Couple who fled utility tower get $1 million

Here is a start of what is to come regarding wireless use. The Specific Absorption Rate test adopted for limits of human exposure isn’t even applicable science. The only reason there hasn’t been one peer reviewed study showing harm is because the test model is plastic and filled with fluid. The test model has absolutely nothing in common with human biology. One side refers to health effects and the energy sector should say the plastic dummy they use for a model has nothing to do with health and never will. The 2 sides are comparing apples and elephants.

Specific Absorption Rate Test with Temperature Probe in Liquid.
Specific Absorption Rate Test with Temperature Probe in Liquid.

How and why the telecomm or energy industry were allowed to move forward with wireless when the very code regulating the industry says mechanisms are missing linking the frequencies to adverse health effects requires investigation. The plastic test model for SAR didn’t include the grid radiating everything in the coverage areas or the fact that human biology is electrical.

Single power lines are very dangerous, we put wires together so the EMFs cancel each other out. Even extremely low frequencies of 60 Hz have killed many. During inspections we have done on electrical distribution for billion dollar industry, we showed 60 Hz in the infrared spectrum creating a very dangerous and explosive environment.

Keep in mind towers have more than 1 antenna. Wi-Fi Routers are an antenna that electromagnetically radiate the entire classroom. That has 30 students plus teachers inside the electrical circuit and EACH of them have a multi million dollar lawsuit.

This couple was awarded 1 million and the energy company offered 26,000. Had the jury known of the damage to the building as well as the 4 children and 2 adults, the real damage could be in the millions per person. I have asked lawyers and wait for a response on what genetic mutation is worth per child? This is one lawsuit when everyone has a lawsuit.

The SAR test left out the smart grid radiating large areas. FortisBC during their application for wireless admitted to electromagnetically radiating 17,000 sq. kms or 6564 sq. miles. There are hundreds of thousands of people in the coverage area and EACH of the 100s of thousands of people in the coverage area have a multi million dollar lawsuit. That is separate of ALL the buildings, infrastructure, crops, trees, bees, salmon spawning and other damages. Municipalities will sue for billions and have a right to their claims now.

There is much more coming and this is the start as there will be billions of people seeking compensation. That doesn’t include the environmental, building and infrastructure damage. Couple Fleeing Wireless Awarded 1 million dollars