Peel District School Board Students Discover Microwaves From Wifi in Ontario Schools May Cause Infertility

While the article is important, it makes me very sad and angry at what has happened. With respect for Frank Clegg, their cancer expert and others, RF EMFs are an electrical interaction first which requires interpretation by a qualified electrical professional. We use 60 Hz EMFs for the electricity we designed and installed for Microsoft Canada so Frank could do his job. RF EMFs are an electrical circuit used for communications BUT it is still an electrical circuit except uninsulated and everything is inside the dirty circuit including the students.

To clarify my recognized expertise, the Governments across Canada and Industry Canada(all industries) trained and certified ONE profession for the utilization of electricity across the country. There is a defined physical point where electrical generation and distribution ends and utilization starts. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, which hospital, university, Microsoft, manufacturing, auto industry, oilfields, utilities, development, etc, etc, qualified electricians design, construct, install, troubleshoot and maintain those electrical systems. When there is a power failure, electricians fix it, Electrical Engineers are not qualified to do this work. Electricians do the work related to those engineered standards. We are governed by Canadian Electrical Code, we don’t have personal opinions and can not be creative electrically. The Canadian Electrical Code is published by the Canadian Standards Association(CSA). CSA is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, a crown corporation which promotes efficient and effective standardization in Canada. This accreditation verifies that CSA is competent to carry out standards development and certification functions, and is based on internationally recognized criteria and procedures.(Wikipedia)

As well as an Interprovincial Red Seal Journeyman Electrician I have another credential as a Building Construction Engineering Technologist which is all aspects of construction from contracts to completion. Buildings use and lose energy which is our speciality as it relates to building performance.

As Thermal Radiation Consultants of 35 years for all industries saving 100s of billions of dollars, we provide a visual of temperature to isolate problems before explosions or failure. Temperature for us starts at -273 deg. C and there are no such things as Non Thermal effects, it is all thermal as it pertains to wireless as applied. We work with those industry’s professionals to fix the problem saving money, lives and keeping the economy moving. This isn’t about me but I can not be an anonomous professional, there are millions doing this extremely dangerous work globally.

It took many years and challenges to become an Adjunct Professor for the Integrative Health Forum (IHF)​ and Associates. They are over 14,000 licensed health professionals putting on accredited medical education programs applicable to millions of health professionals across Canada and the United States. Medicine evolves as does law as another example. Lawyers require ongoing education credits or they are suspended from practicing law. Medical Professionals REQUIRE Continuing Medical Education Credits for ongoing medical licensing. It is a tremendous responsibility and honor to be associated with advancements in medical education. The Integrative Health Forum’s advanced medical education programs include showing wireless radiation damage in the infrared spectrum.

Lecturing magnetic and EMFs in accredited medical education required looking at WiFi in schools. In 2010 we were asked to look at WiFi in schools because Simcoe County parents were reporting adverse health effects but being dismissed. Once knowing how the WiFi was applied in the classroom required one minute to say “you can’t do that”, the Routers covering the classroom have put the students, teachers, support staff, administration and buildings in a man made microwave oven. It was absolutely alarming to be referred by Health Canada to Safety Code 6 for the Limits of Human Exposure. The purpose of the code is to protect the public but admits they are inducing currents into people. Currents are amps and how people are electrocuted. Safety Code 6 also admitted Causation and Biological Plausibility was missing linking the RF EMFs to adverse health effects. The idea that Canada allowed a technology to move forward with critical science missing reflects the ignorance, greed, stupidity and negligence. Electrical Codes don’t contain missing information or people would be killed and explosions would be happening. Building Codes across Canada don’t admit buildings are falling down but carry on until we get peer reviewed science.

September 14, 2010 the errors and omissions in Safety Code 6 were reported to Health Canada linking the RF EMFs to adverse health effects.

October 28, 2010 at the request of Canadian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Health, causation and biological plausibility was provided by expert witness by Government Electrical Professionals. I was the reporting professional and means we were electrically substantiating Dr. Martin Pall, Andrew Goldsworthy. Bio Initiative’s reporting health professionals, etc.

December, 2010 the Report of the Committee came out and the NDP asking Health Canada to investigate specific to my credentials. January, 2011 the dangers of Wireless as applied was lectured at the University of Central Florida in an accredited medical program for CME credits required for ongoing medical licensing. Here is the letter by Health Education Administration including the State of Florida CE Brokers wanted the medical program approved for all health disciplines in the state. That means this isn’t a debate any more, it is approved medical education

May 31, 2011 the W.H.O. Reports cell phones as “possibly carcinogenic” because Health Canada and Prime Minister Harper’s administration did not report to the W.H.O. that causation was found and reported or cell phones would have been reported as carcinogenic without exception.

Peel County students have invited Dr. Anthony Miller, a cancer specialist to present with Frank Clegg. Dr. Miller has not been informed that the dangers of WiFi has been lectured for CME credits which is the required highest standard. Today in a phone call I was asked if I am telling Miller how to do his job and the answer was absolutely not, we are electrically substantiating his reporting. Inducing currents into students, teachers, support staff, a fetus means you are increasing cellular voltages and Biology Instructor Joan Moffat reported a .2 microvolt(millionths) of 1 volt increase changes White Blood Cells. .4 changes mood. That peer reviewed science is Ohm’s Law( Volts = Amps(current) x Resistance)

Dr. John Orr of West Polytech is head the Electrical Engineering Department and was asked on a radio show if microwaves are dangerous. His reply was if you are in the microwave or the microwave was leaking. Peel County Students, faculty and administration are in a man made microwave oven, the margin of error is zero. The SAR Test left out the routers and bio-electrical information of humans.

Health Canada’s revised Safety Code 6(2009) and retained the Royal Society of Canada. It is embarrassing the plastic head with water in it used for the SAR Test overwhelmed the intellectually elite. My video presentation for the Royal Society specific to causality and biological plausibility was not included for the revised code.

It requires an investigation by the Auditor General of Canada as to why Industry Canada was selling the 700 MHz frequency range, wireless smart meters were being mass deployed across Canada, BCUC allowing FortisBC’s application for wireless smart meters, Ontario announced 150 million dollars for WiFi in Kindergartens, WiFi in Ottawa Public Parks, Toronto Streets, Hospitals and schools while the exposure code was being revised.

Peel County better understand the real liability for what they have allowed to happen. Inducing currents into students and neurologically interfering with them while they are being educated has liability including criminal. As a result of the politically revised Safety Code 6, Health Canada has determined students, teachers, children and pregnant moms are safe with 24/7 exposure to WiFi. It means a 24/7 radiation dosage inducing currents, oscillations inside the body 4.9 billion times per measurable second 86,400 times per day based on 2.45 GHz RF EMFs. Girls attending Peel County Schools are born with all their eggs, here is a controlled study with chicken eggs that hatch in 21 days. The chicks are mutated.

Here is a letter provided at the request of elected officials in Washington State on how WiFi in schools would affect over a millions students. The letter includes a picture of the ridiculous Specific Absorption Rate Test Peel County and others are relying on for safety. You will see the reason governments, industry and schools are reporting no adverse health effects. The plastic head doesn’t have health or biology and antennas, routers and smart grid were not incorporated in the SAR Test.

Here is an important link for all schools and all countries because it is BC Government evidence and transcripts with the experts under oath. During direct cross examination by me FortisBC expert Dr. William Bailey of Exponent Inc admits people have to be hit by the RF EMFs to be harmed, admits nerves are triggered with EMFs and that the nervous, hormonal and immune systems work together at the same time. FortisBC is using 2 antennas in their meter and one is WiFi frequencies.

When it is reported these RF EMFs do not break DNA? FortisBC expert Electrical Engineer Dr. Shkolnikov admitted the high speed oscillations of the 900 MHz is 1.8 billion times per second and the 2.45 GHz of the WiFi is 4.9 billion times per second. Try to imagine a body or even a car flipping end for end billions of times per second and the higher the power density, the more force in the oscillations. There is nothing that can withstand that and it will get ripped apart.

Peel County needs to understand their buildings will no longer be compliant with Building Code Rule That means no occupancy, accelerated corrosion of infrastructure and there is zero margin of error.

It has been 5 years on September 14 since causation was reported linking the RF EMFs to adverse health effects. In Simcoe County schools and others with WiFi since then, the RF EMFs have expanded and collapsed inside the body 4.9 billion times per second 157,680,000,000 times.

Sciences have changed and degrees are not going to be applicable. Prime Minister Harper has to own that under his administration the Canadian Government has allowed populations and ecosystems to be put inside man made microwave ovens. If you can reproduce, what will you reproduce?

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