Kansas City, Missouri, KSHB and Investigative Reporter Andy Alcock on Smart Meter Fires and 700 Thousand Meters to Be Installed

Note: Thank you to Nancy for clarifying the error in the original post. KSHB, Andy Alcock and the team are in Kansas City, Missouri, not in Kansas.

Thank you KSHB, Andy Alcock and their team for representing Kansas City, Missouri, all states and internationally in the investigative reporting on wireless smart meters. Meters have been deployed by the 100s of millions without proper oversight while there were known errors or omissions.

The unfortunate administering of the smart meter program has now created real liabilities in Kansas City as it relates to the investigation including fires. 700,000 buildings with meters adversely affecting millions of taxpayers in Kansas City. It doesn’t matter if you are Chief of Police, Mayor, utility employees, wealthy or poor, the meter installations were extremely dangerous and the installation by unqualified people further compromised the electrical connections in the meter base. http://www.kshb.com/news/local-news/investigations/kcmo-smart-meter-fire-sparks-investigation

Smart Meter Programs are tax payer funded stimulus packages to save energy and the installation is creating unrealized liabilities. The bottom line is wireless smart meters will not save 1 watt of energy. Here is evidence of the British Columbia Utilities Commission supporting the suspension of FortisBC’s Smart Meter Program. It shows the energy smart meters are supposed to address and they will catch none of the energy waste but you will be billed for the waste.  http://www.bcuc.com/Documents/Proceedings/2012/DOC_32604_C19-6_WKCC-Submission-RDCK-Nelson-Creston_Suspension.pdf

The interview in Kansas City has the same issues as Memphis, Tennessee where I have been interviewed by retired RN Donna Bohannon several times. Memphis should cease and desist their wireless smart meter program while they can. The President of the utility is not doing his job and putting millions in Memphis at risk with that negligence.

Unfortunately this really is a national and international problem impacting every state in the U.S., every province in Canada and every country that mass installed this extremely dangerous technology as deployed. Here is a picture from our electrical apprenticeship showing the physical point where the utility’s authority ends and electrician’s for the building owner begins. Utilities do NOT own the meter base and have NO authority or jurisdiction to trespass and endanger people.

Here is a picture of the defined physical point where the utility’s jurisdiction ends and electrician’s begin. We don’t work on their equipment and they do not work on ours.











The utilities, PUC never consulted or informed municipalities that they used the Specific Absorption Rate Test to bypass Building Code. Here is a picture and this plastic head has nothing to do with Building Codes but the RF EMFs will cause buildings to vibrate at high speeds making buildings non compliant with Building Codes.

Sam Phantom Model Specific Absorption Rate Test with Temperature Probe in Liquid.
Sam Phantom Model
Specific Absorption Rate Test with Temperature Probe in Liquid.