Non Thermal EMF Exposure Can be Seen!

Did you know the entire world’s education is literally blind to temperature? Temperature is considered in every science except we use calculators or in the case of wireless exposure a temperature probe. Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 on human exposure uses the same science standard as the FCC and other governing bodies. Stimulating tissue is to be avoided as is the heat effect, here is a picture of a test used.

Specific Absorption Rate Test
Specific Absorption Rate Test Adopted For Wireless

The red arrow on the picture to the left highlights the cell phone antenna.

The hole in the head is where liquid is poured and the white arrow shows the temperature probe in the liquid.

Can you see the limits in the SAR test? The test doesn’t represent anything biological and left out antennas.

In being asked to write this newsletter, I have a double science background as an electrical professional as well as a second credential in building engineering.

Temperature is an important consideration in all sciences including electricity as well as engineering but we used calculators for temperature consideration. I did both science backgrounds specifically to compliment an extensive background in Thermal Radiation imaging applications going back 35 years.

When it comes to wireless exposure, here is a picture of the Specific Absorption Rate used to determine the dosage of electromagnetic radiation. See the cellphone against the head and the temperature probe in the top of the head where liquid is poured? Smart meters and Wi-Fi exposure was deemed safe 24/7 because the laptop, tablet and smart meter are not held against the head like a cell phone.

As you can see, the test adopted by Canada, FCC and others has nothing to do with human biology. The grid, routers and antennas was also left out of the SAR test. The whole test is based on whether water molecules are heated, there are no organs, heart, brain, voltages, frequencies, frequency changes, cell information, etc.

Here is a time-lapsed infrared video using a responsibly designed magnetic field because an EMF experiment could endanger the subject. The video was done without expectations and a spot meter placed on the toe to document any temperature changes.