Global News Meteorologist Reporting Parts of BC Should Prepare For Monster El Nino Weather System Worse Than Understood

We are in much more trouble than the professor is reporting, we just couldn’t see it before. Keeping it simple we are supposed to blend in with the surrounding regional environment and not impose upon it. Our existence and economy including taxes depends on it. Everything is temperature sensitive and temperature is a critical component of everything we do. Remember the Space Shuttle that exploded carrying 7 Astronauts? The Booster Rocket is reported to have failed because of an O-Ring. It is a gasket and it was colder than normal so the gasket shrunk.

As Thermal Radiation Consultants, we have worked with Forestry, Biologists, Hydrologists, etc identifying thermal barriers and stream temperatures affecting fish spawning. Mid 20s deg. C and higher is sub optimal to lethal.

You would never know by the deregulation of the construction industry that buildings as well as their energy systems have an engineered design function. We want to use less energy, save natural resources, keep emissions to a minimum and not heat the one atmosphere the planet shares. Weather is the basic interaction of cold and warm air with water vapor, if we heat the atmosphere it changes weather including the hydrological cycles. Climate change is weather extremes where California is already reporting billions of dollars in losses because of their droughts, forest fires are raging and elsewhere there are floods. Every country is impacted by this because we defend our borders but the planet shares one atmosphere.

In order for people to take this seriously, when you purchase buildings, compliance with Building Codes is required for mortgages, insurance and occupancy. When we inspect buildings and fail them, the deal is over unless the building is brought back into compliance with Building Code. Temperatures are a critical component of building development and in Canada it is Environment Canada Meteorological Services that provides Regional Climatic Data to National Building Code. Regional Temperature extremes are different in the Arctic than warmer regions where heating buildings is required but air conditioning is not. Southern States and countries use more air conditioning(A/C). Now imagine the associated economy and taxes associated with Real Estate sales.

In the Central Okanagan in British Columbia, BC Building Code Rule 1.1.3.(Climatic & Seismic Data) is the same as National Building Code Rule used across Canada. All provinces and associated economy are reliant on compliance with that code rule. The Okanagan uses -20 deg. C(-4 deg. F) to simulate the coldest time of the year and 33 deg. C(95 deg. F) to simulate the hottest time of the year. We design, build and insulate the building for those temperature extremes. The energy systems and energy losses are designed with Climatic Data. The code rule refers you to the Appendix where there is a warning about solar radiation(EMFs) being more significant than design data. Emissivity is the ability for materials to reflect or absorb energy and absorbent materials used on the exterior of buildings can generate extreme heat with solar EMF interaction, even on an overcast day. The limitations of Building Codes are that buildings are signed off as compliant with Building Code because temperature couldn’t be verified.

When it comes to the electricity that utilities provide across Canada, there is one profession trained and certified by Governments as well as Industry Canada for the utilization of electricity. Electricians design, install, maintain and troubleshoot electrical systems from residential to industrial across the board. Whether you work in the government, oilfield, manufacturing, Microsoft, hospitals, institutions, mills, mines, etc, it is constructed and wired by qualified electricians. Electrical Engineers are not qualified to do that work and it is electricians that install to engineered standards. Electricians have been minimized with people going to a construction retailer and doing their own electrical when they shouldn’t be allowed to touch it. As electricians we are trained at the atomic and molecular level to ensure electrical integrity. Everything on the planet is atoms and molecules with electrons so great care is required when wiring or deploying wireless.

As a Building Construction Engineering Technologist which is every aspect of construction from contracts to completion, it includes the energy use and losses from buildings. As Thermal Radiation Consultants of 35 years we get to see energy use in the infrared spectrum giving sight to professionals.

Our jobs are codes and standards behind policy, we do not have personal opinions. We are not allowed to hold back information, our jobs are to report to and through the authorities having jurisdiction. That can be municipal, provincial or federal governments.

When I refer to our work saving industries, governments, insurers, etc 100s of billions of dollars over 35 years, it isn’t a brag or application for a job. It is a reality with the millions of qualified professionals around the world working in incredibly dangerous environments to keep the economy going.

In mid 2003, our work bringing sight of temperature to Building Codes verified that buildings as a rule were grossly exceeding Building Code’s climatic data. While the UN Members were meeting with real concerns about a few deg. F rise in atmospheric temperature causing catastrophic global problems, we were documenting building development heating the atmosphere 100 deg. F warmer that that. We imaged buildings in 7 provinces and 26 states which verified solar EMFs including the same UV that burns skin was interacting with absorbent exterior finishes. Topping that off billions of watts of energy waste and natural resources were being used responding to the symptoms. There are reasons buildings are white washed because they reflect solar radiation. There are reasons we are not supposed to scrape the ground of everything living for development because trees and ground cover are thermal regulators of the planet.

In reporting that to municipalities Regional Districts, Provinces and Canadian Government, their job is to respond so it can be fixed. Unfortunately politics and a weakened professional gene pool with their own agenda didn’t do their jobs. Buildings exceeding Building Code found and reported in Canada meant governments should have passed that on to other countries including the United Nation’s Members looking for the source of man made global warming. The Prime Minister, Environment Minister dismissed their science, codes and standards professionals without understanding the ramifications.

Utilities were having energy shortages, brown outs during heat waves and smart meters were allowed to be mass deployed to address the energy shortages. Wireless smart meters were deployed thinking it was more cost effective than wiring meters if they were even required. Critical mistakes were made with governments allowing industry to bypass all regulatory process. Allowing the mass installation of meters by people not qualified to touch electrical created millions of buildings with immediate and dangerous problems.

RF EMF exposure codes admitted missing critical science but the code stated RF EMF interaction with humans was to be avoided because it triggered nerves and muscles. FortisBC as one example admitted under direct cross examination in BC Government transcripts they would cover 17,000 sq. kms or 6564 sq. miles. From a qualified electrical perspective it means several cities, buildings, infrastructure, ecosystems, bees, birds, pollinators and everything in the coverage area has been put inside a man made microwave oven. There is zero margin of error.

As a Registered Intervener in the FortisBC application for smart meters, science was submitted supporting the suspension of the FortisBC application. The document showed energy use and losses with Building Code Rules including solar EMF interaction with building exteriors causing them to grossly exceed applicable codes. Not only was the qualified science dismissed while exposure code Safety Code 6 was being revised, Prime Minister Harper was allowing the sale of the 700 MHz frequency range. All warnings to the PM and government were ignored including the fact it wasn’t definable as sustainable according to the Auditor General Act.

Air Conditioners require 1000s of watts of energy use per hour per building. A/C is in fact refrigeration reacting to the symptoms of solar EMF interaction with buildings. Reporting the governments that millions of tax paying jobs could be created immediately addressing the problem as well as the billions of wasted electricity knocked off the grid immediately fell on deaf ears with no qualified response.

Here is what that energy looks like in the infrared spectrum and these are evidence for the BC Government.

When it came to cost of wireless versus wired meters, Registered Interveners were allowed to ask FortisBC questions. Here were my qualified Government and Industry questions on real costs. The BCUC will have to account for why they allowed FortisBC to not answer the questions.

Here is our response to FortisBC’s continual misrepresentation of the safety of their smart meter program including transcripts, evidence and cross examination disqualifying their experts at the BCUC Hearings.

Here is a time-lapsed infrared video showing how aggressive solar EMFs are right after sunrise. The temperature of the building increased every 60 seconds.

The dangers of RF EMFs as applied has been lectured in accredited medical education for education credits required for ongoing medical licensing in January, 2011. That means it is accepted medical education applicable in every state and every province. The scope of medical diagnosis has changed but PM Harper and governments didn’t inform medical professionals.
The significance of CE credits can’t be overstated, lawyers as an example require ongoing education credits or they are suspended from practicing law.

The Canadian Auditor General’s Act under Sustainable Development is very straight forward:

Sustainable development means development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainable development is a continually evolving concept based on the integration of social, economic, and environmental concerns, and which may be achieved by, among other things,

the integration of the environment and the economy;

protecting the health of Canadians;

protecting ecosystems;

meeting international obligations;

promoting equity;

an integrated approach to planning and making decisions that takes into account the environmental and natural resource costs of different economic options and the economic costs of different environmental and natural resource options;

preventing pollution; and

respect for nature and the needs of future generations.

Blanket electromagnetic radiation of municipalities or other areas, ecocide isn’t definable as sustainable and the Specific Absorption Rate isn’t applicable to building codes, agriculture, pollinators or all applicable science disciplines within coverage areas.
The Auditor General of Ontario was critical of the smart meter program saving anything. The Australian Auditor General reported their 2 Billion Dollar smart meters didn’t save energy and utilities profited.

As the government and industries codes and standards we are not political. PM Harper is campaigning for re-election while millions of buildings are no longer compliant with Building Code Rule 1.1.3.(Climatic & Seismic Data) while super heating the atmosphere close to boiling temperature. RF EMF blanket radiation specifically to communicate with smart meters has created heat sinks further contributing to global warming. That is separate of the reality that the RF EMFs going through buildings and fire separations is causing buildings across Canada to be non compliant with Building Code Rule which causes accelerated corrosion changing engineered designs that are insured.

The Auditor General and associated departments need to investigate immediately based on an a global emergency of unprecedented proportions. While Health Canada is revising Safety Code 6, Ontario announces 150 million dollars for WiFi in Kindergartens. That puts the children inside a man made microwave oven. Ottawa announces WiFi in Public Parks, smart meters are being massed deployed illegally, etc.

That has undermined health, economy, sustainability and education across the globe. This planet has a magnetic field not a fast moving, penetrating EMF admitted to be inducing currents. It changes the scope of all sciences and degrees or diplomas will no longer be applicable. PM Harper didn’t share this with the opposition while all speak of expenditures that won’t exist. What does the loss of the tax base for millions of buildings add up to?

Citizens, professionals including people with Pacemakers are attempting to file complaints with police on the RF EMF assault but being ignored. Attorney Generals across the board need to realize that highly penetrating EMFs being blasted across property lines is tasing people except the correct terminology is subtle electrocution.