Important Interview With Host and Retired RN Donna Bohannan of the Real Dangers of Wireless Smart Meters Including Fires Started By Illegal Installation

Donna Bohannan is a retired RN that worked Pediatrics ICU and included policy and procedure. She understands the significance of Continuing Medical Education(CME) credits required for ongoing medical licensing and the reason she will interview Professor Curtis Bennett.

Professor Bennett lectured causation and biological plausibility in a CME program at the University of Central Florida in January, 2011. Causation and biological plausibility  was admitted to be missing in global exposure codes that linked RF EMFs to adverse health effects.

It is hard to imagine the mechanisms linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects had been missing for decades. Here is a picture of the science used by governments, utilities and industries to show there is no peer reviewed science causing harm. Cause was missing linking the RF EMFs  to adverse health because the smart grid and routers were left out of the SAR test. Biological plausibility was missing because the SAR test you see in the picture below has no biology.  The SAR test is baseless science based on a possible heat effect on water and nothing else.

Electrohypersensitivity(EHS) exists as a result of the science missing for decades. RF EMFs are highly pentrating Electromagnetic Fields(EMFs) and EMFs means electrical current is being induced. Inducing amps(current) is creating unrealized problems with costs and liability that are not being addressed. This isn’t a debate, it is now medical education and there is no one exempt from this important interview. Under direct cross examination by Professor Bennett, “experts” admitted the nervous, hormonal and immune systems are compromised at the same time.

Sam Phantom Model
Specific Absorption Rate Test with Temperature Probe in Liquid.








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