Important Interview on Smart Meters by Retired RN Donna Bohannon. Dangers of Smart Meters has been lectured for Continuing Medical Education Credits.

To have access to a professional in the field is priceless! SMART METER technical concerns are the focus for Prof. Curtis Bennett of Canada. We are privileged to have him as a frequent guest. DO NOT MISS his latest info!

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MONDAY 5 PM (Central) LIBERTY in ACTION (August 22, 2016)
Radio Host: Donna Bohannon
GUEST: Prof. Curtis Bennett ( is an amazing resource for smart grid information, especially regarding RF and EMF. His expertise and training bring the listener facts that are unavailable elsewhere. Prof. Bennet trains medical staff on this!
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This is a small but important media specific to the topic of smart meters or retired RN Donna Bohannon would not have me on a second time. After you listen to the show, they have the media archived very fast and available for people to hear and share.