Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen Gives Overwhelming Approval For The Moratorium on Smart Meters

Penticton Herald Article on Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen Gives Overwhelming Approval For The Moratorium on Smart Meters Article

FortisBC is a publicly traded company and in more trouble than they know. They were warned specific to their liability which will include criminal liability. FortisBC’s experts were technically disqualified in their application to the British Columbia Utilities Commission for wireless smart meters but the BCUC was way over their head. The BC Government had allowed BC Hydro to bypass all regulatory process to mass install their 1.9 million smart meters. That meant no one was informed or consulted.

From the trespassing on homeowner’s property to touch the meter base which is NOT their equipment. The meter is theirs, the meter base belongs to the home owner. FortisBC can read the meter but has no authority to touch the home owner’s meter base.

FortisBC used contractors without electrical credentials and did not check or maintain the electrical connections. Pulling the meter under load means arcing and surges which will continue. When you hear of meters being blown off buildings by surges, the connections are the weakest part of the electrical system and the reason for failure. Loose and corroded electrical connections are the biggest problem with electrical distribution and the reason maintenance is done every 6 months or yearly.

As a Registered Intervener, I cross examined FortisBC experts under oath and their admissions substantiate the application should have failed with zero margin of error. Here is a link where Page 1 to 8 is the letter to the City of Kelowna on the illegality of their smart meter program. You can see page and line reference to legal documents of the BC Government disqualifying their experts. Page 9 shows a picture of a meter base that caught fire and has an audio recording between myself and the meter installer. Page 10 and Page 11 show what compromised connections look like in the infrared spectrum and our work related to troubleshooting electrical distribution goes back 35 years. Page 12 shows how EMFs at 60 Hz can cause catastrophic electrical failure if left unattended and Page 13 shows the same EMF interaction and what it means to adversely affecting buildings. It includes the code rule that is applicable across Canada.

Pacemaker Recipients are told to stay away from EMFs and 2 feet away from an induction oven. FortisBC admitted under cross examination they will cover 17,000 sq. kms which will interfere with pacemakers. FortisBC, governments, other utilities and PUCs didn’t consult Pacemaker Manufacturers in any capacity. They used a human exposure code to bypass all regulation including Building Code. The damage is in the trillions and people including politicians will be going to jail.