Building Inspection


Building development plays a significant role in global warming causing climate change and building inspection can’t see it. Although buildings are designed, insulated and insured for specific temperatures, education has been blind to temperature. We used calculators with the greatest of accuracy but if the inputted data is wrong, so is the calculation.


Building construction is very serious engineering, except the problem has been we couldn’t see building function. The unfortunate result has been consumers working on their own buildings without understanding that changing the entire dynamics of the design can affect code compliance, energy use, health, environment as well as their investment.

City inspectors, real estate inspectors, home inspections are all blind as to the actual function of your building so it is signed off as compliant with building codes. That leaves the home owner vulnerable when they don’t have to be. Get involved with your purchase.

A responsible infrared inspection needs to be utilized in EVERY building inspection, renovation or energy audit to assist inspectors in presenting a complete report for their customers. Be careful using thermography, it requires trained building and energy professionals to achieve your objectives.

If your building is cold inside, hot inside in the summer or your air conditioning is running full time, you have building envelope problems that can only be seen with a responsible and qualified infrared application. The thermographer’s report & interpretations should be recognized and qualified within existing code to any type of building professional.

Trees for shade cover is important and buildings with functional landscaping are worth more than a solar exposed building. Follow the links below to see some basic infrared images of energy use by buildings. Whether it is missing insulation, water behind walls, leaky condos, energy use, emissions, etc, it can be seen.

Go to HEAT LOSS IMAGES to see how energy is used heating buildings.

Go to HEAT GAIN IMAGES to see how building development creates energy and uses energy in the summer.

The next link is related to heat waves and human cause of global warming not being addressed. URBAN HEAT ISLANDS CAUSING GLOBAL WARMING

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