Retired Registered Nurse Donna Bohannan’s Important Interview on Smart Meter Fires, Installation Causing Fires, Arcing, Surges, Adverse Health Effects and no Insurance

This is an important interview by retired Registered Nurse Donna Bohannan on the dangers of wireless smart meters. This isn’t a debate either.

Just like lawyers require ongoing education credits to practice law, medical professionals require Continuing Medical Education(CME) credits required for ongoing medical licensing. The reason Donna is interviewing Professor Bennett is because Bennett led a team and lectured causation linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects for CME credits. That means it is no longer a debate, it is medical education now and applicable to health professionals in North America and growing.

This interview is important for all people, sciences and industries to hear. Blanket coverage of electromagnetic fields is in fact inducing electrical currents(amps) and changing the scope of all sciences without academia, industries or applicable professionals being informed.

What you’re going to hear in the interview isn’t a debate, it is critically important people expand on it in their capacity. Blanket electromagnetic induction of electrical currents is dangerous and changes science. Ohm’s Law  is Volts = Amps(current) x Resistance, inducing current increases voltage.

Fires by the illegal smart meter installation is very real. Our consulting background related to isolating electrical connection problems goes back to 1979. Smart Meter Fires are caused by the installation, loose and corroded connections in meter base never maintained, very dangerous, arcs, surges, meter is combustible and you have a fire outside the fire protection of the building.

In Memphis last week, utility contractors went on the property of a very busy pizza restaurant and against the owner’s instruction went to change the analog electrical meter with a wireless smart meter. Due to the contractors inexperience with electrical, they are instructed to pull the meters under electrical load. The restaurant was open and the illegal meter swap immediately shut down the power to the restaurant and couldn’t get the power back on right away. Think about all the possible electrical appliances and devices running, then understand electricians would NEVER do a meter swap under load. The electrical connections inside the meter base haven’t ever been maintained making them very dangerous. Those connections can be loose, corroded and very delicate. Having an installer with 1-2 weeks training wrestling the meter base off and slamming another one on is dangerous with an immediate fire hazard. Ten people in one family died in Memphis and a meter swap was admitted to be done. The installation can NOT be ruled out as a cause of the fire and in reality created a very unstable electrical environment where electrical failure/fire or both is a reality.

The utility can read the meter, they have no authority or jurisdiction to cross a property line, change a meter or do any work on the home owner’s meter base. The meter is attached to electrical connections in the meter base(building owner’s property) and a meter exchange if required would include the utility and building owner’s electrician attend. Utilities admit they can’t touch the connections and the danger is the connections are left unattended.

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