FIRE REALITIES, ARCs, SURGES With Loose and Corroded Connections on Illegally Installed Smart Meters By Unqualified People and The Combustible Meter Burning Outside Fire Protection For The Building








Below is the post from Memphis. My electrical and consulting background related to loose and corroded connections is 37 years. Utilities and Industry will maintain electrical connections every 6 months, year or maybe 2 years or there can be electrical failure, fires, explosions.

How old are the homes and buildings in Memphis, Shelby County or any city? Those connections in the meter base haven’t been maintained in decades and then an unqualified installer pulls the meter off under electrical load. That is followed by putting the smart meter under electrical load. It isn’t a question of if there will be a fire, it is when.

FIERY concerns about SMART METERS! Precious lives can be lost if proper measures are not taken. LISTEN to this discussion!

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