Letter to FortisBC CEO, Mark Warren, BC Hydro, etc on Smart Meter Program Being Stopped and Reversed.

Our jobs as consulting professionals using codes/standards is to get the job done as trained and qualified professionals. We look to our authorities to report something or to address a code ruling, we don’t have personal opinions. 100% of our work is science.

Policy is based on science not politics and there are never circumstances where we are lobbied to compromise our work or we would be liable as well as lose our credentials. When it came to RF EMF exposure, it was alarming to see the depth of special interests taking precedence over the tax paying public relying on our governments to do their job. The unfortunate result has been taxpayers funding their own subtle electrocution, adverse health effects, ecocide and unrealized damage to buildings as well as infrastructure.

In 2010 when asked to look at WiFi in schools, we didn’t technically know what was being done in schools. The second we heard of a router covering a classroom to communicate with laptops, it was immediately said you can’t do that. You are putting the children teachers, support staff as well as buildings inside an electrical circult or man made microwave oven. Looking at Health Canada’s Safety Code 6(2009) was alarming as it admitted to inducing currents(electrocution). Page 9 of Safety Code 6 admitted causation and biological plausibility was missing linking the RF EMFs to adverse health effects. Safety Code 6(2009) stated they would amend the code when they received peer reviewed science showing adverse health effects.

The strength of exposure codes is that these RF EMFs are not supposed to hit people. That is why cause was missing because of the science industry was using for the limits of human exposure. Lots of people including me have put a cup of water in a microwave or heated up a drink. The science the wireless industry and governments were using are based on a cup of water in a microwave except the test model is shaped like a head instead of a cup.

The bottom line is the plastic head is placed in a RF EMF sterile environment to test cell phones that cell phone manufacturers have to submit  for testing. Here is a picture of the test model and remember that the phone isn’t communicating with any antennas or network. See the bracket that holds the phone away from the head as per manufacturer specifications? The higher power density was measured at the base of the antenna on the phone and it was thought a small localized area in the skull was heated.

Sam Phantom Model Specific Absorption Rate Test with Temperature Probe in Liquid.
Sam Phantom Model
Specific Absorption Rate Test with Temperature Probe in Liquid.

When it came to WiFi exposure the same industry didn’t need to do tests. Children and people weren’t laying on the floor with their heads on the laptops so they had much more distance than cell phone users.

When it came to smart meters, that was really easy because you could drive through neighborhoods and never see the family outdoors with their heads against the meter.


In order for people to be hurt by RF EMFs, they have to be exposed as confirmed by Dr. William Bailey of Exponent Inc. The Specific Absorption Rate Test left out the antennas, WiFi Router and the Smart Grid required to communicate with smart meters. As soon as you add the antennas, routers and grid, you have cause missing in exposure codes. Directly below is BC Hydro’s diagram of their smart grid for smart meters. The diagram shows what the Specific Absorption Rate Test left out and it is BC Hydro showing how people are hit and hurt. This is why they were warned specific to liability which will include criminal charges. BC Hydro needs to stop their smart meter program immediately and arrange through electrical workers to re-inspect and maintain 1.9 million meter bases. Then they have to replace the wireless meter with approved meters without RF EMF capabilities. There is zero margin of error and those that do not do their job will be liable including criminally for their assault with this deadly weapon as applied.

20120907-BC Hydro Smart Meter Grid

See the smart grid to the left? These RF EMFs are not a laser beam, it is blanket electromagnetic radiation that undermines their gas utility.



Can you see why Biological Plausibility was missing in Safety Code 6? The plastic head doesn’t have any biology. Directly below are accurate infrared images of cell phone use after 1 hour, can you see if there are any differences and is a small area of the skull only affected?

20110223-cell phone radiation after 1 hour

The above is what industry refers to as non thermal effects because it was thought non thermal couldn’t be seen. Here is some other very very basic infrared imaging using non invasive radiology and it includes wireless radiation injuries to the arms of a cell phone sales person. It is important for readers to know these are basic but the most advanced infrared applications without exception. These images and much more are shown in the most advanced medical education in the world recognized for Continuing Medical Education Credits required for ongoing medical licensing. The Integrative Health Forum is 14,000 licensed health and consulting professionals putting on medical education applicable to millions of health professionals. They are the only education program in the world giving accurate sight of energy at the atomic and molecular level. Simply put, it provides sight of temperature where otherwise medicine and other professionals are blind.

This letter is a document that needs to be shared with every city, region, state, province and country. It is specific to wireless being illegal as applied and extremely dangerous that has catastrophic global consequences that will undermine every country. Governments allowed utilities as an example to bypass all regulatory process to mass install smart meters. The fact governments allowed this blanket radiation based on a plastic head undermined all sciences, economy, police, fire, insurers, investors, education, security, municipalities, codes  and will not save 1 watt of energy. Wireless as deployed undermined the United Nation’s Members across the world on their climate change agenda and the “smart grids” will generate atmospheric heat creating climate change.

What is really important for people dealing with this urgency and passing this on is to understand there is no such thing as EHS or sensitivity to EMFs. The correct electrical language is electrocution and there is no margin of error. There is no one exempt from the real harm and damage regardless of who you, what industry you work in or the money you have. Imagine undermining police, fire and veterans as well as those serving as well as killing our children in schools while we grade them on their intelligence. Letter for FortisBC CEO, Mark Warren, BC Hydro, etc on Smart Meter Program

There were questions on towers and antennas which will be illegal as well. A condition of license for new and existing antennas is to comply with expose codes and in Canada that is Safety Code 6. There is ZERO acceptable power density as .1 of 1 microwatt has altered brain waves. This is the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Act and turn to page 10 to see the highlighted area. cwta compliance with Safety Code 6 duplicated

See, share and print the letter.  RF EMFs as applied are a frequency and biological weapon as applied.


Letter for FortisBC CEO, Mark Warren, BC Hydro, etc on Smart Meter Program