FortisBC & Canadian Wireless Smart Meter Programs Not Compliant with Building Codes

We are a land of laws and no one is exempt from the law. Science is science and policy is based on science, not the other way around. Here is an example as it pertains to home owners, business, economy, banks, lenders, mortgage, real estate, insurers, taxes and required inspections for Building Code Compliance. Lenders, Insurers, Municipalities, Fire Services, Real Estate Sales and the buyer want their home safe, healthy and investment protected.

Buildings and development are an engineered process. In Canada as an example, Government of Canada, Environment Canada, Meteorological Services provides Regional Climatic Data to National Building Code.

Regional Climatic Data are the yearly weather extremes. Not only do we design, build, insulate, fire separations to accommodate temperature extremes, the electric/gas heating systems(GHG Emissions) are designed for regional climate extremes provided through code.

If and when buildings are not compliant with Building Code, there will be no occupancy because of the real danger. No Occupancy means NO OCCUPANCY. There is danger and the building isn’t going back on the real estate market right away.

The brief education above demonstrates the importance of building codes and compliance. It is the law that building and consulting professionals have to comply with. We are Building Inspectors and Consult on building’s energy use for a wide scope of engineers or industry. All of the consulting and reporting isolating insulation missing, or air leaks is tied to a code rule. We don’t have personal opinions.

What has happened with wireless smart meters in Kelowna and beyond is disgraceful. The FortisBC application to electromagnetically radiate everything and everyone in Kelowna as well as FortisBC coverage area confirmed the problem. BC Legislature “entrusted” BC Hydro and BC Hydro was allowed to bypass all regulatory process. The BC Government allowing BC Hydro to install smart meters has allowed a highly penetrating EMF to cross property lines and assault home owners with a deadly weapon. That is separate of the Building Code Violations and undermining municipalities.

1. Ask the police and City Council. If you and your family are going to be assaulted on your property, do you have the right to defend your family? If you are threatened or assaulted with a deadly weapon, can you respond with lethal force?

2. If someone reached across their fence and tased grandma and all the people at a picnic, how would police respond?

3. People complaining about meters with RF electromagnetic fields blasting through them and their property need to be protected by police. These RF EMFs are going to be placed on their own homes affectively tasing their own families.

4. Manufacturers of Pacemakers have not signed off on FortisBC electromagnetically inducing medical devices.

5. In Kelowna, the City of Kelowna(Municipal Government is the Authority Having Jurisdiction) They have no choice but to qualify or disqualify the violation of BC Building Code Professional Engineers will not sign off on the electromagnetic induction of structures, fire separations, infrastructure. Engineers are insured for errors or omissions. Disqualifying the violation in code requires a ruling and a liability.

6. FortisBC Mark Warren admitted under cross examination by Curtis Bennett that FortisBC will blanket 17,000 sq. kms or 6564 sq. miles. That will destroy buildings, infrastructure, people and economy with Ecocide being the reality.

7. Contact your municipality, insurer, elected officials, provincial auditor, policing authority to explain the EMF assault on their own members as well as their families.

8. FortisBC’s mail out on swapping meters under load is alarming and recklessly endangering home owners as well as equipment damage from power surges. The owner’s meter base has never been maintained since the meter was originally put on the building. The electrical components are fragile and require permits, proper inspections with qualified electricians. Fires aren’t immediate.

Municipalities, police and First Responders need to understand FortisBC, BC Hydro and other utilities using wireless as they are. They aren’t just changing meters, these meters have 2 antennas. While RF EMFs are called wireless communication, it is electromagnetic radiation to human biology. People are not sensitive, they are being subtly electrocuted. FortisBC is using a plastic head with water in it to determine your child or a developing fetus can take 24/7 dosage of electromagnetic radiation. The RF EMFs crossing you property line and going through a pregnant mom will electromagnetically induce the fetus billions of times per measurable second, 3600 times per hour, 86,000 times per 24 hours and 2,592,000 times per month. Higher power density means higher induced currents and stronger electrocution.

This link is a City of Kelowna on FortisBC Smart Meters for FortisBC smart meter installation in the City of Kelowna and specific to BC Building Code You can NOT induce currents and vibrate atoms and molecules.

The code rule above is the same across Canada. Every home, building, museum, powerplant, etc. This is not a debate, there isn’t a qualified engineer or electrical professional that would disagree.

Remind your city of the incredible injustice. The government and utility have allowed the blanket coverage of the city without applicable science. Smart Meter programs across Canada have to Cease and Desist, the real damage is in the trillions and that is separate of the criminal liability.

States and countries will have a different code rule. Buildings are engineered for their vibration or use.