Professor Bennett’s Important Interview by Retired RN Donna Bohannon on Smart Meter Fires, Causation Linking RF EMFs to Adverse Health Effects, Building, Infrastructure and Damage to Ecosystems.

This is an important interview for people to hear and expand on in their professional capacity.

Retired RN Donna Bohannon is interviewing Professor Bennett because causation and biological plausibility linking RF EMFs has been lectured for Continuing Medical Education(CME) credits. Medical professionals require CME credits for ongoing medical licensing.

Donna is a retired RN that worked Pediatrics(Intensive Care Unit) and understands the significance of CME accreditation. It means this isn’t a debate and is now medical education applicable to health professionals in North America. It is important for the listening audience to know that although Donna wanted to interview Professor Bennett, her first order of business was to verify the CME accreditation. Otherwise the interviews wouldn’t have happened.

When it comes to smart meter fires, it is the illegal and dangerous installation causing the fires. Utilities are also using people not electrically qualified to touch electrical, never mind swapping meters under electrical load. There is a defined physical point where the utility’s jurisdiction ends and electricians begin. The utilities have no authority or jurisdiction to trespass and touch the meter base. A family of 10 died in a house fire in Memphis.

Utilities can read their meter and work on their other equipment, they can NOT remove that meter or work on the meter base. That is the building owner’s qualified electrician’s work.

The so-called smart grid is electromagnetically inducing electrical currents into people, changing biological voltages, frequencies, causing Brain Wave Entrainment, vibrating every exposed atom and molecule of your body billions of times per measurable second.

Smart Meters have 2 antennas in them, one for the smart grid and the other is Wi-Fi to be used for the dozens of wireless devices planned for inside your building. You may have heard recent media on a mystery illness in Arlington Texas schools where alarming numbers of staff, students and parents have been hurt. While the school district is testing air quality and other important factors, Wi-Fi was not on their radar as the cause. Blanket electromagnetic radiation inducing electrical currents into bodies can not be left out and has to be considered a primary cause. Under no circumstances can it be left out and the peer-reviewed science is called electricity.

These RF EMFs as applied did not go through any regulatory process, in B.C. Canada it was found out that BC Hydro bypassed applicable processes to mass install smart meters. BC Hydro used the Clean Energy Act to avoid regulatory process when there is nothing clean about this energy and wireless smart meters undermine the Clean Energy Act.

There is unrealized liability for the utility as well as the City of Memphis with these illegal and dangerous installations. The City of Memphis Building Inspection Department has not been informed a plastic head or body part was used to bypass their jurisdiction. The City of Memphis Building Inspection Department doesn’t know that Building Code has changed with the blanket radiation. Any new buildings and existing ones have to be designed to accommodate blanket electromagnetic radiation. That means new and existing buildings are NOT compliant with Building Codes.

Memphis has allowed an opt out and literally every person should opt out or you risk health problems, death as well as losing your investment. Memphis plans to install 1.1 million meters and that means loss of taxes because the buildings won’t comply with Building Code. That means loss of services across the board.

Memphis could create 10s of 1000s of tax paying jobs immediately and reduce their emissions as well as electrical use immediately.

Listen to this important interview and expand on it but do not ignore this. An unprecedented health and environmental emergency has been created in every state, province and country. There is no margin of error.









Host: Donna Bohannon 
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GUEST: Prof. Curtis Bennett ( is our expert on all things about SMART METER fires as well as the related dangers of RF (radio frequency) and EMF (electromagnetic fields).
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