Mysterious Deaths at Dominican Republic Not a Mystery, Wi-Fi or Microwave Radiation Can Not Be Ruled Out in Investigation

More mysterious deaths and cause isn’t being represented.

No one is paying attention to the cause. Blaming the resorts, poison and the list goes on. Ex PM Stephen Harper gets to be complicit in this crime as does the Liberal version of collective incompetence named PM Justin Trudeau. The causal evidence qualifying the crime had been missing for decades. It was reported through different levels of government in Canada September 14, 2010. Expert witness was provided for Canadian Parliaments Standing Committee on Health at their request October 28, 2010. Following that, the evidence was qualified for lecture for CE credits REQUIRED for ongoing medical licensing January 7&8, 2011. That medical education program was applicable to health professionals in North America. That means every province in Canada, every state in the US and beyond. Here is a letter from health education admin.

Government of Canada Standing Committee on Health

Canadian and US Embassy Staff Seriously Injured by Mysterious Weapon in Cuba. Embassy Staff from Both Countries Diagnosed in United States with Brain Injuries

Mystery Illness Affecting Staff, Students & Parents At Arlington Independent School District In Texas

Mystery of Americans ailing Flight Attendants

The Dominican Republic & other resorts did not hard wire their hotels, bars, lounges or other areas. Hard wiring is perceived to be more expensive when nothing could be further from the truth when considering liabilities and consequences. Pacemaker recipients are told to stay away from an electromagnetic field(EMF).

Robert F Kennedy Jr reporting 3700 young people a year dying from Sudden Cardiac Death where the nerves in hearts are electrically short circuiting. There is no resuscitation.

EMF mechanisms of interaction(how they are hit by EMFs) requires a qualified electrical interpretation first. The mechanisms of action applies to what the EMFs are hitting. It can be substantiated how the nerves of the heart are electrically short circuiting killing people.
You will see Kennedy’s article reference electromagnetic radiation.

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine Calls for Immediate Caution regarding Smart Meter Installation

American Academy of Environmental Medicine Resolution Dismissed, Minimized or Ignored

American Academy of Pediatrics Supports Child Cell Phone Protection

EMFs & PaceMakers by Health Professional/Educator Sharon Weinstein

Elected official Alli Larkin​ Asking What Wi-Fi meant for Washington States 1.1 million students

Here is a picture of the Science used globally for safety of microwave EMFs to prove there are no adverse health effects. The same science is used to bypass all jurisdictions to mass install smart meters, Wi-Fi , towers and antennas as well as microwave the atmosphere the world shares. Heating the atmosphere changes weather and climate changes.

Specific Absorption Rate Test

Here is the Purpose of the Code for RF EMF Exposure

The purposes of this code are to:
(a) specify maximum levels of human exposure to RF energy at frequencies between 3 kHz and 300 GHz, to prevent adverse human health effects;

(b) specify maximum allowable RF contact and induced body currents to prevent the physical perception of internal currents resulting from RF energy in uncontrolled environments, and to prevent RF shock or burns to personnel in controlled environments;

(c) provide guidance for evaluating RF exposure levels, to ensure that personnel in controlled and uncontrolled environments are not exposed at levels greater than the limits specified in this code.

Do you see the word current in (b) bolded above? Inducing currents increases voltage using Ohm’s Law. Volts = amps(current) X resistance

The video directly below is part 4 of a publicly moderated forum in Penticton, BC on smart meters. The audience is asking questions to the City of Penticton and Itron Smart Meter Reps. Go to the 18:16 minute mark to hear Dr Joan Moffat on how .2 and .4 micro volt(millionth of 1 volt) increases in cellular voltages cause serious problems including changing mood.

EMF exposure contributing to violence. There have been 39,000 deaths in schools alone in the U.S. by guns between 1999 and 2017.

After the Sandy Hooke School shootings in December, 2012, Professor Goldberg was asked “what makes an autistic boy shoot 6 year olds in the face with an assault rifle? Here is their response.

Neuropeptides are the chemical equivalent of a biological communication system linking the nervous, hormonal and immune systems. When one of these systems is either strengthened or depressed the others will be affected profoundly. The nervous system is like an on off switch in that it runs on that positive / negative relationship of polarization and depolarization you have eloquently referred to numerous times. Once the depolarization process begins it not only impacts the nervous system communication but impacts the delicate hormonal and immune systems functioning as well. There are coherent frequencies and incoherent frequencies. The former has innate “orderliness” while the latter demonstrates a disorderly state.

That’s why we refer to someone as “incoherent” as being in a disordered state of consciousness. When a coherent bio-electric pattern becomes disrupted by frequencies that are nothing short of an electrical storm and assaulting the natural rhythms of the body, one’s mental faculties become severely compromised. Unfortunately we are just seeing the beginning of an epidemic of highly dysfunctional and psychopathic behaviors.