Important Interview on Wi-Fi Today and How Extremely Dangerous it is When There is Zero Acceptable Exposure

Professor Curtis Bennett will be interviewed by a retired RN that worked ICU Pediatrics for their career. She is tough, uncompromising but explains my medical and other credentials very well. You can share it with whomever and they should listen in.

There are groups lobbying for Wi-Fi to be turned off when not in use and they better understand this, there is ZERO acceptable exposure or time to be spent in a man made microwave oven. In the important Dect Phone Study, .1 of one microwatt altered brain waves and the damage is unrealized. Our brains interpret what we hear, see, smell and the brain interprets that producing the response. Wi-Fi and wireless technologies go through your brain and the fast moving RF EMFs are interpreted by your brain except this is dangerous interference. Here is a link to Brain Wave Entrainment where you can see the extremely low frequencies of your brain in different modes. Mixing 2.4 GHz or 2.4 billion cycles per second with .1 Hz or .1 cycle per second produces harmonics or electrical disturbances that are unnatural and extremely dangerous as applied.

Here is another link so you can see visuals of how your brain responds to external stimulation.

Whether it is smart meter frequencies crossing your property line or children, students, teachers or staff being hit by Wi-Fi RF EMFs in schools, it is an assault and a felony. You can NOT put a fetus, pregnant mom, children, adults, pets, buildings, infrastructure or ecosystems inside a man made microwave oven for ease of communication.

No one including all sciences, medicine, municipalities, insurers, lawyers, etc where informed or consulted on this extremely dangerous technology as applied even though it affects all sciences and laws. Listen to the interview and expand on it as it applies to you.

People are not EHS, Allergic nor do they have microwave sickness, it is called electrocution as the SAR test admits to inducing electrical currents. Here is a picture of the science used by governments, schools and industry to substantiate it isn’t hurting people’s brains, eyes, ears. It is a plastic head and baseless garbage science. Other Sam Phantom Models of other parts of the body are the same baseless ridiculous science.

Sam Phantom Model Specific Absorption Rate Test with Temperature Probe in Liquid.
Sam Phantom Model
Specific Absorption Rate Test with Temperature Probe in Liquid.

Can you see the eyes, brain, ears, nerves and other biology? Here is the link on SAR update and the source of the picture to the left.


 FRIDAY 5 PM (CST) LIBERTY in ACTION (May 20, 2016)
Radio Host: Donna Bohannon
GUEST: Prof. Curtis Bennett ( reports on WiFi in the SCHOOLS and the dangers of a wireless SMART METER GRID. There is so much that the community does not KNOW!
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