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People Are NOT Sensitive to Their Electromagnetic Radiation From Wireless, Including US & Canadian Embassy Staff in Cuba

It is important for people to understand insurers will not pay out on property or bodily injury related to EMF exposure. Insurers would NEVER accept liability and trillions of dollars in liability when exposure codes used globally admit the causal evidence is missing linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects.

People proclaiming they are sensitive to EMFs limit actions they have against their utility and others. EHS was used because mechanisms linking EMFs to adverse health effects were not understood. Those mechanisms had to be technically qualified by electrical professionals. EMFs are an electrical interaction first and not just an opinion for debate.

The scientific reality is that governments, utilities, IEEE, FCC, Health Canada, manufacturers, etc NEVER should have moved forward with critical science missing. Once the science is found, there can be liability depending on what is found.

Those missing mechanisms, causation and biological plausibility has been found, reported through  jurisdictions and lectured for Continuing Medical Education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. That means this isn’t a debate, it is medical education applicable to health professional in North America and will be global.
Concussions and brain injury can be seen using non invasive radiology. It is lectured for education credits, here are very basic but accurate images for different diagnosis.

Exposure codes admit electrical currents are induced into you and current kills. That means you are not sensitive, you are being electrocuted slowly or in a microwave oven on low. There is no acceptable current to be induced into people, it can kill you.

In Cuba, US and Canadian Embassy staff were injured with a mysterious weapon thought to be sonic. FBI and Intelligence Agencies are stumped because some people in the same room were not hurt or heard nothing. The mysterious weapon is Wi-Fi or wireless EMFs.

Here is a quote from exposure codes used globally explaining why:

“The rate and distribution of RF energy absorption depends strongly on the frequency, intensity and orientation of the incident fields as well as the body size and its constitutive properties (dielectric constant and

Just the orientation to the EMF can make the difference between an electrician living or dying.

US diagnosed the people hurt in Cuba and they had permanent nerve damage, permanent hearing loss, brain trauma, etc where it was reported there was damage to the white matter tracts in the brain. Those tracts are like an information hwy between brain cells letting different parts of the brain communicate.

The domino effect is the nervous, hormonal and immune systems are compromised, cellular voltage changes with frequency changes throughout the body. People are dying, babies are mutated and you need to represent this hell on earth where the damage is measurable by the second.

Facebook Post On The Future of Wireless & People Globally Should Be Very Afraid As It Will Kill All Life Including Crops, Forests

There are no phantom vibrations, these RF EMFs are oscillating in your body, buildings, infrastructure, nuclear power plants, oil fields, gas plants, explosives, water dams, etc at twice the speed of the frequency.

That means 900 MHz of the cell phone, smart meter will vibrate you at the molecular level 1.8 billion times per measurable second.

There is no margin of error and there are real reasons we hard wire the world. We know smoking kills and people have to show ID to buy their cancer sticks. The only reason that is legal is the powers that be like those huge taxes on tobacco.

Cell phones are a Group 1 Carcinogen and cause cancer as well as unrealized hell on the way to your dying. There is no margin of error except in this case the babies or fetus gets their cell phone radiation from conception. Children in preschools, Kindergartens, elementary, etc are getting their radiation 24/7.

Every cell in your body is electrical, everything in existence is atoms and molecules which means electrical. The only thing that will not survive this is any biology including food sources. This wireless undermines 100% of codes and standards, changes 100% of all sciences (academia) so universities, colleges, etc will have to close. Degrees mean nothing, 100% misdiagnosis, triggering pacemakers, heart attacks and killing everything in the man made microwave.

There will be no insurance and no jobs so no health care, pay as you go if you can find someone to do surgeries. Gas plants, refineries and fuel for running the world will blow up stopping all economy.

That is separate of heating the atmosphere where hell is coming for what has happened. After super heating the atmosphere, the floods will come that will kill 100s of millions, trillions in damage and a 500 million dollar painting bought at auction will be worth nothing.

This makes me so ass kicking mad as it undermines all our ancestors gave their lives for. It undermines all religions. This is what happens when politics, special interests, greed, incredible stupidity, ignorance and the so called high tech idiots of today get together. There may be driverless cars but the biological units are not electrically compatible. This will kill the rain forests, all trees and the resulting fires will be another hell against all life.

It is illegal this very minute and the laws are there right now. Banks will get all there illegal buildings back; buildings won’t be compliant with Building Codes. There will be no money or wealth and can you eat that gold or paper?

The US called what Cuba was thought to have done with a mysterious weapon as an act of war, this video calls it communications.

Here is the science Boeing Engineers are using to show Wi-Fi safe on planes.

Here is a picture of the science used around the world to show these RF EMFs cause no harm.








This is why over 60 municipalities, Regional Districts and Indian Bands called for a moratorium on smart meters.…/

Facebook Post on Integrative Health Forum Page Answering Midge Mathis’s Question on Burns Associated With RF EMFs, Causal Evidence & Not a Debate

Midge before and after burns associated with EMF exposure.

Midge Before Burns






Midge After Burns




I want to thank you for your humility posting in the best interests of so many. Professionals and people across the globe need to see this post because it is applicable to 100% of them. You are not hypersensitive to your electrocution and associated hell that will result from being put in a man-made microwave oven.

It is critically important for health and other applicable professionals to expand on this in their capacity. It is a sad reality that politics with special interests associated with wireless have changed medical diagnosis, healthcare and superseded all laws without going through any regulatory processes.

My job here is substantiating mechanisms, causation and biological plausibility admitted to be missing. What makes this horrific is the fact political and special interests moved forward when the code on limits of exposure admits missing critical science. Go to second paragraph of page 9.

With the purpose of the code to protect the public, cell towers with new and existing antennas will be removed. In Canada as an example, it is a condition of licensing with Industry Canada that new and existing antennas comply with exposure codes. This is highlighted on page 10 of this link. Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association

Declassified military documents admitted “laboratory research is still being pursued to identify mechanisms of interaction. However, other than thermal heating for microwave frequencies, there is no agreed-upon mechanism of action.” Highlighted on page 1 Missing the mechanisms and not understanding them is the reason they speak of thermal heating only. Yakov Schkolnikov of Exponent Inc confirmed in my cross-examination during BCUC hearings on FortisBC smart meters that inducing electrical currents produced heat. Schkolnikov confirmed the high speed oscillations 1.8 billion times per second and 4.9 billion times per second of the RF EMFs of the two antennas in the meter produces heat.

FortisBC’s expert, Yakov Schkolnikov of Exponent Inc confirmed in my cross-examination during BCUC hearings that Health Canada’s Safety Code 6, FCC and IEEE(global) all use the same science standards.

Safety Code 6(2009) Page 7, 2nd paragraph states “The specific biological responses to RF energy are generally related to the rate of energy absorbed. The rate and distribution of RF energy absorption depends strongly on the frequency, intensity and orientation of the incident fields as well as the body size and its constitutive properties (dielectric constant and conductivity).” The fact codes admit energy is absorbed is an admission of harm.

The above quote from Safe Code 6(2009) should have set off alarm bells. It means exposure and impossible calculations would have to be done for ANY change in frequency, power density, size, weight, orientation to the EMF, toxic load, etc. Power Density is watts which is volts X amps and .1 of 1 microwatt altered brainwaves in the Dect Phone Study. There is zero acceptable exposure to wireless electricity. There are real reasons we wire the world.

Just the orientation to the EMF at 60 Hz has killed electricians. One example is single power lines can be very dangerous and that is called extremely low frequencies at 60 Hz. In the Okanagan, a lineman was working on a dead power line running parallel to a live line. The lines were reported to be 70 feet apart(7 stories), the live line electromagnetically induced the dead line killing the lineman immediately. If the dead line was perpendicular to the live line, he would have lived.

When it comes to interaction with the human body, think of the nerves, circulatory, system, organs, brain, bones, etc going in all directions in the body. Imagine nerves running parallel to the EMFs and being severely compromised and other parts of nerves at different angles of orientation impacted differently. It has to equate to a physiological hell.

The bottom line is these RF EMFs are not supposed to hit people and Dr. William Bailey confirmed in my cross-examination that people had to be exposed to be hurt. The Specific Absorption Rate test left out the antennas and EMFs hitting you from head to toe. The test is also an admission that electrical currents are being induced. When currents are induced, that increases cellular voltages and is confirmed using Ohm’s Law where Volts = Current X Resistance. Induce currents, voltages increase. That isn’t for debate.

Dr. Joan Moffat confirmed in Penticton’s Moderated Forum on smart meters that it is a biological fact that a .2 micro volt(millionths of 1 volt) increase changes White Blood Cells, .4 micro volt increase changes mood. Safety Code 6(2009) admits EMFs trigger nerves and muscles, Dr. Peter Goldberg expanded on that by stating the nervous, hormonal and immune systems work intricately together. This qualifies your nervous, hormonal and immune systems are compromised at the same time. Dr. Bailey confirmed in my cross-examination that the nervous, hormonal and immune systems work intricately together.

Delta waves in the brain when sleeping or healing are reported to be .2 Hz which is .2 cycles per second. If the frequencies associated with cell phones or smart meters is 900 MHz, which is 900 million cycles per second. Wi-Fi at 2.45 GHz is 2.45 billion cycles per second. I asked Schkolnikov under oath, “What happens when you mix 2 frequencies?” He replied you get 4 resultant frequencies. You get the sum of the 2, the difference between them and the 2 you started with.

The sum of the 2 frequencies isn’t mathematically adding them up. During our electrical apprenticeship in lab work, we would use an oscilloscope to see the frequency change where it literally isn’t recognized by the device.

The W.H.O. reported cell phones as “possibly” carcinogenic May 31, 2011. If Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper had reported to the W.H.O. that Canadian professionals reported missing causation and biological plausibility in exposure codes, cell phones would be carcinogenic.

Causation is proven as soon as the RF EMF grids are technically incorporated into the SAR test. Biological plausibility is proven the second you incorporate all the bio-electrical information of humans into the SAR test. The SAR test is a plastic head or body part with liquid in it and is flat earth science. It should be an aquarium.

The missing mechanism of interaction is the highly penetrating EMFs hitting something. The mechanisms of action are the EMFs hitting atoms and molecules. Literally all sciences with associated industries have to incorporate the atoms and molecules of their area of expertise.

Here is an example as it pertains to building construction and wireless with special interests superseding Building Code when it isn’t applicable. This is a submission for the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission on the RF EMFs causing a nuclear failure within borders. There are 440 Nuclear Power Plants world wide and this isn’t a debate.

Midge, I can never apologize enough to you and others what has happened to you. It never should have happened but this is the reality of a weakened professional gene pool, greed and incredible stupidity getting together. That said they are and will be liable including criminally.

The Integrative Health Forum, GEDI and associates put on the most advanced education in the world for Continuing Medical Education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. It is the highest standard and not about sales or conflicts of interest. We can’t lecture and sell products.

Medical professionals around the world have been blindsided as have the patients looking for help. People hurt by EMFs are referred to as EHS and all that has changed. People across the board need to print or forward the letter at this link. The causal evidence linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects has been lectured for CME credits meaning this is now medical education.

Once your medical professionals hear the language of CME credits, they will pay attention. They can contact the health education administrator for clarification and CME programs should be held across the world. The health education administrator has said they would open the education program for other professionals to participate BUT it isn’t a debate. It is critically important other sciences and those professionals participate.

This is the reason retired RN Donna Bohannon interviews Professor Curtis Bennett and others. This isn’t a debate.

Important Interview By Retired RN Donna Bohannon on Why They Should Cease and Desist Immediately Using Wireless As Applied Including 5G

Listen to Prof. Curtis Bennett explain WHY you should OPT OUT of SMART METERS and WHY you should be alert to other sources of EMF!!

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Get Smart Memphis

MONDAY 5 PM (Central) LIBERTY in ACTION (Nov 20, 2017)
Host: Donna Bohannon
(NEW interview!)
GUEST: Prof. Curtis Bennett ( has NEW Information on SMART METER circuit boards, electromagnetic radiation (EMR), switch mode power supply, and more. Jimmy Franklin joins Donna in studio.
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Liberty in Action (Facebook)

Professor Curtis Bennett Interviewed By Whistle Blower Nation on Smart Meters and Wireless EMF Exposure

Our amazing team and associates are among the best professionals in the world. They are all science, environment, sustainability, medicine, codes, standards, advancing medical education, etc and there are no acceptable compromises of science or professional integrity.

Lecturing accredited Continuing Medical Education(CME) programs is the highest standard of education and medical professionals require education credits for ongoing medical licensing.

The reality is that governments allowed industries and special interests to move forward with the mass deployment of wireless infrastructure when exposure codes admitted critical science was missing. The missing causal evidence was found, reported and qualified for lecture for CME credits required for ongoing medical licensing. That medical program was applicable to all health professionals in North America.

Professor Curtis Bennett was asked to do an interview for Whistle Blower Nation when he isn’t a whistle blower.  Politicians, governments, industries across the board were warned specific to liability including criminal.

Here is a picture of the Specific Absorption Rate test Health Canada, IEEE and FCC use for the limits of human exposure. This is the science the FCC is using to supersede municipal authorities, Building Code, Electrical Codes, Fire Codes, global education, medicine, insurers, all codes, all laws including environmental laws when it isn’t applicable. The bottom line is that if you have a plastic head, plastic building, plastic environment, plastic pollinators, plastic ecosystems, then you are safe.

Sam Phantom Model
Specific Absorption Rate Test with Temperature Probe in Liquid.

 Ella is to be thanked for the interview and even bringing forward targeted individuals or those thinking they are targeted.

FortisBC admitted in BCUC Government Hearings on smart meters that they would cover 17,000 sq. kms or 6564 sq miles with highly penetrating RF EMFs. That means several cities and districts will be blanketed with everyone targeted. That is not an agenda, that is what happens when the professional gene pool is weakened. The FCC, IEEE, utilities, PUCs, Health Canada, military, etc all got technically overwhelmed by a plastic head or body part with liquid in it.

Professor Bennett will qualify the mechanisms of interaction and the mechanisms of action, literally every professional has to expand on that in their capacity. Even though medical professionals carry malpractice insurance, they were not consulted or informed that the scope of medical diagnosis has changed. That undermines any health care insurance regardless of what it is called.

Whistle Blower Interview


Post On The Hell 5G Wireless Will Bring To Entire World Meaning ALL Countries

Facebook Post About 5 G wireless from Memphis Tennessee, June 16, 2017

ALERT: 5 G and 5 G Radiation is coming to your block with a Mini Cell Tower. (These “Mini” size towers can be a Big as a Refrigerator & are planned for every 2-10 homes….another large source of Radiation like MLGW Smart Meters )

I tagged a few people here and those people need to share this with others including your Memphis City Council, the utility’s commission, State, Congress, Senators, insurers, lawyers, realtors, academia, universities, education, construction industries, schools, unions, Memphis Building Inspection Department, Police, Fire, Military, IBEW, Attorney Generals, Auditor Generals and literally everyone.

It is important for all reading this post to expand on this in your capacities because these RF EMFs as applied will not discriminate who they kill or create horrific adverse health effects.

THIS IS NOT A DEBATE, there are real reasons we wire the world. EMFs are deadly, they are an invisible electromotive force and these highly penetrating RF EMFs will undermine every government, country, economy, security, health, global food sources, etc. The domino effect will be end of life killing 100s of millions(billions) with trillions in damages.

There is NOT going to be health insurance whether Obamacare, Trumpcare or under any other name. For the “professionals” and criminals allowing this, you will pay with your assets. What pack of collective fools kill their own families, friends, neighbors, communities for a technology that was unleashed without the science supporting safety. They undermined Building Codes, Electrical Codes and all codes and standards using a plastic body part as the science showing there is no harms. Academia and all sciences have changed meaning Degrees are no longer applicable. Medical diagnosis has changed but the plastic head people say it isn’t so.

In provincial government hearings(same as a state) with the experts under oath, I was a Registered Intervener in FortisBC’s application for wireless smart meters. The British Columbia Utilities Commission(BCUC) which is the same as a state Public Utilities Commission held the hearings and FortisBC retained Exponent Inc from the United States to provide their Risk Assessment Report

Electrical Engineer from Exponent Inc, Yakov Schkolnikov confirmed under direct cross-examination by me that Health Canada, FCC and IEEE all used the same exposure codes. That means this comment is applicable globally.

Schkolnikov admitted under cross-examination that the RF EMFs of the 2 antennas in the meter will oscillate 1.8 billion times per second and the Wi-Fi 4.9 billion times per second. That means these EMFs going through your blood, body and bones will cause unrealized hell including breaking bones, compromising the nervous, hormonal and immune systems at the same time. Schkolnikov confirmed under oath that when you mix 2 frequencies, you get 4 resultant frequencies. That confirms changing frequencies in your body, brain and all-encompassing.

“Dr.” William Bailey of Exponent Inc admitted under cross-examination by me that their Risk Assessment Report left out 100% of the bio-electrical information associated with humans. Bailey was asked under cross-examination about pollinators(responsible for food) being affected by the EMFs and he said they adapt which is ridiculous. Bailey also stated that wasn’t in Exponent’s Risk Assessment Report.

Causation and Biological Plausibility or the mechanisms linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects was admitted to be missing in Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 which meant it was missing for the FCC and IEEE as well. When critical science is missing, that science should be qualified before moving forward with blanket Electromagnetic Radiation.

In BC Government transcripts with “experts” under oath, Exponent Inc’s Yakov Schkolnikov confirmed causation and the mechanisms linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects. In the same hearings of the BCUC, Dr. William Bailey substantiated Biological Plausibility with all bio-electrical information left out of their report for FortisBC’s application for wireless smart meters.

Causation and the mechanisms of interaction linking the RF EMFs to adverse health effects is the EMFs that Schkolnikov confirmed. The missing mechanism of action is the RF EMFs hitting atoms, molecules, biology, buildings, infrastructure, ecosystems, pollinators, atmosphere and anything the EMFs hit.

I am a First Response Consultant with a 38 year background of proven performance. I am not a lobbyist, I am one of the Government’s recognized expert specific the utilization of 100% of the electricity produced with those associated emissions. That includes consulting for oil, gas, mines, mills, manufacturing, municipalities, Provincial Governments, Canadian Government, State PUC, medicine, Fire, military, etc. I don’t use a cape, I am a member of teams to get the job done.

The City of Memphis meaning council and mayor better understand the real ramifications of what Mr. Collins has done in his capacity as the President of the utility and as a Professional Engineer. There is no margin of error and if Collins wants to address this, he has to technically disqualify me which will NEVER happen. The idea that Collins got technically overwhelmed by a plastic head with gel or liquid in it is something he can answer but we have no plastic heads in any engineering program I have ever taken. The City of Memphis Building Inspection Department will confirm the code rule on vibration and that the Specific Absorption Rate or the plastic head isn’t in Building Code.

City Council, the mayor, utility and citizens need to understand they will be sued for assets because this isn’t insurable. That is separate of their criminal liability because there are ZERO circumstances where anyone can put babies, pregnant women and all inside a microwave oven made by the utility.

The purpose of exposure codes is specific in that it is to protect the public, that simple. That is why the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications state that new and existing antennas(towers) must comply with Safety Code 6 as a requirement for license. That means the antennas are illegal and there can be dozens of antennas on one tower. Go to Page 10 of this link to see highlighted areas.

Police need to arrest and prosecute these criminals. Just because you don’t technically understand the crime yet, it can be qualified easily. Once again this needs to be taken seriously because police homes will burn with the illegal meter installation, police, family and their brothers and sisters in uniform will suffer adverse health effects including death. Pacemakers will trigger when this could be stopped now.


Professor Bennett Expands on Electrical/Mechanical Engineer William Bathgates Interview on Smart Meters With Retired RN Donna Bohannon on April 3, 2017

Retired RN Donna Bohannon interviewed William Bathgate on April 3, 2017 and you can scroll to the next post to link to that archived interview. The only reason Donna interviews me is specific to me lecturing accredited medical education for education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. She vetted me specific to that accreditation which was shared with her.

It is important for the listening audience to understand sciences and applicable professionals complete each other, they don’t compete with each other. William Bathgate is a double engineer that was associated with a million smart meters. I can’t thank him enough for doing this power point presentation to be objective about smart meters.

Professor Bennett has a different and complimentary skill set as well as 10,000 hours of investigation that included finding causation and biological plausibility linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects. That is separate of accelerated corrosion of buildings and being non compliant with Building Codes, smart meter fires, etc.

Todays interview will include Professor Bennett referring to Bathgate’s interview 2 days earlier. All professionals and people need to listen, then expand on the information in your capacity.

Wireless Smart Meter installations are illegal and the RF EMFs are extremely dangerous as applied. These wireless technologies bypassed regulatory process and the meters were not tested. The utility can not change Weights and Measures redefining a Kilowatt Hour(kwh).

Image may contain: one or more people


Wednesday 5 PM (Central) LIBERTY in ACTION (Apr 5, 2017)

Host: Donna Bohannon

GUESTS: Prof. Curtis Bennett ( has vast insight into the non-ionizing radiation issues of smart meters and the multiple gadgets in our daily environment. Memphis citizen and “throat cancer survivor” Robert Levi will be in studio. Many critical topics will be discussed. We must OPT OUT of SMART METERS!!
LISTEN to AM 1600 radio Mon-Wed-Fri at 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM.
Call in number: 901-327-2500
Archived Interview Directly Below
Liberty in Action (Facebook)…/…/

Retired RN Donna Bohannon Interviews Electrical/Mechanical Engineer William Bathgate With Important Information on Wireless Smart Meters Including Invasion of Privacy

Donna Bohannon’s important interview of Electrical/Mechanical Engineer William Bathgate. Although William has an extensive background in wireless, here is an analysis he did due to his own curiosity without conflict of interest. Share globally, it is alarming to see what has been done with a technology that bypassed regulatory process and testing. Power Point Presentation

SMART METERS are devastating concerns for Engineers and for Architects. Hear the lively discussion of the SMART GRID threats as Donna Bohannon interviews these well informed professionals! You will want to OPT OUT of SMART METERS!

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Get Smart Memphis

MONDAY 5 PM (Central) LIBERTY in ACTION (Apr 3, 2017)

Host: Donna Bohannon
(Archived Interview)
GUESTS: William Bathgate, EE & ME (Electrical & Mechanical engineer) who testified in the Michigan legislature opposing Smart Meters, joins Donna and local Memphis architect Butch Wolfe, in discussing critical information about battling the SMART GRID!
LISTEN to AM 1600 radio Mon-Wed-Fri at 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM.
Call in number: 901-327-2500
Liberty in Action (Facebook)…/…/

Retired RN Donna Bohannon Interviews Professor Bennett on Costs and Risks of Smart Meters in The Best Interests of Utilities, Governments, Industry Citizens and Ecosystems. 100% Opt Out is the Only Solution or There is Liability Including Criminal.

The only reason Donna Bohannon interviews Professor Bennett is specific to his credentials. Lecturing causation and biological plausibility linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects for Continuing Medical Education(CME) credits means it is no longer a debate. Medical professionals require ongoing CME credits for ongoing medical licensing.

Donna’s career as a nurse was Pediatrics ICU and Donna understands and explains the importance of CME credits. Even though this is Memphis media, it is applicable to every state, province and country.

Professor Bennett has provided evidence for several jurisdictions in his capacity including being a Registered Intervener in FortisBC’s application for smart meters. Michigan as another example had citizens ask Bennett for Declaration for Michigan Courts December 4, 2012.

The State of Michigan’s House of Representatives have brought forward a House Bill No. 4220 to amend 1939 PA. They are asking to abolish the Michigan Public Utilities Commission and create a Public Service Commission. Here is Bennett’s submission to the Michigan House of Representatives December 7, 2014. It is important because it also addresses the illegal installation of smart meters causing fires plus much more. The Michigan House of Representatives needs to call for a Forensic Audit for the unrealized liability including criminal liability not being addressed. Michigan House of Representatives Smart Meters

Many need to HEAR about the costs and risks of SMART METERS, so they will understand WHY they should OPT OUT. Listen to Prof. Curtis Bennett clarify the multiple issues involving a smart grid that covers our county.
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 WEDNESDAY 5 PM (Central) LIBERTY in ACTION (Mar 1, 2017)

Host: Donna Bohannon
(NEW interview!)
GUESTS: Prof. Curtis Bennett ( has so much insight into the non-ionizing radiation issues of multiple gadgets in our daily environment. In studio, Donna will have Robert Levy, Memphis citizen, who knows we must OPT OUT of SMART METERS!! Many critical topics will be discussed.
LISTEN to AM 1600 radio Mon-Wed-Fri at 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM.
Call in number: 901-327-2500
Archived Link to Interview Directly Below
SHOUTcast: click “Listen” at
Liberty in Action (Facebook)…/…/

Retired RN Donna Bohannon Interviewed Professor Curtis Bennett on Pilots, Pediatricians and Wi-Fi Inducing Electrical Currents and People are Not Sensitive to Their Electrocution.

This is Part 1 and Part 2 of interviews that are important and in the best interests of 100% of the population. Part 1 was the interview on Monday February 20, 2017 and Part 2 is Wednesday, February 22, 2017.

Politicians and special interests are going to take offence but get over it. Codes and standards do not have one sentence where politics takes precedence over science, codes or standards. Policy is based on science not political agendas.

As a Red Seal Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician, I am one of the millions of electricians in Canada. We are the governments and Industry Canada trained and certified professionals. We are responsible for the utilization of all electricity provided by utilities in the country. I have Government of Canada  and Provincial Government credentials in my wallet. That means we are the recognized electrical experts for EVERY municipality and district in the country. We can be challenged and are accountable but never dismissed.

Wireless technology as applied should never have been mass deployed with critical science admitted to be missing. Wireless Communication is electromagnetic radiation inducing electrical currents and compromises all sciences as well as global objectives.

Over the decades there are so many people adversely affected globally that the W.H.O. called it Electrohypersensitivity(EHS). Unfortunately the correct electrical language is electrocution as it applies to biology with an unrealized domino effect into buildings, infrastructure and ecosystems.

Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields(RF EMFs) are governed by codes related to the limits of human exposure that state the real danger as well as the missing science. Electrical Engineer Yakov Schkolnikov of Exponent Inc confirmed under cross examination by Professor Bennett that Canada’s Safety Code 6, FCC and IEEE all used the same standards related to dosage of absorption of energy by the RF EMFs.

When people say the frequencies hurt them, it needs to be understood the frequencies are the speed of a penetrating electromagnetic field. Electrical professionals are very careful with EMFs and the reason we wire the world. If you are caught in the circuit, seconds can mean serious injury or death. If someone is being being electrocuted, you have seconds to respond and if mistakes are made, electricians or others trying to help can be killed as well.

Power has to be shut off or they have to get out of the circuit. If you or 10 people ran up with good intent and grabbed them, they could all be killed. Our trade’s training actually tells you if you used a piece of green lumber(has moisture) to push them off the circuit, you can be killed. Electrons crashing through your body take the path of least resistance.

My own electrical experience included making a mistake working on live electrical. I was getting blasted through my hand and trying to avoid grounding myself while I am stuck in the circuit. If my foot , shoulder or belly touched something grounded, the current would have gone from my hand across my body. It would have burned holes through my heart or other organs that would have killed me immediately.

I was lucky and after getting off the circuit I had a bubble looking blister on my thumb. I scratched it and there was this perfect hole in my thumb like it was done with a drill. Current Kills and it doesn’t take much.

Here are quotes from Safety Code 6(2009) on the Purpose of the Code.

1.1          Purposes of the Code (page 8)

The purposes of this code are to:

(a) specify maximum levels of human exposure to RF energy at frequencies between 3 kHz and 300 GHz, to prevent adverse human health effects;

(b) specify maximum allowable RF contact and induced body currents  to prevent the physical perception of internal currents resulting from RF energy in uncontrolled environments, and to prevent RF shock or burns to personnel in controlled environments;

(c) provide guidance for evaluating RF exposure levels, to ensure that personnel in controlled and uncontrolled environments are not exposed at levels greater than the limits specified in this code.

Do you see the word currents bolded above? Inducing currents increases voltage using Ohm’s Law. Volts = amps(current) X resistance

The FCC, Health Canada and IEEE using the Specific Absorption Rate test didn’t include any bio electrical information of the body or EMF interaction. The SAR test is a plastic body part with liquid it and isn’t science, it should be an aquarium. The name itself is an admission currents are being induced and absorbed.

Electrical grids are rugged where the human bio-electrical grid is very delicate and voltage increases of .2 microvolts changes white blood cells. That .2 microvolt increase in voltage is .2 millionths of 1 volt. Every cell membrane has an electrical charge and EMFs have a profound effect on every cell in the body. Here is a link to Dr. Neil Cherry’s work showing the heart and ELF(extremely low frequencies) impacts. EMR Cardiac Effects Review If your heart isn’t functioning properly, what does that mean to the rest of the body, a developing baby, disabled or those with pacemakers?

Frequencies within the body are reported to be just over 0 Hz to 50 Hz. I asked Electrical Engineer Schkolinkov of Exponent Inc during cross examination for the BC Utilities Commission “what happens when you mix 2 frequencies?” He replied you get 4 resultant frequencies. That means frequencies in the body change with the RF EMFs hitting the body. If the 60 Hz electrical grid changed by a few Hz, the grid would crash.

During the FortisBC application for smart meters for the BC Utilities Commission, FortisBC Engineer Mark Warren called the oscillations of the 900 MHz and 2.45 GHz antenna a hypothesis. Schkolnikov confirmed the oscillations in cross examination. I asked him if the 900 MHz EMFs would oscillate 1.8 billion times per second and the Wi-Fi 2.45 GHz 4.9 billion times per second? Schkolnikov said yes.

That means the EMF of the 900 MHz will expand and collapse inside bodies, buildings, ecosystems and infrastructure 1.8 billion times per second. The Wi-Fi 2.45 GHz EMFs will expand and collapse 4.9 billion times per second. That is inducing electrical currents while increasing voltages. When EMFs go positive and negative, every atom and molecule is polarizing(changing direction) billions of times per second.

Here is a link to media on what Boeing Engineers used for the safety of Wi-Fi on airplanes. They used sacks of potatoes!! That representation of flight crews, airline staff and passengers has alarming ramifications.

There are 13,000 dams in the U.S. and 440 Nuclear Power Plants in the world. RF EMFs blanketing these areas will cause accelerated erosion, undermine designs and 5G RF EMFs will contribute to infrastructure failures.


Archived Link to Monday Feb 20, 2017 Interview. There was a technical problem so let it play through as we reconnected for this important interview.

Part 2 this week

WEDNESDAY 5 PM (Central) LIBERTY in ACTION (Feb 22, 2017)
Host: Donna Bohannon
(NEW interview!)
GUESTS: Prof. Curtis Bennett ( will discuss Pilots, Pediatricians and Wi Fi. In studio guest is Robert Levi. Don’t miss this remarkable discussion. EMF and RF from smart meters are just part of the picture.

Robert Levi is an important addition to the discussion, he has a 20 year electrical background in Memphis. Robert validates fires and dangers.
Other applicable professionals need to expand on what they hear in the interview. They were not informed or consulted on an electromotive force hitting everything. Invisible, electromagnetic field fast moving, penetrating, invasive, deadly, changing sciences, vibrating buildings, infrastructure, ecosystems, dams, Wi-Fi in airplanes putting crew and passengers inside  a microwave oven, invasive electromotive forces.