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Here is an article on Saskatchewan Power’s refund on their wireless smart meter program.

Here is our response as government energy professionals:

While I applaud the movement of Saskatchewan in addressing present meter problems, allowing 18 million dollars to be used for new meters of any kind will not address their energy problems or save 1 light bulb in energy. It is shameful and requires investigation by provincial and federal auditors as to how this frequency and biological weapon as applied was allowed to move forward as is. Saskatchewan as others have real serious power problems but they are not addressing energy reduction. The Prime Minister, Environment Minister, BC Premier Campbell were warned and told by Canadian Government certified energy professionals that wireless meters were dangerous as applied and they would not address anything. They can answer for their negligence and lack of response to government certified professionals.

Here is evidence and part of the BCUC transcripts for the FortisBC application for wireless. It shows what the energy looks like that meters are trying to address. You can see they will address none of the energy while buildings grossly exceed climatic data of building codes and superheat the atmosphere while wasting billions of watts per hour responding to symptoms of solar EMFs. Using low-e finishes on the exterior of buildings, shade and qualified tradepeople would knock this waste of the grid IMMEDIATELY.

Here is what we provided through due process to the federal government except they didn’t share this with provinces or the United Nation Members. The Premiers have a climate change plan and it includes the blanket radiation of the country and population which will kill the planet. Here is what was given to MP Ron Cannan. Ron is a nice fellow and good family man that used to sell my companies advertising. Now that he is part of the elite special interest group called a political party, he doesn’t respond or reply while he spews that political rhetoric. May seem like a good idea but he has undermined his community and constituents.

Here are questions as a Registered Intervener in the FortisBC application. Read every question on cost of wired versus wireless meters and it requires investigation by the BC Auditor General as to why the BCUC allowed FortisBC not to respond when we are the trained and credentialed government certified energy professionals.

Is Sensus paying Saskatchewan for the re-inspection and replacement of 105,000 meter bases as well as the damage to buildings and infrastructure if the grid was actually on? If the grid was on, is Sensus paying for the damage to people? Is Sensus paying every municipality for the damage to their buildings and infrastructure?

The Specific Absorption Rate used for limits of human exposure is a plastic head with water in it and baseless science. How was Sask Power and Sensus allowed to use a human exposure code to bypass the jurisdictional authority of municipalities? It isn’t applicable to building code but the grid would cause buildings not to be compliant with building codes.

It requires investigation by the Justice Department as to how and why the federal government allowed mass deployment of smart meters while Health Canada was in the process of revising the exposure codes. Wi-Fi was deployed all over public parks in Ottawa and the government auctioned off another range of frequencies for deeper penetration into buildings.

The Royal Society of Canada put out a scientifically shameful report supporting the plastic head as some type of science but their report omitted the causal link to the frequencies hurting people being found and reported by expert witness through Canadian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Health. If early explorers had used the same science the Royal Society of Canada used for substantiating safety, they would have sailed off the end of the earth.

There is nothing on planet earth compatible with those EMFs except wireless devices. The real damage is horrific and ecocide is the applicable word. Making it worse, government allowed utilities to bypass all regulatory process when it takes years for code changes. No one told engineers insured for errors and omissions that the plastic head or Specific Absorption Rate left out the grid and blanket radiation as well as all bio-electrical information. No one informed biologists, any sciences or academia that cellular voltages were increased or that the RF EMF were expanding and collapsing inside bodies and buildings billions of times per measurable second, 3600 times per hour, 86,400 times per day, 2,592,000 times per month. Health Canada officials that allowed for 24/7 radiation dosages to an egg, fetus, baby, child, vulnerable people, interfering with pacemakers, etc need to be investigated and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Police forces, fire and military personnel need to know that your own members and family are subtly being electrocuted as well. They are not just hyper sensitive and what would police do if some one was tasing a person 24/7.

I am a government and industry trained and certified professional with national credentials provided by provincial as well as the federal government. I am accountable for my qualified opinion, the peer reviewed science is called electricity and engineering.

This Friday there is a symposium in Toronto for health professionals on EMFs. The federal government didn’t tell them the scope of medical diagnosis has changed with the EMFs hitting people from head to toe. Does that affect the doctor’s liability with misdiagnosis? The federal government didn’t tell them the dangers of these EMFs has been lectured in medical education for CME credits making it approved and accepted medical education. Continuing education credits are important for some professions. Lawyers as an example require ongoing education credits or they are suspended from practicing law.

The BCUC needs to reverse BC Hydro’s smart meter program IMMEDIATELY and re-inspect 1.9 million meter bases as well as the unrealized damage to buildings. BC Hydro has outright lied about their meters starting fires, they blamed it on the home owner or faulty wiring. Rich Coleman never responded as Energy Minister or as Minister for BC Building Codes. Gary Murphy of BC Hydro is an American and he needs arrested in Canada or extradicted so he can be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. People in industry that think this is harsh need to realize, myself as well as other professionals would be responsible and accountable if we did the same

Ontario has to reverse their mass installation as does every province and state that deployed like this. FortisBC engineer Mark Warren admitted under direct cross examination by me that Fortis would cover their 17,000 sq. kms with these RF EMFs. That in itself creates a 17,000 sq. Km heat sink that will heat the atmosphere contributing to climate change and severe weather. They will not save any energy but will be billed for the massive waste. The City of Kelowna sold their electrical utility to FortisBC and invested the 50 million in FortisBC but FortisBC did not consult or inform Kelowna of the blanket radiation of their population. Being a senior community with lots of pacemakers and vulnerable people, these EMFs as applied can interfere with their pacemakers. Pacemaker manufacturers instruct patients to stay out of an electromagnetic field. FortisBC will take the EMFs to their homes.

Insurers, lawyers, education and municipalities are not closing shop to accommodate this reckless endangerment. Here is what connection problems look like and this is based on saving industry, government as well as insurers many billions of dollars over 35 years.
Thermal Images of Connection Problems Associated with Smart Meter Fires & Installation Plus Extremely Low Frequencies Creating Catastrophic Problems for Lumbermill as Well as Insurers

Chief Science Officer
Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician(Red Seal)
Building Engineering Technologist
Adjunct Faculty for IHF & GEDI
Thermal Radiation Consultant for 35 Years/

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