FortisBC’s Article in Daily Courier Representing Advanced Meters are Safe

This article by FortisBC Engineer Mark Warren was a response to concerns of smart meters in Kelowna. For him to call the meters safe and smart is reckless and will endanger the public as well as ecosystems.

No one was informed or consulted on blanket radiation of their coverage area. This will irradiate several cities and 17,000 sq. kms or 6564 sq. miles. That makes an uninsulated wireless electrical circuit that is 17,000 sq. km long and wide. It is a very dirty circuit and you are in it. The SAR test didn’t include the antennas, routers and grid. That is why causation has been missing linking the RF EMFs to adverse health effects.

Curtis Bennett cross examined Mark Warren in front of the BCUC Panel on the FortisBC application. He confirmed the blanket radiation substantiating how buildings are hit. Exponent Electrical Engineer Yakov Shkolnikov confirmed under cross examination that the high speed oscillations associated with 900 MHz of smart meters is 1.8 billion times per second, their Zigbee chip at 2.45 GHz will oscillate 4.9 billion times per second.

EMFs are dangerous depending what they interact with. If you can duck and the EMF just misses you, you can’t be hurt. FortisBC Engineer Mark Warren confirms with blanket coverage you are inside the RF EMF. The oscillations are confirmed and we know they go through your body. Those oscillations are happening inside walls, roofs, people, bees and doing horrific damage inducing currents.

Follow the dialogue and links, you will see transcripts and evidence of the BCUC. Dr Bailey of Exponent admits to so many frequencies associated with the body, voltages but they left it all out for a plastic head with water in it.

Causality and biological plausibility is now know. That electrically substantiates the adverse health effects and those reporting professionals. Wireless smart meters are not compliant with Building Code across Canada right now. Wireless Communications requires Electromagnetic Radiation With Highly Penetrating, Fast Moving EMFs. The only thing on the planet compatible with the RF EMFs are portable devices. This will kill their customer, the economy and the planet. There are non elite or exempt.

FortisBC’s Article in Daily Courier on Smart Meter Safety.