency, sustainable development require those minimum standards to secure financing.

Any technical challenges to the above are specific to code rules and science. Professionals have a duty to do their jobs, not speak over their expertise and political parties have to follow the above and not an agenda of the political party. When we do our trades certification, engineering, sciences or their administration there aren’t separate standards to accommodate political interests or affiliations. Any compromise of the above has real consequences including liability.

Media has been reporting problems with aircraft design and new planes with experienced pilots are crashing with all on board killed right after takeoff.

Airlines without exception have considerations regarding fires and explosions on airplanes that are not being considered or addressed. If you ever watch Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den, you will see and hear the sharks refer to immediate cost reduction and profit getting it made in China. Standards are different as are the end product. I bought a GE hotplate with 2 burners. Made in China and one burner didn’t work.

Two weeks ago a basketball player wearing Nike shoes had the shoe come unglued and the athlete was injured. I bought sneakers at Walmart and they fell apart after 3 months. I was walking and riding a bike.

Iphones, vaping pipes, electronics, appliances, etc made overseas and they are failing causing explosions and fires. Directly below are quotes from this law firm

More than 350,000 people are hurt by defective products each year—with the most serious injuries suffered when products explode or catch fire.

Unfortunately, these kinds of product explosions have been anything but few and far between, and malfunctioning ion batteries have been at the root of many of them.

Airlines are not considering their passengers and cargo hold have these devices on their planes.

Airlines now have Wi-Fi on aircraft for ease of communication. RF EMFs are electromagnetic radiation and are microwaves. In order for the Wi-Fi to work, all people on the planes as well as crew are inside a man made microwave oven.

September 14, 2010, the errors and omissions in exposure code Safety Code 6(2009) was reported to provinces, Health Canada and PM Harper. October 26, 2010 at the request of Canadian Parliaments Standing Committee on Health. In the supplementary report, NDP asked for Health Canada to investigate because of my credentials.

Boeing Engineers did the work specific to Wi-Fi safety on planes. Here is Boeing’s video on their tests. The testing Boeing did failed airlines. There are reasons we wire the world.
EMFs interfere with brain waves, what are the frequencies of a potato’s brain?