Propane Leak Causing Massive Building Explosion Killing Fire Captain & Injuring 7 Others Could have Been Seen with Non Invasive Radiology

Propane Leak Could Have Been Seen Using Non Invasive Radiology

Heart felt prayers for the families of the Captain that gave his life in the line of duty and the others injured in this devastation. Condolences to the Fire Department and community impacted by this as they are an extended family.

As a first response consulting team at operation levels, we have worked with fire departments and in our private time have shed tears for those impacted by this avoidable disaster. An edited public fire inquiry in British Columbia, Canada by Premier Gordon Campbell’s office prohibited fire fighting advancements from getting to fire departments globally. As a result, BC, Alberta, Fort Mac, Slave Lake, California and others globally fought their fires blind at unrealized costs globally.

Premier Campbell’s Office Stated Inquiry Wasn’t Accepting Images, Based on Audio Only which Came Unplugged
Reporter Marshall Jones Showed Time Stamped Images With Radio Dispatches
Verifying Fighting Fire Blind. Unobstructed Sight through Smoke Can Be Seen

Our team’s unparalleled risk assessment background starting 40 years ago allowed consulting for governments, industries across the board as well as insurers isolating electrical/mechanical/refractory/chemical or other failure before it happened.

The propane leak could have been isolated to the source from a distance giving Farmington’s team sight they didn’t have. Further complicating a propane leak that is looking for ignition are portable electrical or electronic devices. The propane leak itself with the movement of the propane creates an electrical charge making for an extremely dangerous situation.

The investigation into this fire MUST consider the wireless environment of the building and area. Was there a wireless smart meter on this building and what was the proximity to the propane? Are there wireless smart meters mass installed in the neighborhood, cell towers, antennas or other wireless communication in the area? The illegal installation of wireless smart meters by unqualified people has electrical arcs and surges that can provide the spark that would cause the explosion.

I would even advise communications by fire department’s investigating propane or gas leaks to be aware their own portable communications can provide the spark. Those portable radios are not designed to be in a Class 1, Division 1 environment where a spark can cause an explosion.

This is a link that shows how electrical connections in meter bases can arc, spark and surge. Starts on page 9.

Everything in existence is electrical, trucks going down the highway can pick up an electrical charge, aircraft and helicopters do the same. If you look at the gas pumps at a gas station, you will see warnings of cell phone use or filling a gas can in the back of a truck. The gas pouring into the gas can develops an electrical charge and the vehicle’s tires are not allowing the electrical charge to go to ground. That is why they want the gas can on the ground.

People reading or sharing this post, keep this community and state in your prayers as they mourn the loss of their own.