Part 2 of Interview on Wireless and the Reality There is ZERO Acceptable Exposure

MONDAY 5 PM (CST) LIBERTY in ACTION (May 23, 2016)
Radio Host: Donna Bohannon 
GUEST: Prof. Curtis Bennett ( reports on the extreme danger from Wi-Fi, RF, EMFs in schools, at home or ANY WHERE — when there is ZERO acceptable exposure tolerance! Part 2 and Part 1 done on May 20th can be heard at the link below, just look for the archived date and click the link
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Causation and Biological Plausibility that was missing in exposure codes has been found, reported and lectured in accredited medical education for CME credites required for ongoing medical licensing. That means this isn’t a debate, it is now medical education.

No one and no sciences were informed or consulted on the RF EMF assault with a deadly weapon being blasted across property lines, through your buildings, bodies and ecosystems. It is a felony and police need to know their own families are being compromised as well.

Directly above is the archived link to the radio show that was earlier today.