SARS & H1N1 Flu Symptoms Could Have Been Seen & Ebola Can Be Seen

EVERYTHING in existence is made of atoms and molecules. That is why the scope of our work as Thermal Radiation Consultants includes oil, gas, refinery, lumber mills, mines, manufacturing, energy, forestry, fire services, government, insurers, etc and many science disciplines including lecturing medical education.

These three sentences below are part of the Wikipedia definition of Thermal Radiation. Click on the red fonts for the link to Wikipedia.

“Thermal Radiation is electromagnetic radiation generated by the thermal motion of charged particles in matter. All matter with a temperature greater than absolute zero(-273.15 deg. C or -459.67 deg. F) emits thermal radiation. When the temperature of the body is greater than absolute zero, interatomic collisions cause the kinetic energy of the atoms or molecules to change.”

Between 2003 and 2009 infrared equipment manufacturers imaged 100s of millions of people at ports of entry but couldn’t produce one image of a flu. The problem was the imaging application exceeded expertise. Successful thermography requires the compliment of equipment, supporting technology, an imaging application and the qualified professional specific to that application.

SARS imaging at airports exceeded equipment manufacturer’s expertise and they failed miserably even though equipment manufacturers and Public Works Canada were warned of imminent failure. That required our response on behalf of advanced thermography applications and a meeting with Health Canada Officials where we explained the application failure. They took people off aircraft with admitted colds and the thermal imaging representation was so poor, they never gave Health Canada 1 image to use. THERMOGUY DISPUTES THE PUBLIC HEALTH AGENCY OF CANADA’S PUBLIC REPORT ON SARS SCREENING

Equipment manufacturers set medical thermography back years by their imaging failure because they assumed as equipment manufacturers, they were the experts. Applications are different from equipment purchase. Our response through the media was the application exceeded their expertise.

Infrared technology IS required far beyond the airports as a screening tool and we look forward to assisting in detection, inspection, diagnosis, profiling and verifying the effects of medical treatment. Ebola detection with responsible thermography will assist in establishing a physiological template as well as effective treatment.

Existing formats would allow the information to be immediately available to countries to maximize efficiency with SARS, H1N1 or Ebola. As of October 18, 2014 Ebola Imaging at Airports is Reactive & Ridiculous. Ebola symptoms, flu or fever can be seen live at Airports, Quarantine, Hospitals, Clinics, Home or Self Quarantine. Progression of Infection or Effective Treatment Can be Seen. Here is very basic Thermal Radiation Imaging.

The difference in our thermal radiation imaging applications versus others is we lecture medical professionals for Continuing Medical Education ( CME ) credits required for ongoing medical licensing. PRESS RELEASE FROM CME PROGRAM 2009


Here is a link to basic images of Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, Pressure Sores, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Eyes, inflammation, injury, RSD, etc. MEDICAL IMAGING

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